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2005-09-22 Lead-free rules hit yields, European packagers, says analyst
European requirements for lead-free wafer bumping and packaging are hitting manufacturing yields and also hitting assembly companies in Europe as the far-east copes better with changes, according to research company Frost & Sullivan
2007-10-04 Infineon's Ziebart: European chip industry needs subsidies
Infineon CEO Wolfgang Ziebart called for more subsidies for the European chip industry, or the industry would be forced to relocate
2004-06-30 FEI launches European NanoPort
FEI Co. has opened its enhanced Eindhoven campus and NanoPort product and applications center.
2007-05-14 European taxpayers to finance Galileo project
In order to push forward the much-delayed satellite navigation project, the European Commission announced May 10 that the Galileo project will be financed wholly by public money
2007-06-22 European Parliament: E.U. should finance Galileo
The European Parliament has adopted a resolution asking the European Union to shoulder financing of the multibillion-dollar Galileo global satellite navigation system.
2002-04-16 European group certifies Philips' WLAN card
Philips' WLAN PC card is the first product meeting the IEEE 802.11a specification to receive CE Mark, opening the EU market to its device, where concerns over possible interference with European satellite communications have limited penetration of 5GHz WLANs
2004-02-11 AMD wins approval for European fab
The EU Commission has approved an investment of $693M for Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) new fab in Dresden, Germany.
2012-11-28 Union Semiconductor turns to West as mobile bogs down
One of the few China fabless chip companies working to develop markets in the U.S. and Europe, Union semiconductor is exploring new customers in security, wireless hotspots and Ethernet
2003-10-09 European group seeks progress in software R&D
Halfway through an eight-year R&D plan for embedded-software platforms, Europe is struggling to take a controlling role in software development.
2007-10-31 U.S. Senate hikes up foreign workers fee
Following the European Union's move to open its doors for skilled workers, the U.S. Senate has voted to approve a $3,500 fee increase for U.S. companies bringing them to America.
2003-11-04 Symposium to highlight 'ambient intelligence'
The first European Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (EUSAI) is being held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
2008-02-05 Software solution ensures REACH compliance
An environmental compliance software solution has been announced by Synapsis Technology to help companies comply with the EU's new chemicals regulation, REACH.
2006-10-02 RoHS era drives changes in design priorities
Months after the enforcement of the European Union's ban on the use of six environmentally unfriendly materials, designers have clear evidence that failure to meet the RoHS directive means lost sales.
2013-10-01 Radar, vision sensing to enhance automotive safety
In hopes of receiving high safety ratings from Euro NCAP, Carmakers are making a push to standardise radar and vision sensor features for all vehicles.
2007-11-06 NXP chips enhance German ePassport security
NXP Semiconductors announced it will supply its latest smart chip technology to Germany, the first country in the world to introduce second-generation ePassports with enhanced security.
2006-07-17 Green engineering challenges reliability, logistics
Chip makers began transitioning to Pb-free finishes and "green" packaging years ago, prompted largely by the European Union's clampdown on six substancesincluding leadin electronics equipment. Eliminating lead has significantly affected the electronics industry.
2008-04-25 Galileo project all set for takeoff
Europe's much-delayed Galileo satellite navigation system has finally passed its last legal hurdle Apr. 23 after the European Parliament has granted it the green light
2004-01-14 Europe plans mega funding for nano CMOS
The European Commission (EC) has approved the first phase of a proposed multiyear collaborative research program to advance CMOS beyond the 45nm node
2007-01-19 EU to rule on Intel anti-competition probe
Antitrust investigators have recommended that European Union Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes formally charge Intel Corp. with illegally thwarting competition in the computer chip market.
2008-04-08 EU lifts chip tariffs on Hynix products
The European Union has lifted the countervailing duties on imports of DRAMs from Korea manufactured by Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
2006-10-06 EU has evidence for antitrust charges against Intel
Investigators from the European Union believe they have enough evidence to pursue antitrust charges against Intel.
2014-10-20 EU funds multiple microserver projects
A number of major microserver projects showcased data centre servers based on energy-efficient embedded processors at the recent HiPEAC EU Network of Excellence event.
2008-02-27 EU forms group to push for maskless litho at 32nm
The European Union has formed a program to push for the insertion of maskless lithography for IC manufacturing at the 32nm ''half-pitch'' node in 2009. The program is called Magicfor Maskless Lithography for IC manufacturing.
2014-06-13 EU court upholds $1.4B antitrust fine, Intel loses bid
The court stood by its 2009 ruling after Intel challenged its previous decision, saying that the chipmaker infringed EU's competition rules by offering rebates to computer makers for its x86 CPUs.
2007-03-22 EU commissioner's DVB-H pick criticized
Europe commissioner for Information Society and Media Viviane Reding has singled out DVB-H as the technology of choice for European mobile broadcasting but her decision was criticized by the European Mobile Broadcasting Council
2012-12-27 EU Commission deems Samsung's pursuit of Apple abusive
The European Commission said that while injunctive relief is appropriate in some circumstances in a case where patents in question are standard-essential patents
2011-07-01 ENIAC funds double, hit $250 million in 2011
The ENIAC Joint Undertaking's 2011 grants total175 million euro, up 100 percent from 2010, and could translate to R&D projects with a total budget of about $570 million (400 million euro).
2006-08-23 Designing and shipping after RoHS
RoHS compliance must become an integral part of a designer's development process, with RoHS checks conducted at each step: concept, development, prototype, first builds and volume production.
2006-06-02 Assembling high-Pb DS2761 flip-chips in a Pb-Free assembly flow
This application note details the Pb-free assembly process used for DS2761 flip-chip die, and the reliability stresses encountered after the assembly.
1999-11-25 5B series signal conditioning subsystems in RFI/EMI fields
This paper deals with the 5B series signal conditioning subsystem that complies with the European Union's electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive for use in radio system applications.
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