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2002-06-04 Endicott dc/ac inverter powers automotive LCDs
Endicott Research Group Inc. has introduced the P44W encapsulated dc/ac inverter that provides up to 15W output to power automotive LCDs.
2004-05-21 Endicott CCFL inverter displays optimized backlighting
The W6m Class of dc-ac inverters from Endicott uses a custom on-board IC that's designed to optimize closed-loop current control
2005-08-16 New CCFL inverters freeze from ERG out harsh environments
Endicott Research Group's E200II and SE/SE2 series inverters for powering the cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlights for LCDs feature a vacuum-encapsulated design to ensure reliable lamp ignition in rough environments.
2005-06-16 Inverters strike up the backlights
The 10m Class (dc-ac) inverter from Endicott Research Group provides a high-power, low-profile standard solution for LCD backlighting applications in automotives and on the industrial floor.
2005-10-26 Generic inverters for backlighting serve in a pinch
Endicott Research Group's D series of (DC/AC) inverters used to power the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) that backlight a LCD are generic off-the-shelf units that serve as a stand-in for virtually any general application.
2005-05-31 ERG rolls compact solution for auto, industrial grade LCD panels
Endicott Research Group disclosed that its 10m Class dc-ac inverter provides a high power, low-profile standard solution for automotive and industrial grade LCD panels used in a variety of operating environments.
2004-05-14 ERG inverters tackle closed-loop current control
The new W6m dc-ac inverters of Endicott Research Group (ERG) Inc. provides an economical, high-efficiency power source with closed-loop current control, open lamp detection, wide input voltage ranging from 8Vdc to18Vdc and a profile of 6mm for LCDs backlit by a single CCFL.
2002-12-02 ERG inverters power large LCDs
The 8mAD series of dc/dc inverters from Endicott Research Group are designed for powering 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch LCDS.
2003-06-18 ERG inverter supports 20-inch LCD modules
The MS series of dc-ac inverter from Endicott Research Group Inc. provides up to 45W of output power for high-efficiency LCD backlighting apps.
2003-08-06 ERG inverter kit provides packaging flexibility
Endicott Research Group has released its low-profile 8m Class inverter in kit form that features up to 5W of output power.
2003-04-03 ERG dc/ac converters power VFDs
Endicott Research Group Inc. has released a series of compact dc to dc/ac converters that are used to power vacuum fluorescent displays.
2006-10-13 DC/AC inverters target electroluminescent apps
ERG announced it is offering a line of DC/AC inverters that provide standard and custom solutions for display and device designers who need to power electroluminescent (EL) backlit LCDs or devices where EL is used for accent and decorative lighting.
2010-02-19 LED driver handles high-brightness, mid-size displays
Endicott Research Group has developed a new range of Smart Force plug-and-play LED driver solutions with enhanced features for high-power, high-brightness mid-size LED-backlit displays.
2008-05-23 LED driver boards eye industrial, medical LCDs
Endicott Research Group has released two high-efficiency, low-profile Smart Force LED driver boards as standard products for a wide range of industrial and medical LCDs.
2010-05-31 LED driver boards deliver plug-and-play solution
From Endicott Research Group come two LED driver boards that provide compact, economical products to OEM panel designers looking to get the maximum performance out of their displays.
2007-09-13 LED driver board touts brightness stability over wide input range
Endicott Research Group has released two Smart Force LED driver boards for industrial LCDs that provide full function LED drivers in a compact size, with full brightness and enable control.
2007-04-20 Inverters enable cold-start car displays
The E220 inverter series from Endicott provides a cold-start solution for CCFL-backlit LCDs that provide critical information for vehicles used in heavy-duty, off-highway and mobile equipment applications
2013-02-18 Shifting from CCFT- to LED-backlit LCD modules
Learn about the various advantages of LED backlights over cold cathode fluorescent tubes for displays.
2007-02-19 LED drivers promise efficient heat management
ERG's Smart Force LED driver solutions promise efficient thermal management to ensure reliability for the increasingly stringent demands of many LCD applications.
2007-05-10 DC/AC inverters enable LCDs to function effectively outdoors
ERG's E220 series of DC/AC inverters ensure reliable CCF lamp ignition for LCDs used in outside, cold storage or other low-temperature environments.
2011-03-22 Shortage of epoxy resin expected after quake
Analysts have warned of the possibility of a shortage of bismaleimide triazine, an epoxy resin used in many chip package substrates and produced almost entirely by Japan's Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Inc.
2009-02-04 Analysis: What's in store for IBM's chip unit?
IBM Corp.'s recent move to implement job cuts within its semiconductor unit follows a dramatic slump in sales, product setbacks and numerous false starts in the sector.
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