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2006-05-29 Envivio ships real-time HD encoding system
Envivio announced its 4Caster HD3 real-time, high definition encoding system is shipping. HD3 provides video at target bit rates between 6Mbps and 12Mbps.
2003-09-16 Envivio rolls out Intel Xeon-based encoder system
Envivio Inc. has released what it claims is the world's first real-time H.264 encoder system based on the Intel Xeon processor.
2002-09-19 Canal+ Tech, Envivio to develop latest MPEG technology
Envivio and Canal+ Technologies has formed a strategic partnership to develop future MPEG-4 functionality within the latter's middleware portfolio.
2006-09-07 Mobile encoder fully addresses video convergence
Envivio said the 4Caster M2 encoder fully addresses video convergence by supporting any mobile device on any network.
2007-08-16 Multichannel IP encoder fits IPTV, Internet TV
Envivio has unveiled the latest version of its multichannel IP encoder for IPTV and Internet TV it is marketing under the name 4Caster C4.
2005-09-08 TI DSP powers next-gen video infrastructure products
As the delivery of HD video broadcast becomes more and more prevalent worldwide, products featuring Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) digital signal processing technologies are deploying to the market today.
2004-09-24 Intel invests in digital home companies
Intel Corp. announced that its venture investing organization, Intel Capital, has made five additional investments in companies developing technologies for the digital home.
2004-04-26 Intel backs four more digital-home developers
Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel Corp., has announced its $200 million Digital Home Fund investment in four more companies.
2004-01-01 Consumer electronics donning more video apps
TV-related video application has become the key attention among this year's consumer electronics.
2007-04-04 China Netcom to implement domestic A/V codec
China Netcom, one of China's major wired-telecom companies, will implement a homegrown A/V codec in its fledgling IPTV network this year.
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