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2008-09-04 Xtensa processor extensions for Data Encryption Standard (DES)
This application note presents a software implementation of the Data Encryption Standard algorithm using Xtensa processor extensions.
2008-08-15 Toshiba-Wave Systems tandem eyes mobile PC encryption
Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD) and Wave Systems Corp. will be working together to develop a robust standards-based solution for the secure encryption of data on mobile computing platforms, such as laptop PCs.
2010-09-22 Third Fujitsu USB 3.0 compliant IC allows high-speed hardware encryption
Fujitsu launches the MB86E50 USB 3.0-SATA bridge IC.
2000-02-26 The Export of Certain Networking Encryption Products under ELAs As An Alternative to "Key Escrow/Recovery Products" under KMI: A Networking Industry White Paper on Encryption Export Controls
Networking industry viewpoint on encryption export control arrangements, defining a class of encryption products that should be authorized for export as an alternative to key escrow/recovery mechanism.
2006-06-21 Synplicity pushing open IP encryption methodology standard
Synplicity developed a free, non-proprietary IP encryption flow that permits industry-wide interoperability and is offering this methodology to the EDA, IP and end-user communities.
2002-09-11 Stepmind licenses ARM core for encryption project
Stepmind has licensed ARM's ARM946E microprocessor core to be used on a custom networking encryption project.
2012-05-18 SSD runs two encryption engines, targets COTS, embedded markets
Dane-Elec's mySSD O-Series is engineered for the embedded computing, server, notebook, and tablet categories in military, public safety, utility, homeland security and mining applications.
2011-02-23 Solid-state disk module touts data encryption, ruggedness
Extreme Engineering Solutions' Xport6103 solid-state disk XMC module provides up to 512GB storage with data encryption for MIL-specified harsh temperatures, and shock and vibration.
2002-11-20 Small Encryption using SHA Devices
This application note describes the how 1-Wire memory devices that contain cryptographic engines can perform the SHA-1 hash encryption.
2006-07-13 Simulator supports Open IP Encryption design flows
Aldec announced that the new version of its Riviera simulation tool supports design flows based on Synplicity's Open IP Encryption Initiative.
2010-11-04 Serial switches feature virtual channels, encryption
Integrated Device Technology Inc.'s (IDT) Serial RapidIO Gen2 family of switches has three new members with the introduction of the VPS-1616, the VPS-1848, and the SPS-1616.
2015-04-02 Secure encryption systems against side-channel attacks
Vendors must now look into the process of designing and testing to guard their systems against side-channel attacks. This process begins with understanding how such threats operate.
2003-08-20 RISC microprocessor offers fast encryption
The SH7710 32-bit RISC microprocessor from Renesas Technology features an IPsec accelerator for fast encryption and communication processing.
2006-10-10 Revised VHDL adds IP encryption capability
Proclaiming a major step forward for the VHDL design language, the Accellera standards organization this week announced it has approved a revised version of the VHDL specification, which features Property Specification Language (PSL) assertions and IP encryption capabilities.
2011-04-28 Researchers push selective encryption to cut battery usage
Dissecting streaming video files to discern those areas that need detailed rendering and those that don't require strong encryption can reduce power consumption in mobile devices.
2004-06-01 QuickLogic delivers encryption IP core
QuickLogic announced the availability of the AES 128 IP core for higher security of sensitive data streams running over wireless and public networks.
2002-11-13 Quantum encryption to spell doom for hackers
Quantum encryption pioneers promise to put the world's first uncrackably secure networks online by early 2003. Based on the quantum properties of photons, quantum encryption guarantees absolutely secure optical communications.
2002-11-11 Quantum encryption secures high-speed data stream
A quantum encryption system developed by two Northwestern University professors can encode entire high-speed data streams and could potentially encrypt data sent at Internet backbones speeds, its inventors said.
2004-06-16 Quantum encryption secures crypto war
Quantum-key distribution provides continuous key regeneration that enhances the security of the communications channel.
2007-05-16 Notebook HDD provides 200Gbyte, encryption tech
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) unveiled what it claims as the industry's highest-capacity, highest-performing notebook hard disk drive (HDD) featuring new optional data encryption technology, the Travelstar 7K200.
2004-06-21 Motorola licenses encryption technology to Korea
Motorola Inc. is licensing its cable scrambling technology for use in the fast-growing South Korean market for cable TV and Internet access.
2014-07-21 Micro SD cards tout access protection, AES flash encryption
The PS-100u PE and PS-100u DP storage cards offer users a high level of storage security without a loss in speed. Only users who enter the right PIN can access the content.
2002-11-07 Magiq employs quantum technology for encryption
Magiq Technologies Inc. has employed quantum information processing techniques in its development of an uncrackable encryption system for communication lines, slated for delivery early next year.
2002-11-26 M-Systems encryption technology to be optimized for ARM cores
ARM Ltd and M-Systems Inc. have signed a technology agreement in which both companies will optimize M-Systems' SuperMAP cryptographic coprocessors for use with the ARM SecurCore family of cores.
2014-11-27 Lollipop 5.0: Encryption causes bitter performance drops
Google ups the security features in its latest release of the Android OS, but the improvement proves to be the hard candy that causes as much as 62.9 per cent drop in random read performance, and 50.5 per cent in random write performance.
2009-06-17 LatticeXP2 configuration encryption and security usage guide
The LatticeXP2 devices are non-volatile and have on-chip configuration Flash. Once programmed (either by JTAG or SPI port), this data is a part of the FPGA device and can be used to self-download the SRAM portion without requiring any additional external boot prom.
2006-07-28 IP coprocessor eases Wi-Fi encryption on M2M apps
Connect One has released a secure IP coprocessor that promises easy addition of encrypted Wi-Fi connectivity to price-sensitive machine-to-machine applications.
2013-06-13 Innovative encryption scheme secures cloud
The technology enables a Web user to send encrypted data to a server in the cloud, which would process it without decrypting it and send back a still-encrypted result.
2008-09-03 Implementing the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on Xtensa processors
This application note examines the AES cipher and illustrates the power of a configurable processor in accelerating encryption and decryption.
2000-06-01 Implementation of the Data Encryption Standard Using PIC17C42
This application note describes the implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm on PIC17C42.
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