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2005-05-02 Inspire kids to become tech creators
Help young minds become future technology creators with products that will affect everyone on planet earth.
2004-06-16 Innovations are born out of the usual
By thinking out of the ordinary, Silicon Laboratories' Susanne Paul came up with one of the most significant RF innovations in a decade.
2004-07-15 Indian engineers repatriate
Indian expatriate engineers are proving, in droves, that you can go home again and earn good.
2006-06-19 India launches VLSI education program
India launched a VLSI education program that will focus on developing steams of engineering manpower to meet the demand for design engineers.
2007-02-01 Improve your wideband RF design
Many onshore designers spend their time at the line-replaceable unit and system level, combining subassemblies to ultimately create the finished goods. The result is a product that looks good in theory, but fails to deliver when put in the field.
2014-11-17 Improve margins by training cost-aware design engineers
When designers don't know or care about manufacturing costs, they will make some costly decisions that buyers can't overcome, leading to uncompetitive products.
2004-03-31 Honing a career in RF, antenna research
Peng Hongli's story hopes to shed some light on how to grow in the engineering industry through research.
2002-09-30 Health insurance tops Asia benefits list
Of the many factors managers need to consider when running an organization, managing staff members is the most important aspect that would make or break any organization.
2004-08-16 Getting back to 'Let's do lunch'
Dan spent a bunch of years as a PR type at Texas Instruments and then Fairchild, so he's more than familiar with the first line in the PR manual.
2008-10-07 FTDI taps Asian talents with new R&D center in Singapore
Future Technology Devices International Ltd has opened a new R&D center in Singapore, which will enhance its current U.K.-based operations by providing access to the wide pool of engineering talent available in the Asia-Pacific region.
2005-06-01 Following the beat of a different drum
Decisions make or break people. If you were to choose between a fruitful career over a loving family, which would you choose?
2002-04-10 Experts list mainland China IC design stumbling blocks
Human resources, operations, and support services are key areas of concern that the IC design industry of mainland China should address in order to increase competitiveness in a market currently dominated by U.S. and Taiwan companies.
2002-09-30 Experience and education pays - literally
The 2002 salary survey conducted by Electronic Engineering Times - Asia reveals that companies still put a premium on engineers that have attained a high educational degree and possess a substantial number of years in experience.
2014-05-19 Engineers lacking in flash storage firms
IHS reports that SSD shipments climbed 82 per cent last year. That increasecoupled with the 50 per cent rise IHS forecasts for this yearis fuelling an insatiable demand for even more talent.
2003-10-01 Engineers in Taiwan seek more from work than money
There are more things than financial concerns that Taiwan engineers deem important.
2014-06-23 Engineers handpick 10 best free analysis, design tools
The list includes what is considered a viable alternative to Excel, the R Project, and mathematical tools such as Sage and GNU Octave.
2009-03-03 Electronic babble?
Bill Schweber ponders: 'Do engineers have the time or desire to socialize with other engineers, unless they are looking for help with a specific design problem?'
2009-12-03 EEs stay optimistic despite economic downturn
EE Times found that engineers are generally satisfied with their career choices and growth opportunities, despite the rising concerns about job security and compensation.
2004-12-01 EEs needed to propel mag-beams
Electrical engineers help design magnetized-beam plasma propulsion systems that could send spacecraft to Mars and back in 90 days.
2008-09-11 EEs enable collider discover new physics
Claimed to be the most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is set to form its first particle beam enabled by electrical engineers who designed its superconducting magnets, detectors and worldwide grid computing network.
2002-07-12 EE Times-China, EBN-China report sees hike in China IC consumption
"Electronics Industry Outlook: China" is a comprehensive source of information and intelligence on the electronics industry in China. It likewise explores the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China.
2004-12-01 Dynamic duo creates 'capital efficient' startup
Indian buddies pursue greater heights in creating a capital-efficient IC design startup capable of competing with EDA giants.
2008-10-16 Don't choose the wrong processor
If you were getting ready to buy a new high-end camcorder or a new car, chances are you'd spend some time reading independent reviews. You probably wouldn't just make your choice based on the vendor's marketing claims, right? Yet that's exactly what some design engineers do when they choose a processing engine.
2009-12-04 China, India EEs set sights on better opportunities
China and India engineers want more societal recognition and establish their own companies to compete with their onetime employers.
2003-10-01 China hunts for competitive talent
Headhunters in China are still on the lookout for skilled, high-end talents and compound engineers.
2006-12-01 Challenges in the analog talent hunt
The demand for analog talent continued to escalate in 2006, as organizations continued to prosper and grow. Gary Fowler discusses the challenges facing both employer and candidate in the analog talent hunt.
2003-10-06 Cadence teams with startup for packaging solution
Claiming to offer the industry's first integrated IC packaging design solution, Cadence Design Systems announced the availability of the APE-3D.
2008-10-08 Best of 8 hints 1995-2008 for making better oscilloscope measurements
This application note is dedicated to the evolving art of engineering. From our origins as Hewlett Packard to our modern incarnation as Agilent Technologies, our most popular application notes have been the 8 Hints series.
2003-10-01 Asian engineers hold on as industry recovers
EE Times - Asia has interviewed 1,459 engineers to determine the state of the semiconductor industry in our region today; results have shown that growth is existent - albeit a slow one.
2002-11-25 ASE develops Cadence-based package design flow
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has established an analysis-driven IC packaging design flow based on Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s Advanced Package Engineer.
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