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2002-11-20 ISP1181A/ISP1181B: frequently asked questions (FAQ)
This application note answers frequently-asked questions regarding the ISP1181A/ISP1181B, a USB 2.0-compliant interface device.
2008-10-15 FAQ: LIN design
LIN is a low cost serial communication system for distributed electronic systems in vehicles.
2009-12-01 PDIUSBD12 frequently asked questions
This application note contains frequently asked questions related to the PDIUSBD12.
2005-06-09 ISP1581/2/3 frequently asked questions
This app notes is a compilation of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Philips high-speed and full-speed USB peripheral controllers: the ISP1581, ISP1582 and ISP1583.
2008-10-13 FAQs: Zigbee
Zigbee is a standard for embedded application software and has been ratified in late 2004 under IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Networking Standards.
2008-11-18 FAQs: USB On-The-Go
The OTG specification is an addendum to the original USB specification. USB OTG defines a way for portable devices, through only one connector per device, to connect to supported USB products in addition to the PC.
2008-11-11 FAQs: USB embedded host
What is the difference between a Host, Embedded Host, limited host and mini-host? Can a high speed peripheral, like a hard drive, be connected to a full speed host?
2008-11-14 FAQs: USB design
What are the differences between USB 1.1 and USB 2.0? Is there a difference between Hi-Speed USB and USB 2.0? Which is the correct nomenclature?
2008-10-24 FAQs: TrustZone
What is TrustZone? What are the security extensions?
2008-11-04 FAQs: RF design
RF is the wireless transmission of data by analog / digital radio signals at a particular frequency. It maintains a two-way, online radio connection between a mobile terminal and the stationed host terminal.
2008-10-17 FAQs: Motor control design
What is the optimal switching frequency I need to drive a motor?
2008-12-05 FAQs: Microprocessor supervisors
A Supervisor is a protection device. It monitors certain system parameters and reacts to protect the system when those parameters go out-of-tolerance. The most common supervisor function is the Reset circuit or Voltage Monitor which monitors the main system supply voltage and resets the system in case the voltage is too high or too low.
2008-11-07 FAQs: getting started with USB
What are the resource requirements for the USB stack? How does a USB hub slow down devices?
2008-10-28 FAQs: Battery Management
How is battery capacity measured? What is 'C' rate?
2008-12-17 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 3)
Part 3 answers questions likes what is a closed loop buffer? What is a open loop gain, voltage feedback op amp? What is an amplifier's intercept point?
2008-12-12 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 2)
Part two tackles questions such as What is Input Offset Voltage? What is Input Voltage Noise? What is Large-Signal Voltage Gain? What is Linear Phase Deviation?
2008-12-09 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 1)
Part 1 tackles questions like what are the advantages of the BiCMOS process? What is Output High Voltage (VOH) for a comparator? What is a Programmable Gain Buffer?
2010-09-09 CPU supervisors: frequently asked questions (FAQs)
This application note explains the function of a CPU supervisor and how it can monitor a system.
2000-09-05 Atmel PLD frequently asked questions
This application note provides guidelines for designing with Atmel PLDs and answers many frequently asked questions.
2011-03-01 Ten truths about Intel's Thunderbolt
EE Times asks and answers 10 key questions about the new interconnect Thunderbolt, among them, its applications, silicon suppliers, supporters and roadmap, and whether it will kill USB.
2015-04-21 Synopsys expands security platform with new acquisition
Synopsys has acquired software security company Codenomicon, which is known for independently discovering the Heartbleed bug. The acquisition is seen to extend Synopsys's Coverity quality and security platform.
2016-04-12 Severance benefits cause friction in Microchip/Atmel merger
Microchip's CEO blames Atmel's board for failing to communicate about a severance package that left at least one employee charging Microchip is reneging on a promise.
2006-08-08 Nike gizmo turns iPod into runner's virtual trainer
Nike+iPod Sport Kit combines inexpensive sensor technology and low-cost CMOS radios with specialized embedded MCUs to serve up a $30 wireless runner's gadget.
2015-08-18 Intel's M&A record: A burden for Altera?
Although Intel has made it clear that Altera would get the attention it deserves after the acquisition closes, plenty of sceptics are doubtful about the Intel-Altera deal, both external and internal to Altera.
2013-10-08 Intel teams with Arduino to prep for the next big thing
Intel's announcement of a microcontroller-class x86 called Quark and its collaboration with the DIY Arduino crowd mark efforts to make sure Intel doesn't repeat its smart phone miss.
2011-12-12 HP to offer WebOS as open source
HP will be contributing its WebOS to the open source community. The move suggests that the company was not able to find a buyer for its mobile operating system.
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