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2008-11-12 DRAM vendors redesign market strategies
Despite an oversupply that has led to severe price erosion over the past year, DRAM makers are determined to pursue the latest innovation to achieve an edge over their competitors.
2010-06-28 DRAM vendors fined $173M for price-fixing
Some 32 states in the United States agreed on a $173 million-settlement with six DRAM manufacturers who 'conspired in an illegal global scheme to fix prices.'
2006-12-19 DRAM success winding down, Gartner says
The DRAM segment is at the tail end of its most successful period in years, but the party will start to wind down in 2007, according to market research firm Gartner Inc.
2007-02-06 DRAM sales up 16.2% in Q4
Sales revenue of global DRAM makers in Q4 grew 16.2 percent q-o-q, according to market research firm DRAMeXchange.
2001-04-15 DRAM makers regroup for the post-PC era
System designers expect DRAMs to keep pace with ever-growing performance and density demands, while maintaining the feel of a cost-driven commodity market. DRAM industry is working hard to map its future.
2003-01-03 DRAM makers prep multichip cell phone memories
Eyeing the growing market for cellular phones, DRAM vendors are seeking ways to fold more non-volatile memory and advanced packaging techniques into their game plans
2008-02-20 DRAM makers chalk up worst figures in 2007
DRAM makers performed the worst in 2007 in terms of revenue growth, overturning the trend a year earlier, according to a study from market research group IC Insights Inc.
2002-10-18 DRAM makers begin march toward DDR-2
Prepping for the high-end systems that should appear in 2004, chip vendors are laying the groundwork for next-generation DDR DRAM.
2001-06-01 DRAM inventories begin to fall, but price recovery is still uncertain
There is evidence that DRAM supply is starting to ease somewhat; but it is still too early to call it a turnaround.
2008-12-16 DRAM adopts better features
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd's 56nm DRAM is something to watch out for. Changes to the basic transistor design for both the cell access transistor in the memory array and the peripheral support transistors used to design the control logic are in the works
2005-08-08 DIMM improves thermal performance
Designed for server applications, Elpida's 4GB fully buffered dual in-line memory modules, part numbers EBE41FE4AAHA-5C-E and EBE41FE4AAHA-6E-E, can deliver up to 32GB of memory in an eight-slot server platform.
2006-03-15 DDR2 SDRAMs provide wider data path for digital consumer apps
Elpida Memory unveiled its second-generation 1Gbit DDR2 SDRAM family plus six memory modules based on the devices.
2005-03-30 DDR2 SDRAMs achieve 800Mbps
Targeted at the high-end PC market, Elpida has started sampling a 256Mb DDR2 SDRAM that can achieve 800Mbps operation
2009-07-29 Can Taiwan DRAM vendors stay independent?
Taiwan's DRAM industry is scrambling to find new ways to survive amid the horrific memory downturn
2009-01-07 Buzz: Will Samsung increase DRAM prices?
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is mulling a plan to raise its DRAM prices, while Taiwan's suppliers have cut production, according to an analyst.
2012-09-13 Apple to decrease proportion of orders from Samsung
After Micron acquired Elpida Memory, the global DRAM and NAND flash market have begun to shift toward a new direction, with Apple now increasing the proportion of purchases from DRAM vendors other than Samsung.
2010-04-08 Analysts weigh in on what's next for Spansion
Troubled NOR flash vendor Spansion Inc. missed its target date to emerge from bankruptcy. So what's next?
2008-12-17 Analyst: Bailout spells disaster for DRAM
The government in Taiwanand possibly Koreamay seek to bail-out their failing DRAM makers, but an analyst warned that such an action would be a "disaster" for the industry as a whole.
2010-02-16 Analysis: Why Micron bought Numonyx
Micron Technology Inc.'s take over of NOR flash leader Numonyx Holdings B.V. is part of an ongoing diversification strategy by the U.S. memory maker
2009-04-01 Analysis: Numonyx braces for stormy 2009
A year after its official inception, Numonyx Inc. continues to move full speed ahead with its charter despite the current downturn and chaos in the supply chain.
2007-10-31 Air Products to supply nitrogen to Rexchip fabs
Air Products has signed a long-term nitrogen and bulk gas supply deal with Rexchip Semiconductor, the joint venture company between Powerchip Semiconductor and Elpida Memory.
2005-05-06 4GB DDR2 DIMMs are 30% thinner than conventional modules
Elpida Memory is sampling 4GB DDR2 registered DIMM that it claims are 30 percent thinner than standard JEDEC products due to its unique stacked FBGA packaging technology.
2005-06-10 1.8V, 256Mb SDRAM reduces power by 50% in handheld apps
For battery-operated applications that require low power and high density, Elpida Memory is offering a pair of 256Mb SDRAM devices that operate at 1.8V and 2.5V
2009-01-23 'First' 1Gbit XDR DRAM boasts 7.2GHz speed
Elpida Memory Inc. has introduced what it claims is the industry's first 1Gbit XDR DRAM based on x32bit configuration. The XDR product features a speed of 7.2GHz, which is faster than any GDDR5 memory chip.
2008-05-02 Work underway on mobile DRAM interface spec
The Serial Port Memory Technology Working Group has been formed to devise an open standard for a next-generation DRAM interface technology in mobile products
2012-09-17 Unified production cuts can ease DRAM industry's oversupply
According to DRAMeXchange, if Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix do not form a unified effort in cutting production or using the right product mix, the oversupply situation will likely extend until 2013.
2002-02-01 Suppliers' support for Rambus varies
Samsung says yes. Infineon says no. Elpida says maybe. Such are the mixed messages that DRAM makers are giving on whether they will continue to deliver faster and denser versions of Rambus DRAM
2009-02-11 Startup readies RRAMs for mass production
Australian startup 4DS Inc. claims to have made a major breakthrough in resistive RAM (RRAM) technology.
2006-12-06 ST completes NAND flash transition to 70nm
STMicroelectronics announced full availability of its entire NAND Flash memory family in 70nm process technology
2013-12-12 Spansion sharpens IP defence against infringers
Spansion sent letters to a list of memory companies and non-memory end users, warning them on potential patent infringement
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