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2005-10-26 Mapper supports all protocols
Exar is expecting their new mapper/framer, which is actually part Infineon Technologies AG, to jumpstart its entry into the Ethernet-over-Sonet (EoS) market.
2005-12-26 LIU unit targets media gateways
Exar introduced a 16-channel E1 LIU targeted at multi-service provisioning platforms, access devices, media gateways, routers and frame relay access devices.
2005-09-22 LIU delivers redundancy w/o relays
With tremendous demand in the T1/E1 area, Exar has developed what it claims is the first integrated 28-channel T1/E1 (line interface units) LIU/framer with VT/TU Mapper/DeMapper and the M13 multiplexer for optical transport applications.
2005-03-28 First PCI 3.0-compliant UART
Exar's XR17V258 UART devices will support 66MHz PCI bus interfacesup to 8 channels with 32bit data.
2015-02-23 Configurable clock synthesiser touts low phase noise jitter
The XR81411 from Exar is capable of generating any frequency in the range of 10MHz to 800MHz with four independent PLLs, using a highly flexible delta-sigma modulator and a wide ranging VCO.
2006-04-19 Clock generators target low-skew apps
Exar Corp. added a new family of clock generators to its clock and timing solution portfolio.
2008-06-18 UART device targets consumer, industrial apps
Exar recently launched next-generation high performance and low voltage quad-channel device family to its broad UART line, targeting a wide variety of battery-operated portable consumer products as well as industrial applications.
2009-05-07 Transceivers handle up to 32Mbit/s apps
Exar Corp. has launched the SP349xE family of high-speed 3.3V RS-485/RS-422 transceivers.
2010-09-03 Tool suite eases deployment of virtual servers
The management suite lets VMware users configure Exar's I/O virtualization features for fast and easy deployment and management of virtual servers.
2008-03-31 Step-down converter suits systems with USB
Exar has introduced a synchronous inductive step-down converter that's well-suited for portable devices with a USB interface.
2011-06-23 Power distribution switches support USB 3.0
Exar unveiled its XRP252x series of two single and two dual-channel power distribution switches supporting the latest USB 3.0.
2010-04-13 Power controller handles DDR memories
Exar Corp. has extended its line of low-voltage, step-down controllers specifically targeted at DDR memory power architectures.
2008-03-17 LED driver with inductive boost ready for sampling
An LED driver with inductive boost capabilities, giving system architects additional design options for backlighting applications, has started sampling from Exar Corp.
2008-03-05 LED driver trims component count in designs
Exar has released a LED driver in a small 3mm x 3mm QFN package that integrates several off-chip functions, which lowers external component requirements while saving board space.
2009-12-15 LED driver delivers up to 4.3A flash pulse
Exar Corp. claims the highest intensity LED flash driver with full management of supercapacitor-based flash technology.
2008-01-22 Half-duplex transceiver tailored for remote apps
Exar's half duplex transceiver targets remote applications including e-metering monitoring, building automation, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls, security camera systems and applications on long, or unterminated transmission lines.
2009-06-10 Four-channel LED driver ensures uniform brightness
From Exar Corp. comes the XRP7620, a 4-channel, I?C-controlled LED driver with independent software adjustable channel current control.
2009-10-02 Digital power regulators pack gate drivers
Entering the digital power market, Exar Corp. has introduced two highly-integrated field-programmable power regulator ICs series.
2008-08-15 CDR solution rolls for optical, backplane apps
Exar Corp. has developed the XRT91L33, a SONET/SDH OC-3/-12 clock and data recovery (CDR) device designed for standard optical and backplane applications.
2008-07-28 Advanced UARTs integrate multiple features
Exar has launched highly integrated, low-power 8-channel UARTs, which offer a wide range of features, including a patented global interrupt status register, fractional baud rate generator and automatic hardware or software flow control.
2007-04-17 8Mbps dual-channel UART rolls for industrial networking apps
Exar's dual-channel, dual-channel UART can support up to 8Mbps data rates for industrial networking applications.
2010-11-11 2A PWM step-down converter optimized for 5V, 12V rail
Exar's XRP7664 can operate on input voltage of up to 18V with max load current of 2A
2010-09-24 1ch Full-Speed USB UART touts enhanced capabilities
Exar announced the latest addition to heir Full-Speed USB UART series, the XR21B1411, with 15kV HBM ESD protection, up to 12Mbit/s serial data rate, optimized software drivers and support for very large FIFO sizes.
2009-03-30 Will TI bid for rival analog IC firm?
Texas Instruments Inc. is aiming to increase its analog IC market share, but achieving that goal would require the company to again gamble on a significant acquisition.
2005-11-28 Serial board is RoHS-compliant
Sealevel Systems announced that it has developed the industry's first RoHS-compliant multi-interface PCI serial I/O card. The product is the first in a series of forthcoming RoHS-compliant product rollouts from Sealevel.
2015-09-07 Sensor interface AFE simplifies sensor conditioning
Read about a sensor interface that includes a 16:1 differential multiplexor, a programmable gain instrumentation amplifier, a 10bit offset correction DAC, and a low dropout regulator.
2009-11-27 PCIe UARTs achieve up to 25Mbit/s serial data rate
The series is suited for remote access servers, storage network management, factory automation, and point-of-sales systems.
2004-12-13 Panasonic LK-RS300U previews free-form imaging
Handheld USB scanner Panasonic LK-RS300U combines processor, sensor technologies to deliver digital rubbings.
2012-10-30 NXP 2.0 ready by 2013, says CEO
Credited with reducing NXP's debt, Rick Clemmer said that NXP version 2.0 will improve operating margins to 25 per cent while also growing at a rate 50 per cent faster than the IC industry average.
2004-07-15 LSI Logic lowers forecast; blames storage, game markets
LSI Logic Corp. on Monday (July 12, 2004) lowered its second quarter revenue projections, citing slower demand for semiconductors in storage components and video game consoles.
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