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2007-04-20 Wireless FSK receiver suits high-band apps
Integration Associates' IA4322 is a low-cost FSK receiver designed specifically for high-band 868/915MHz applications.
2007-09-17 UHF ASK/FSK receiver ICs suit RKE, TPMS apps
Atmel extended its portfolio of automotive RF devices with the release of three new UHF ASK/FSK receiver ICs, claimed to offer the best compromise between high integration, outstanding performance, and worldwide frequency coverage.
This application note discusses in detail the ST7538 FSK Power-line Transceiver Demo-Kit.
2012-01-12 Products for ASK/FSK wireless device testing
Read Agilent N9310A RF signal generator and Agilent N9320B RF spectrum analyzer, and their use in ASK/FSK wireless device test set ups.
2005-12-20 New DTMF codec/FSK modem combo IC from CML
The CMX865 is a multi-standard modem for use in telephone based information and telemetry systems.
2004-05-14 Maxim dual-channel receiver supports ASK, FSK
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced what it claims as the industry's first dual-channel receiver that can receive both ASK and FSK data simultaneously, the MAX1471.
2011-08-09 Low-power FSK transceiver operates at 27MHz
austriamicrosystems' transceiver transmits data up to 212Kbit/s and features integrated functions such as power amplifier, clock, 24bits of OTP memory and battery level detection.
2014-02-06 Implementing FSK modulation, demodulation
Learn about logic level implementation of binary FSK modulator and demodulator using a phase-locked loop device.
2000-06-26 Harmonic Frequency Synthesizer and FSK Modulator
This application note discusses a harmonic frequency synthesizer, that uses an accumulator technique to generate frequencies that are evenly spaced harmonics of some minimum frequency, and an FSK modulator, which provides a modification of the harmonic frequency synthesizer and automatically switches between two frequencies in accordance with an NRZ input.
2010-04-13 FSK transceivers with PA, LNA cover 2.4-5.8GHz
RF Micro Devices Inc. has introduced the ML2730, a single-chip, fully-integrated FSK transceiver with integrated power amplifier (PA) and low noise amplifier (LNA).
2001-04-05 FM And FSK and BPSK demodulation using the Philips NE/SE564 phase-locked loop demoboards
This application note demonstrates how to use the NE564/SE564 demoboard set as an FM demodulator for wideband analog signals, a data receiver for high-speed FSK signals, and a simplified BPSK adaptation.
2013-01-17 Efficient FSK/PSK modulation with multi-channel DDS
Find out how two synchronised DDS channels can implement a zero-crossing FSK or PSK modulator.
2000-06-14 DC Accurate FSK Modulator
This technical note discusses different approaches to address the problems encountered when using a FSK modulator in the PLL of a carrier synthesizer. The basic problem that this paper will address is the frequency error within the PLL, which causes unreliable communications for random data streams, especially for long strings of non-changing bits.
2010-05-17 ASK/FSK transmitter packs fractional-N synthesizer
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX7060 frequency- and power-agile ASK/FSK transmitter that enables the use of a single design for multiple applications.
2000-06-13 An FSK Transmit and Receive Chip Set
This technical note demonstrates how to use the RF9901 and RF9902 low-cost monolithic ICs as separate devices or as a combination of a two-chip set. This in order to provide all the functions necessary to implement a binary FSK transceiver for such applications as 915MHz ISM-band handheld terminals for POS meter reading, bar-coding reading, as well as other digital applications such as SMR.
2001-04-04 10.8MHz FSK decoder with NE564
This application note describes how to use the internal voltage comparator and VCO of Philips Semiconductors' NE564 PLL to perform FSK demodulation.
2007-05-24 Wireless transceiver rolls for 915MHz ISM-band
Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled the new member of its TDA525x transceiver family designed for use in the 915MHz ISM-band.
2003-08-29 Using Two-Point Modulation to reduce Synthesizer Problems when Designing DC_Coupled GMSK Modulators
This application note discusses the problems encountered when designing GMSK modulators with respect to the characteristics of PLL frequency synthesizers, and illustrates how two-point modulation can be used to solve them.
2003-08-22 Using the CMX980A for Non-TETRA Radio Schemes
This application note discusses some of the theory behind I&Q modulators, and details how the CMX980A could be used with any modulation scheme.
2003-08-22 Using the CMX602A in place of the FX602
This application note discusses the procedure to use the CMX602A as a suitable replacement for the FX602.
2008-06-03 Transmitter handles two frequencies with one crystal
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX7058 crystal-referenced, phased-locked loop VHF/UHF transmitter for transmitting OOK/ASK/FSK data at 315MHz or 390MHz.
2002-10-28 TI RF transceiver transmits 64kbps to >200m distances
The TRF6901 RF transceiver from Texas Instruments is designed for FSK or OOK transceiver applications in PDAs, remote sensors, and security systems.
2002-11-14 TDK 73M223 to FX604 or MX604 migration document
This application note shows how the X604 could be used as a replacement modem device.
2012-07-30 Sub-GHz PHY transceiver supports multiple IEEE modes
SX1257 delivers complete solution for IEEE 802.15.4g (SUN)
2007-12-06 Receiver/transmitter line rolls for industrial RF systems
A family of UHF ASK/FSK receiver/transmitters ideal for low-cost industrial RF receiving systems with low power consumption requirements has been launched by Atmel Corp.
2005-06-07 Receiver with -110dBm sensitivity for high-volume, low-cost apps
Maxim introduced the MAX7042 VHF/UHF PLL-based frequency shift keying receiver, which is well suited for low-cost, high-volume apps where range is critical
2007-02-08 Radio transmitter, receiver target industrial apps
Circuit Design's new embedded radio transmitter and receiver were developed for industrial applications where high performance and reliability are required.
2003-08-29 Practical GMSK Data Transmission
This application note discusses the basic principles of Gaussian filtered Minimum Shift Keying Transmission
2002-07-16 Micrel transceivers target ISM band apps
Micrel Semiconductor's two RadioWire FSK transceivers are designed for telemetry, security, low data-rate networks, and other ISM band apps.
2002-10-28 Melody generation with the CMX605
This application note describes the process of generating melody with the CMX605.
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