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2005-01-24 DT expands its USB data-acq module family
Data acquisition equipment vendor Data Translation announced a new version of its DT9834 series of USB modules.
2007-01-09 Draft-n router claims 300Mbps wireless speed
The Netgear WNR854T access point provides backward compatibility with 802.11b/g, but draft-n capability lets it deliver wireless connections at up to a raw claimed 300Mbps.
2013-10-28 Do high power LEDs emit IR heat in forward manner?
Is it true that a high power LED emits no UV or IR and that any heat is generated only in the PN junction and then transferred to a heat sink?
2009-03-12 Digital audio amps improve bass response
Texas Instruments Inc. has released two digital-input audio power amplifiers that combine 32 bits of advanced audio processing with 20W of stereo output power into a single device.
2014-08-22 Designing efficient LED luminary, LCD backlight
Find out how to achieve optimal designs that feature reduced heat sink size and minimal heat output, yielding a desirable industrial design while sipping a bare minimum of electrical power.
2007-01-16 Design a smaller, more efficient AC/DC power supply
The possibilities for improvements in AC/DC power supply design will continue to be driven largely by improvements in semiconductor performance and functionality.
2006-07-18 DC/DC modules for board-level apps deliver 25-50W
For board-level DAQ, communications and industrial I/O applications, Astrodyne's single-output ASD50 series of DC/DC converters deliver 25-50W.
2008-08-06 Data Translation rolls low-cost temp measurement instrument
Data Translation has developed a lower cost version of its TEMPpoint temperature measurement instrument, which offers an 8-channel entry level version.
2006-11-23 DAQ module features hot-plug functionality
ACCES I/O Products' DAQ module incorporates four optically isolated digital inputs, four Form C electromechanical relay outputs, and two RS-232/422/485 serial communication ports.
2008-02-25 DAQ chip replaces costly 24bit ADCs
Semtech said its SX8725 DAQ chip saves designers more than 50 percent of the cost of an ADC by obviating the need for a 24bit device.
2005-04-28 Cypress PSoC selected by LSI Logic for software development kit
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that LSI Logic is offering a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) software development kit (SDK) based on Cypress's Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) mixed-signal array devices and programming software.
2006-03-13 Current sense resistors achieve higher power ratings
TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed a surface-mount current sense resistor with extended power ratings up to 5W.
2008-03-24 COTS- compliant EMI filters tip for military, avionic apps
Two EMI filters that satisfy the Department of Defense's Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) directive have been introduced by VPT Inc. The 10A VPTF10-28 and 20A VPTF20-28 filter modules provide compliance to MIL-STD-461 C/D/E for conducted emissions in military and avionics DC-DC power systems.
2008-08-29 Converter box keeps analog alive in DTVs
A revolution is underway in broadcast TV, and for those not yet equipped to handle the change, solutions are standing by.
2011-09-29 Controlled evaporation yields high-quality graphene
Scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology have detailed their technique for creating graphene layers on silicon carbide wafers.
2015-01-12 Consumerisation could cut the cost of industrial wearables
Wearable computers provide hands-free way for users to operate the data collection device thereby improving the productivity and efficiency of users, but come at a great price.
2008-11-17 Consider power early in the design process
Power management is becoming a necessity everyday. Many reasons are provided justifying the designers' need to care about power and the list is getting longer.
2005-02-01 Conduction-cooled PC/104 DA system shrugs off shock, vibration
Access I/O Products is debuting a ruggedized less-than-$1,200 DA product dubbed the Model E4-DAS.
2011-08-09 Computer subsystems operate in 55C
A new family of 3U CompactPCI multi-platform computer subsystems feature cost efficient I/O, performance and environmental applications in unique, demanding military programs.
2008-11-03 Composites beat steel as surveillance system case
In designing a wireless pole camera system for digital video surveillance, Boundless Security Systems has chosen to use composite over steel for its cabinet.
2003-01-30 Companies test prototype wireless-sensor nets
Self-organizing wireless-sensor networks, a realization of the Pentagon's "smart-dust" concept, have reached the prototype stage worldwide.
2005-05-17 Compact supplies flex customizing muscle
XP Power, with its fleXPower family of ac-dc supplies offers designers a broad array of power solutions from 400W to 2.2kW, and can deliver samples within 24 hours.
2009-06-04 Compact computer delivers flexible I/O connectivity
Sealevel System is offering the Relio R9, a rugged, compact computer designed for embedded applications requiring small size, wide operating temperature range and a flexible I/O connectivity.
2008-10-14 Comment: Mentor adopts a better strategy
I have been very excited by Mentor Graphics Corp.'s acquisition of Flomerics because it represents the first time that a traditional EDA vendor has recognized and acted upon a system that is more than simply the electronic components.
2007-10-05 COM Express modules are scalable
Kontron is getting ready to sample two ETXexpress COM Express modules based on the VIA C7 processor paired with the VIA CN896 and VIA VT8251 chipset.
2010-06-29 COM board integrates up to 128KB FRAM
The MM50 ESMini module uses a PowerPC MPC5121e or a MPC5123 processor, each based on an e300 processor core incorporating MMU and FPU as well as a 760 MIPS.
2004-12-09 Cinch ModICE suits commercial vehicles
Cinch Connectors expanded its transportation products with the introduction of a complete line of Modular Integrated Connector Enclosures.
2003-02-04 Chomerics EMI gaskets improve shielding, stability
Chomerics' Soft-Shield 7000 EMI gaskets is claimed to feature the industry's only non-urethane soft foam core materials that provide high levels of shielding.
2011-08-08 CFL bulb teardownWhat makes it a green solution?
Here's a product tear down that focuses on a dimmable CFL demonstration lamp made by Chinese manufacturer, Baishi.
2007-07-19 Cellphone conquers elements
The Casio GizOne Type-V is a ruggedized clamshell-style cellphone that is said to have passed military specification tests for shock and moisture resistance.
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