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2014-08-14 Flexible screens: Coming soon to mobile, wearable devices
Kateeva said it will start shipping Yieldjetan inkjet printer that boasts significantly lowers costs by boosting yields in the high-volume manufacture of flexible and large-sized OLEDs.
2012-12-26 Flexible block I/O aimed at industrial Ethernet
Turck's BL compact is a revolutionary I/O solution for collecting a variety of signals in a single, rugged node on a network.
2008-01-17 FinePix undergoes postmortem
Fuji's FinePix F460 camera was a midtier, circa 2006 5Mpixel camera with 3x optical zoom and the requisite 2.5-inch LCD.
2007-07-24 Fiber-to-RS485/422/232 interface converter debuts
ESL's Model 4149 high speed ruggedized fiber-to-RS485/422/232 interface converter provides typical operating speeds of 1.5Mbps for RS232 to fiber conversion and 20Mbps for RS485/422 to copper conversion.
2005-06-24 Fast USB module from ACCES I/O packs 32 digital I/O lines
If you need to add lots of TTL I/O capabilities to a USB PC, check out ACCES I/O Products' ruggedized digital I/O and counter module.
2005-06-06 Fast path to wireless
The road to wireless is bumpy, but early planning can prevent disaster
2010-07-22 Family of 802.11n devices offers affordability
Trapeze Networks announces three new product platforms for affordable 802.11n wireless design.
2014-07-08 Explore pre-compliance testing for WLAN transmitters
Cost-effective and familiar test equipment can be used for in-house pre-compliance testing to uncover potential problems early on and reduce the risk of costly failure at the compliance test stage.
2014-08-06 Examining safety standards for transformer design
To let you easily identify which standard to apply, we have compiled the scopes and descriptions of the most typical standards referred to by electronics manufacturers.
2012-07-20 Examining Google's Nexus 7 tablet
UBM TechInsights tore down Google's Nexus 7 tablet and found a few new chip vendors not normally found in high-end consumer devices.
2009-04-16 Evaluation platform tailored for media gateway apps
Octasic Inc. has released comprehensive evaluation and development platforms that provide versatile DSP evaluation and development environments for voice and VoIP applications.
2005-02-25 Ethernet switch combines low power dissipation, small size
Parvus unveiled the Switch104, a rugged 5-port PC/104 Fast Ethernet switching hub featuring low power dissipation and highly reliable extended-temperature operation up to 85C.
2003-05-30 ERNI enclosures designed industrial apps
The ERNI Group of Companies has introduced the LDG-S series of fully insulated enclosures for various applications in industrial and automation industries.
2006-03-30 EMI filters offer surge suppression
Foster Transformer offers EMI filters with optional surge suppression.
2006-03-17 EMI adapter supports multiple interfaces
The universal EMI adapter from Molex Inc. enables fast and easy conversion to SC, ST and FC user interfaces.
2002-06-05 EMCO 10kV supply rides on PCB
EMCO High Voltage Corp.'s H101P is a compact, regulated and programmable high-voltage power supply that delivers a continuous 15W at up to 10kVdc from a 24V input.
2006-04-06 EMC, Intel ink OEM agreement for SMBs
EMC and Intel announced a multi-year storage OEM and expanded technology agreement focused on the growing storage requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses.
2004-05-31 EMC network storage stores up to 3TB data
EMC Corp. has introduced its CLARiiON AX100 networked storage with a retail value of $5,999.
2011-08-15 EMC Basics #9: Solving RFI EMC problems
Learn how to address the increasingly common RF-based causes of EMC.
2011-07-18 EMC Basics #8: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Find out how to begin finding and fixing your EMI problem(s).
2011-07-11 EMC Basics #7: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Learn about the specific troubleshooting techniques for the four key EMI problemsemissions, electrostatic discharge, radio frequency interference, and power disturbances.
2012-05-24 EMC Basics #15: Solve leaky RF seam problems with gaskets
Know how to choose among the different types of these "leak stoppers".
2012-01-30 EMC Basics #13: How shield is destroyed
Here's a look at the mechanical issues of shielding, such as how seams and other discontinuities affect RF shielding.
2011-09-19 EMC Basics #10: How to troubleshoot power disturbances
Find out how AC main issues can become EMC problems, and how to track and fix them.
2009-08-20 Embedded PC geared for mission critical apps
Adlink Technology Inc. has launched what it claims to be the first Extreme Rugged system based on the Intel Core2 Duo processor.
2006-11-27 EDR announces spdt/dpst relays with disable
EDR has announced the immediate availability of EDR82958 and EDR82959 power solid-state relays.
2005-08-17 Easier EMC simulation anyone?
Flomerics released Version 6 of its integrated analysis environment for physical design of electronics, with improved communication between thermal and electromagnetic compatibility simulation.
2014-06-03 E Ink diversifies with 32-inch display for digital signage
The display has a resolution of 2560X1440 and measures 70.49cmx40cm at 94DPI, meeting the needs for display applications in areas such as menu boards, transportation displays and information kiosks.
2006-10-24 DVD writer breaks free of the PC
By eliminating the sometimes cumbersome PC in the media-gathering and DVD-writing process, and by accommodating the vast array of storage card formats, Sony is shooting for simplicity. The irony, of course, is just how much engineering complexity can go into serving the 'simple' objective.
2009-08-11 DVB-T silicon tuner eases transition to digital TV
STMicroelectronics has launched a single-chip DVB-T silicon tuner that enables manufacturers to simplify product assembly and supply-chain management.
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