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2005-10-20 New FB-DIMM features low size, latency and power consumption
The IN581AMB fully-buffered DIMM from Inphi is said to be the first device that includes an interface between the high-speed serial interface and DDR2 SDRAM and is fully compliant with the JEDEC AMB specs.
2004-12-03 New FB DIMM provides increased memory density, bandwidth
Samsung introduced a 1GB Fully Buffered, Dual In-line Memory Module based on the DDR2 technology.
2005-03-07 Intel's Bensley PDK speeds up FB-DIMM adoption
Intel introduced a product development kit that promises to accelerate the adoption of a new computer memory technology and other emerging technologies for Intel's first multi-core server platform
2005-03-22 FB DIMM boosts memory density
Samsung disclosed sample production of its next-gen memory module that is targeted at servers and workstations.
2008-05-23 Energy-efficient DDR2 FB-DIMM modules target servers
Lexar Media's Crucial line of server memory devices uses the industry's first 1.5V, 1Gbit-based components to deliver reduced chip count, energy-efficient FB-DIMM modules.
2005-04-04 Another FB-DIMM tester bows in
Priced at about $4,500, Pycon's FB-DIMM testers does link testing using a technique Pycon calls IBIST.
2006-02-10 Serial data analyzer tests 10Gbps
Wavecrest's new SIA-4000 instrument is optimized for testing serial data at speeds to 10Gbps and faster.
2005-08-29 Infineon samples its all-owned DDR2 FB-DIMMs
Infineon announced that it is sampling the industry's only DDR2 Fully Buffered Dual-In-line Memory Modules with all key components designed and manufactured by a single DRAM supplier.
2004-12-23 IDT's new AMB device suits high-bandwidth apps
IDT disclosed that it is sampling its new advanced memory buffer device to multiple fully buffered dual-inline memory module manufacturers.
2006-11-08 IDT ships advanced memory buffer to Elpida
IDT announced it is the main advanced memory buffer supplier for Elpida Memory's family of fully-buffered DIMM products.
2006-04-17 High-density DDR2 FB-DIMMs ship in volume quantities
Micron's FB-DIMMs, available in densities from 512Mbyte to 4Gbit and speed grades extending to PC2-5300, have already received validation by Intel.
2005-03-22 Fully-Buffered DIMM testing enhances logic analyzers
Tektronix now has a Fully-Buffered dual in-line memory module tester for logic analyzers.
2007-02-26 DIMM sockets offer more memory at higher speeds
Molex has released a fully buffered DIMM socket that provides more memory capacity at higher speeds.
2005-08-08 DIMM improves thermal performance
Designed for server applications, Elpida's 4GB fully buffered dual in-line memory modules, part numbers EBE41FE4AAHA-5C-E and EBE41FE4AAHA-6E-E, can deliver up to 32GB of memory in an eight-slot server platform.
2006-03-15 DDR2 SDRAMs provide wider data path for digital consumer apps
Elpida Memory unveiled its second-generation 1Gbit DDR2 SDRAM family plus six memory modules based on the devices.
2007-02-16 Current DRAMs step up computing apps
New technologies and architectures have now emerged for DRAM chips and modules.
2008-04-04 800MHz FB-DIMMs tailored for Intel Xeon chips
Delivering up to 25.6GBps bandwidth with four memory channels active, Kingston's 800MHz FB-DIMMs match the bandwidth needs of the latest Intel Xeon processors.
2007-12-13 PLL-based clock generators create ultralow jitter
ON Semiconductor has launched PLL-based devices for creating ultralow-jitter quality clocks that improve timing accuracy, increase design flexibility and lower cost for PCIe, Ethernet and FB DIMM applications.
2006-03-08 IDT, KTI ink AMD collaboration
IDT disclosed its collaboration with King Tiger Technology. Based on terms of the alliance, KTI will use IDT's AMB production device as a benchmark to develop full-featured, FB-DIMM manufacturing testing on its KT-2Pro test system.
2008-09-05 Crystal oscillators upgrade functionality of bus interfaces
Epson Toyocom has created two new CSL output SAW oscillators that feature low jitter and low phase noise. The oscillators are suitable for PCIe and FB-DIMM applications.
2007-04-11 System boards feature Intel multicore processors
Trenton Technology has introduced its MCX and MCG series of system host boards (SHBs) with dual multicore processors.
2005-05-18 SDA with 11GHz bandwidth
LeCroy has developed a total solution for next generation serial data analysis.
2006-08-02 Scope series offers a test platform for high-speed designs
Tektronix has introduced the new DPO70000 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope and DSA70000 Digital Serial Analyzer to provide engineers with an ideal platform for their high-speed designs.
2005-12-14 Samsung develops 8GB memory module
Samsung Electronics has developed a technology that allows it to modularize 32 pieces of a 2Gb DDR2 DRAM chip together with a logic chip to create a 8GB memory module for a server computer.
2006-01-05 Rambus, AMD ink patent licensing deal
Advanced Micro Devices is paying $75M over the next five years to use a range of Rambus technologies in a deal that specifically excludes AMD using the patents to manufacture Rambus-designed memory chips.
2007-10-16 Oscilloscope rolls for next-gen serial data standards
A digital oscilloscope for next-generation serial data standards. Has been announced by LeCroy Corp.
2005-10-10 New memory modules improve thermal management
With nearly 15 years experience in the stacked, high-capacity memory market, Staktek realized that it needed to come up with a process that would improve thermal and electrical issues. At the same time, it strived to sustain its manufacturing processes so that when other companies are manufacturing its devices, they don't have to invest a huge amount of capital equipment to license its technology.
2006-06-07 Infineon spin-off reveals memory roadmap
Qimonda told EE Times the details of its memory technology plans, which focuses on memory products, offering computer DRAMs, graphics DRAMs, consumer DRAMs, mobile DRAMs, cellular RAMs and flash products.
2007-07-04 FB-DIMMs to drive energy savings in data centers
Qimonda AG introduces the industry's first quad-rank, 8Gbyte DDR2 fully-buffered dual-in-line memory modules (FB-DIMMs), an enabling technology to drive the next generation of multi-core server performance while lowering server power consumption.
2005-06-27 Elpida makes a 2Gb DRAM on 80nm process
Japanese DRAM maker Elpida Memory Inc. has developed a 2Gb DDR2 synchronous DRAM, the first device to use a 80nm manufacturing process, and the industry's highest capacity DRAM.
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