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2016-04-27 Ethernet transceivers support up to 5Gbit/s over Cat5e cable
The Marvell Alaska 88E2010/40 Ethernet transceivers promise a cost efficient, small form factor and low power dissipation to allow the use of the most common types of installed Cat5e Ethernet cabling
2013-08-21 Ethernet to become car's backbone over time
Opinions in the automotive industry are mixed on just how and when Ethernet will be fully utilised in vehicles
2001-05-01 Ethernet ties LANs in wide areas
Ethernet is finally heading toward wide-area domains by using a mix of Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies
2010-11-05 Ethernet switching silicon enables 100 Tbit/s scalable systems
Broadcom Corporation has just announced their BCM88600 series, the Ethernet switching silicon that enables scalable modular switching platforms with capacity ranging from 100Gbit/s) to 100Tbit/s. The new series merges the features and functionality of an entire high-performance line card into a single chip
2001-05-01 Ethernet moves past 10Gbps
Advances in Ethernet and the emergence of an intelligent optical layer have given birth to an alternative transport architecture that extends the power of Ethernet to MANs, WANs, and LAN backbones
2009-10-08 Ethernet mezzanine board supports XMC, PMC slots
Kontron is offering the XMC-ETH2 mezzanine board enables custom boards offering a PMC or XMC slot to be extended by two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
2015-02-25 Ethernet evolves for the connected car era
This article will explore the requirements of tomorrow's automotive networks and how the new 2-wire Ethernet PHYs currently under development will meet them
2009-12-21 Ethernet controllers, PHYs support IEEE P802.3az
Broadcom Corp. is offering a range of Ethernet controller and PHY device solutions that support the Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) IEEE P802.3az draft standard
2007-09-26 Ethernet chip tailors switching to needs of carriers
Startup Lightstorm Networks has come out of stealth mode with its first chip tailoring Ethernet switching to the needs of carriers
2009-05-25 Ethernet Alliance pushes for 40G spec
The Ethernet Alliance has demonstrated versions of Ethernet with faster speeds, lower power and new features as well as kicked off talks aiming to rally support for a 40G serial Ethernet standard at the annual Interop show in Las Vegas last week
2014-10-21 Ethernet Alliance meeting highlights emerging standards
The consensus meeting made clear that one or more 50G standards are needed, the debate over a 50G versus 100G serial lambda standard for optical nets is unresolved and the 2.5G/5G push looks promising.
2007-05-15 Dune, Bay Micro team on Carrier Ethernet design
Dune Networks, switching fabric and traffic management solutions provider and Bay Microsystems Inc., a network processor company, announced a joint design for Carrier Ethernet applications
2010-04-21 Converged network fuses Ethernet, Infiniband
Taking a step forward in the race towards converged networks, a trade group announced a capability for layering Infiniband's low latency features on top of Ethernet
2005-12-08 CompactPCI Ethernet boards switch IPv6 packets
Radstone Technology's PICMG2.16-compliant boards, pluggable into CompactPCI slots, will nicely support the emerging Internet IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) definitions, with its 128-bit addressing scheme.
2004-02-23 Cisco offers power-over-Ethernet products
Cisco Systems has bolstered its early support for IEEE 802.3af POE by expanding its support for the standard across most models of its Catalyst switches.
2003-06-16 Choosing the right topology for Ethernet
Examine design guidelines for the different Ethernet types and review common problems that occur in Ethernet environments during installation and operation
2009-02-19 Chip supports Infiniband, Ethernet, Fibre Channel
Mellanox Technologies Ltd's BridgeX chip will power a family of gateway systems Mellanox will sell supporting 40Gbit/s InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 8Gbit/s Fibre Channel
2014-07-02 Can PCIe compete and win against Ethernet
While nothing is on the horizon that will fundamentally change the status quo, PCIe is showing every sign of growing and competing for space once the domain solely of Ethernet
2007-08-24 Brocade, Cisco agree on Fibre Channel over Ethernet format
Rivals Brocade Communications and Cisco Systems have agreed on a frame format for running Fibre Channel over Ethernet, clearing a major hurdle in the effort to develop a standard for the converged network
2002-03-08 Brocade switch targets entry-level SANs
Designed for entry-level SANs, the SilkWorm 3200 fabric switch enables users to network servers with storage devices through a SAN, creating a scalable, secure, and manageable environment for storage applications
2002-04-25 Broadcom offers trio of Gigabit Ethernet controllers
Broadcom Corp. is sampling a trio of single-chip Gigabit Ethernet controllers with integrated 10/100/1,000 Base-T transceivers
2004-05-20 Broadcom Ethernet switches provide better uptime efficiency
Broadcom introduced a portfolio of enterprise switch products that extend the scalability and multilayer intelligence of stackable Ethernet switches.
2013-05-24 Broadcom CTO talks future of Ethernet
In celebration of Ethernet's 40th anniversary, Broadcom CTO Henry Samueli predicts six paths the technology will take moving forward
2009-12-03 Broadcom buys switch fabric maker
Dune Networks has developed a scalable chipset that supports bandwidth speeds of up to 100Gbit/s per port.
2005-02-03 Broadcom announces world's first Gigabit Ethernet IP phone chip
Broadcom's BCM1103 enables manufacturers to build IP phones with integrated Gigabit Ethernet switching and other features to support improved voice quality
2012-02-01 Boost passenger safety, comfort through Ethernet
As users become more digitally savvy and their needs become more sophisticated, the automotive industry can anticipate growing demand for in-vehicle bandwidth.
2009-02-09 Backplane 101: RapidIO, PCIe, Ethernet
RapidIO, PCIe, and Ethernet each offer unique benefits. The article explains how each technology works, and examines its strengths and weaknesses. It also discusses why RapidIO is often the best choice for embedded systems
2014-10-15 Automotive communication backbone: MOST vs Ethernet
Read about the battle between MOST, the de facto standard used as the infotainment backbone in vehicles, and Ethernet, the standard used for the IT infrastructure in the consumer/commercial world
2007-01-01 Architecture supports Ethernet, Infiniband
ConnectX architecture support for Ethernet and Infiniband into one chip, and gives limited support for Fibre Channel
2014-10-28 Alliance beefs up efforts on 2.5/5G Ethernet specifications
The NBASE-T Alliance will specify 2.5Gbit/s and 5Gbit/s rates over Cat5e and Cat6 cables with power-over-Ethernet to extend the life of the installed cable plant
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