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2008-03-20 Platform eases custom-switch development
Agilent Technologies has introduced an RF switch platform designed to simplify the task of defining and building a custom switch matrix
2013-07-03 PCIe card from PLX to undercut Ethernet, Infiniband costs
PLX Technology's system is essentially a 96-port PCI Express Gen 3 switch that can deliver connections running at the equivalent of Infiniband QDR among a rack full of servers and storage arrays
2004-03-08 ON Semi regulators have power switch, start-up circuit
With ON Semiconductor's switching regulators, emerging applications can have lower external component count and reduced system costs.
2006-08-09 New Ethernet switches target networking, industrial apps
Micrel said its new 2-port switches with generic bus interface allow ICs to connect to any FPGA or microprocessor with 8-, 16- or 32bit apps including campus backbone link, inter-switch links, managed media converters and industrial controls
2010-07-06 Network processor handles 100Gbit/s Ethernet traffic
Xelerated has begun sampling the HX family of network processor units (NPUs) that can process up to 100Gbit/s of Ethernet traffic at wirespeed for any packet size
2004-11-11 NetLogic processors adopted into Hitachi router, switch
NetLogic Microsystems Inc. announced that its NL5512 knowledge-based processors are incorporated into Hitachi Ltd's GR4000 and GS4000 gigabit router and switch families that support IPv6 and 10G Ethernet.
2004-05-06 Nayna rolls first-mile Ethernet access boxes
Nayna Networks will unveil a first-mile Ethernet access box that allows carriers to choose between point-to-point Ethernet and Ethernet PON connections
2002-04-17 National, Vitesse team up on Gigabit Ethernet chips
National Semiconductor Corp. and Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. will collaborate on the development of enterprise-strength Gigabit Ethernet ICs, including MACs, PHYs and Gigabit Ethernet switches
2008-03-18 Multicore WLAN switch targets mid-size enterprises
A multicore processor-based wireless LAN (WLAN) switch targeted at mid-sized enterprises has been launched by the Enterprise Mobility business of Motorola Inc
2015-02-27 Microchip licenses EtherCAT tech for its Ethernet controllers
Adding EtherCAT technology to Microchip's next-generation Ethernet controllers gives system developers with a high level of integration, flexibility and stability required to design products
2008-07-21 Micrel zeroes in on security, size in Ethernet ICs
Micrel Inc. is making security, size top priorities in Ethernet chips
2008-06-03 Micrel brings Ethernet fiber to the power of five
Micrel Inc. introduces the KSZ8995FQ, the latest member of the five-port switch family
2002-08-16 ME Ethernet transceiver uses SOI-CMOS technology
Mitsubishi Electric's M69850 is claimed to be world's first 10Gb Ethernet PHY transceiver that uses SOI-CMOS technology
2006-03-21 MCU integrates USB 2.0, Ethernet MAC
Cyan Technology's new microcontroller features on-chip flash, USB 2.0 OTG and a 10/100Mbps Ethernet media access controller
2007-05-07 LXI-compliant remote AC power management switch rolls
Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of LXI-compliant switching products with the introduction of the 60-200 remote AC power management switch
2005-03-29 LAN switch with high bandwidth
The increasing number of notebook PCs requiring a method of switching Gigabit Ethernet LAN signals to a docking station pushed Texas Instruments to design a LAN switch that offers high bandwidth to assure Gigabit Ethernet speeds.
2009-02-27 Implementing UNH-IOL test suite compliance in Arria GX and Stratix II GX Gigabit Ethernet designs
This application note describes implementation details required for GIGE designs that do not use Altera's TSE MegaCore and require UNH-IOL compliance.
2014-07-22 IEEE group to decide on 25G Ethernet standard
The 25G Ethernet Consortium formed in June already has a spec available to its members. Brocade and Dell recently joined founders Arista, Broadcom, Google, Mellanox, and Microsoft
2006-09-01 Hybrid switch fabric rolls
Enigma Semiconductor Inc. is exploring new concepts in hybrid switching fabrics that combine elements from crossbar and shared-memory switching chips.
2007-10-03 HF matrix is remotely controllable via Ethernet
The LXI Class C-compliant interface allows Pickering's 60-760 HF matrix to be remotely controlled via its Ethernet port through a Web browser or by the programmatic interface
2007-05-16 Group pitches enhanced Ethernet for data centers
A broad group of chip and systems makers is taking a fresh approach to the long-sought goal of creating a single interconnect to link all systems in the data center. Broadcom, Cisco, IBM, Intel and others are in an early stage with an upgrade tentatively called Convergence Enhanced Ethernet
2007-11-29 Gigabit-LAN switch offers 15kV ESD protection
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX4927 quad, high-speed, high-bandwidth, Gigabit-LAN switch
2002-06-16 Gigabit Ethernet finds solid ground in design puzzle
The advent of 10GbE standard is generating widespread interest in designing low cost triple-speed networking cards, cabling, stacking switches and core routers for high-speed network apps.
2004-03-05 Gigabit Ethernet chips sidestep ASICs, ride PCI Express
A new market report on Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) silicon cites three shifts as the technology gears up to surpass Fast Ethernet sales this year
2006-03-23 GbE switch/router tailored for space-constrained apps
Mistral Solutions announced the availability of Curtiss Wright's new 3U CompactPCI SCP/DCP-681 Compact SwitchBlade GbE switch/router
2012-08-16 Fundamentals of industrial Ethernet
Here's a brief introduction to the basics of Ethernet and its role in the industrial networking realm
2006-08-09 Fujitsu rolls out 'most powerful' 10GbE switch IC
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has introduced a 20-port 10GbE switch IC that the company claimed is the industry's most powerful
2004-04-16 Foundry ups content switch capabilities
Foundry Networks has launched chassis-based and stackable products that can switch HTML headers, XML content, FIX protocol content and most Layer 7 traffic
2009-01-07 Fast-Ethernet switches made for mobile, comms-intensive apps
MEN Mikro Elektronik offers a range of CompactPCI and standalone Fast Ethernet switches for mobile and communication-intensive applications
2009-09-21 Ethernet woes: Bandwidth demands, costs
In one of the central ironies of the Internet era, Websites and service providers are driving bandwidth requirements through the roof while pushing the system costs through the floor.
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