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2003-11-05 Transcend DIMM features advance FBGA package
Transcend Information Inc. has announced the availability of its 1GB DDR400 (PC3200) unbuffered memory modules that apply advance FBGA package and original DDR400 high-capacity DDR DRAM.
2003-10-30 Micron releases DDR2 SDRAMS in FBGA packaging
Micron Technology Inc. has shipped what it claims is the industry's first 1Gb DDR2 SDRAM components.
2002-05-23 ISSI ships MCPs in Fujitsu's FBGA technology
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has announced the shipment of a family of stacked multichip packaged (MCP) modules that uses Fujitsu Ltd's FBGA packaging technology.
2003-09-05 Chipmos to expand FBGA, TSOP monthly outputs
Chipmos Technology will be expanding its FBGA packaging devices by 100 percent this month.
2005-06-01 3D Plus introduces a 1Gb DDR SRAM in small FBGA ball-out
3D Plus introduces the MMDD04256402BTZ, a high speed, highly integrated DDR Synchronous Dynamic RAM memory containing 1,073,741,825 bits
2002-05-31 Toshiba, Tessera sign expanded agreement for CSP
Tessera Technologies Inc. has signed an expanded technology licensing agreement with Toshiba Corp. that enables Tessera to act as a licensor of Toshiba's FBGA assembly process for "face-up" CSP.
2002-01-09 Tessera, TI settle patent litigation
Tessera Technologies Inc. has reached settlement with Texas Instruments Inc. regarding the pending litigation between the companies' CSP technology.
2002-08-06 Taiwan PCB production grows slightly in 1H of 2002
The Industrial Technology Intelligence Services has reported that Taiwan's PCB production value in 1H of 2002 totaled to about $1.791billion, up by 2 percent from the same period last year.
2005-10-17 Implement stacked package-on-package designs
Companies must adopt PoP standards to better plan product road maps and facilitate the adoption of new applications
2002-07-08 Fujitsu supplies Flash memory for CSR's Bluetooth solutions
Fujitsu Ltd has agreed to supply Flash memory to CSR for its Bluetooth requirements.
2014-06-30 Alliance Memory debuts high-speed CMOS DDR3 SDRAMs
The devices claim to offer extremely fast transfer rates of up to 1600Mb/s/pin and clock rates of 800MHz and supports an industrial temperature range of -40°C to 95°C.
2005-07-20 WEDC rolls new DDR SDRAM
WEDC's new 512MB DDR SDRAM consists of sixteen 32M x 84 banks DDR SDRAMs in FBGA packages mounted on a 200-pin FR4 substrate.
2003-04-24 RISC microprocessor incorporates 1MB of ROM/Flash
The TMP1962 32-bit MIPS-based RISC microprocessor from Toshiba Corp. incorporates 1MB of mask ROM into a 13-by-13mm FBGA package.
2006-11-13 Qimonda intros 183MHz DDR Mobile-RAM
Qimonda AG has launched its 183MHz DDR synchronous Mobile-RAM offering a capacity of 512Mbit in a 60-ball FBGA package with 1.8V power supply.
2009-07-31 NV FRAM promises 10-year data retention
Ramtron has developed the FM23MLD16 8Mbit, 3volt ferroelectric RAM memory in a streamlined 48-pin FBGA package that features fast access, virtually unlimited read/write cycles and low power consumption.
2002-07-02 Infineon samples 'highest-density' memory modules
Infineon Technologies is offering engineering samples of 1GB Registered DDR333 SDRAM DIMMs that feature 36 individual 256Mb memory chips in very compact FBGA packages, making them what is claimed to be the highest density memory modules for computer server and workstation memory applications.
2005-05-06 4GB DDR2 DIMMs are 30% thinner than conventional modules
Elpida Memory is sampling 4GB DDR2 registered DIMM that it claims are 30 percent thinner than standard JEDEC products due to its unique stacked FBGA packaging technology.
2007-10-12 XDR DRAM transfers data at 9.6GBps
Elpida Memory and Rambus claim the industry's fastest DRAMthe 512Mbit, 4.8GHz XDR DRAM, with a data transfer rate of 9.6GBps.
2005-04-05 XDR DRAM eyes digital consumer apps
Elpida Memory is sampling a 512Mb XDR DRAM that operates at 3.2GHz and provides a data transfer rate of 6.4GBps.
2007-03-23 VoIP processors support various storage types
Targeting the growing portable devices market, MCS Logic unveiled the MLC9000 series of VoIP processors with access to various types of storage such as USB, SD/MMC card and NOR, NAND flash.
2002-01-18 UTAC teams up with M-Systems on MCPs
United Test and Assembly Center Ltd (UTAC) is collaborating with M-Systems to deliver MCP (Multi-Chip Package) leaded and array packages.
2005-11-21 Transceiver allows stackable switches with common cable
The new family of copper media transceivers from KeyEye is targeted at stackable Ethernet switch and other intra-system link applications.
2002-04-17 Toshiba Bluetooth baseband LSI manages Bluetooth protocol stack
The TC356510 Bluetooth baseband LSI from Toshiba Corp. manages the execution of the Bluetooth protocol stack that controls the wireless communication and profiles, allowing the CPU to be fully-dedicated to the application software.
2006-09-07 TED releases 'fastest' JPEG chipset for DVRs, cameras
Tokyo Electron Device has announced the inrevium JPEG chipset, a three-chip solution touted to be the industry's fastest.
2005-10-20 STATS ChipPAC wants to be 3D king
Nearly two years after the big merger, Singapore's STATS ChipPAC Ltd is treading slightly above stormy waters in the competitive chip packaging and test market.
2009-07-10 SRAMs designed for next-gen comms network
Renesas Technology Corp. has announced the 72Mbit Quad Data Rate II+ (QDR II+) and DDRII+ high-speed SRAM product family for use in high-end routers and switches in next-generation communication networks.
2008-10-17 Spansion, ASE ink JV deal on China facility
Spansion Inc. and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture to jointly own the Spansion Suzhou, China final manufacturing facility.
2005-02-02 SerDes chipset operates up to 125C
The SCAN921025H serializer and SCAN921226H deserializer from National deliver up to 10 bits of digital data at 20MHz to 80MHz.
2005-09-14 SDRAM offers space savings
White Electronic Designs introduced its 512MB DDR2 Registered SDRAM that is designed for AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI and VME applications.
2006-01-11 SDRAM module suits high bandwidth, high performance apps
White Electronic Designs announced the availability of its 512MB DDR2 SDRAM Registered with PLL. This device is a 2 x 32M x 72 DDR2 SDRAM high density module.
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