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2013-05-17 Wi-Fi-based small cells to fine tune wireless comms market
Intended to augment wireless coverage in dense urban areas, the small cells can be used in public facilities such as malls, railway and subway stations, and on street or traffic lights, said IHS.
2005-03-31 Structured ASICs walk a fine line
A company must make sure that its wares are not too general-purpose to offer attractive performance and that it isn't launching too many specific products.
2009-05-12 Report: Europe to impose fine against Intel
The European Commission is set to rule May 13 that Intel Corp. breached antitrust rules in its selling of microprocessors and to implement a massive fine, according to a Reuters report.
2000-12-05 Offset reference PLLs for fine resolution or fast hopping
This application note discusses some alternative techniques of frequency synthesis using the Motorola MC145220 PLL IC, describes these techniques, and provides examples.
2003-05-16 Nishimoto fine cut lead pins replace wrapping pins
Nishimoto Sangyo Co. Ltd has announced the availability of a line of fine cut lead-pins that are designed to replace lead pins in PGAs and PCBs.
2008-05-13 Microsoft appeals $1.4B fine levied by EC
Microsoft last week lodged an appeal at a European court against the record fine of $1.4 billion imposed on it by the EC for defying a 2004 anti-trust ruling, according to a report by AFP.
2014-04-02 Marvell faces boosted patent fine at $1.54B
A recent court ruling on the Marvell-Carnegie Mellon infringement case has increased the damage award to 1.23 times the original sum, concluding a trial that was launched back in 2009.
2012-12-28 Marvell faces $1.17B fine due to patent infringement
A U.S. federal jury has found Marvell guilty of infringing patents developed by Carnegie Mellon University and has been ordered to pay $1.17 billion in damages.
2003-05-28 Leatec Fine sets up LED, CMOS substrate line
Leatec Fine Ceramics has established a manufacturing line for making LED and CMOS carrier substrates at its Taiwan plant.
2005-07-18 LCD: Fine on the outside, not so fine on the inside
For today's LCDs, the inner design architecture is the only indication of whether the device is worth the price you paid for
2002-06-18 K&S bonding wire suits fine pitch package
Kulicke and Soffa Ind. Inc. has introduced the AW-99X bonding wire suitable for advanced fine pitch packages with <505m bond pad pitch.
2004-09-20 Infineon agrees to pay $160M fine in U.S. DRAM price-fixing probe
Infineon Technologies AG has agreed to pay a $160 million fine as part of a federal DRAM price-fixing probe, the Justice Department said.
2003-06-19 Hand soldering tutorial for fine-pitch QFP devices
This application note is intended to help designers create initial prototype systems using Cygnal's TQFP and LQFP devices where surface-mount assembly equipment is not readily available.
2002-01-29 Fujikura rolls out fine-pitch FPCs
The company's FPCs now feature a new fine-pitch circuit that allows a large number of wires to be fitted into limited spaces.
2003-03-10 Fine-wire transformer outputs up to 800V
The Model 4283-1300 fine-wire high-voltage transformer from Datatronics Romoland delivers 0.2W continuous power.
2002-12-16 Fine-tuning VoB test capabilities
Before implementing automated tests, designers must weigh their value and determine what troubles these automated systems should target.
2011-06-24 Fine-tuning Impedance Track battery fuel gauge with LiFePO4 cells in shallow discharge apps
The Impedance Track battery-fuel gauging technology from Texas Instruments (TI) is an adaptive algorithm that learns how a battery's characteristics change over time.
2004-10-01 Fine-grain switching goes from core to edge
Lowering capital expenditures in providing mixed-voice/data services require finer traffic grooming closer to the network edge.
2007-08-27 Fine tuning process clears way for denser MRAM
The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology claims to have invented a process for fine tuning MTJs for future HD heads, and perhaps even to enable denser MRAMs.
2007-03-01 Fine tune POL regulation in DTVs
Here is a tutorial focusing on the different power needs of the new batch of DTVs being developed.
2008-02-29 EU slaps Microsoft with $1.4B antitrust fine
The EU competition regulators have fined Microsoft $1.4 billion for defying a landmark 2004 anti-trust ruling, according to an AFP report.
2014-06-13 EU court upholds $1.4B antitrust fine, Intel loses bid
The court stood by its 2009 ruling after Intel challenged its previous decision, saying that the chipmaker infringed EU's competition rules by offering rebates to computer makers for its x86 CPUs.
2012-12-07 Electronics firms face heavy fine amidst EU anti-trust case
The European Commission claimed that Philips, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and Technicolour met between 1996 and 2006 for price-fixing "green" meetings.
2003-03-10 Electronic Fine Tuning of the 3641-Type Transmitter Subassembly
This application note describes the procedures on how to properly fine tune the 3641-Type Transmitter Subassembly.
2009-05-19 EC ruling hits Intel with $1.45B fine, PR nightmare
With $10.6 billion in cash and short-term investments as at the end of Q1, Intel Corp. would seem to have more than ample resources to pay off a $1.45 billion fine levied by the European Commission for actions that violated antitrust rules.
2012-11-08 DAC fine-tunes reference output
Find out how to dynamically calibrate the reference, fine-tune its output value, or generate a slightly different value.
2002-02-28 ASE to develop 40?m super fine pitch bonding technology
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has disclosed its plan to develop 40?m super fine pitch bonding technology, which is slated for ramp up next year.
2002-07-30 ASE develops fine pitch wire bonding technology
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has completed the development of tri-tier wire bonding technique that will enable ICs to have smaller areas and denser I/Os.
2014-04-22 Altera adopts fine-pitch copper packaging for Arria FPGAs
TSMC's flip chip ball grid array package technology utilises fine-pitch copper bumps measuring less than 150?m, providing excellent bump joint fatigue life, improved performance in electro-migration current and low stress on the ELK layers.
2005-10-14 AC/DCs fine-tune the power
Emerson Network Power says its Astec iMP series is the first digitally-controlled AC/DC power supply of its kind. With an onboard microprocessor to facilitate programming for power management and smart communications, the series offers a range of hardware modules that give designers the ability to tailor their medium- to high-power solutions.
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