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2004-08-25 Maxim transmitter delivers over 10dBm output
Maxim presented what it claims as the world's smallest VHF/UHF PLL-based ASK/FSK transmitter to deliver more than 10dBm output.
2003-08-18 Increasing Data Throughput in Radio Telemetry Systems
This application note discusses factors affecting radio data network performance and the proper solutions based on integrated circuit technology to many of these issues.
2002-10-28 Increasing data throughput in radio telemetry systems
This application note will discuss factors affecting radio data network performance and also present solutions based on integrated circuit technology.
1999-06-29 Implementing high-end telephony functions on an 8bit microcontroller
This paper presents a practical example of a complete 1200baud modem reference design that performs the key functions in software and utilizing a board size of 5.08-by-7.62cm form factor. This paper also shows how a high-MIPS microcontroller can implement available telephony functions, as well as include additional peripherals at the developer's discretion.
2014-07-28 Implement HART communication with DAC8760
Here are the methods for configuring the DAC8750, DAC8760, DAC7750, and DAC7760 for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) communication.
2003-08-18 FX919B and FX929B Fade Management and 'A' Version Compatibility
This application note describes issues and strategies relating to fading applications, as well as pertinent FX919B and FX929B features and controls which may be used in an FX919B and 929B Based System.
2000-12-01 Designing Bluetooth for robust performance
The article outlines Bluetooth transceiver against crowded spectrum, jamming and signal strength problems to bring a robust model.
2002-11-29 calling number identification circuits.
This application note provides information on the operation and application of
2004-06-09 Atmel rolls out development kits for UHF ICs
Atmel's new family of development kits promises to enable customers to get started with the company's UHF ICs easily and quickly.
2002-02-20 Atmel multichip RF receiver IC is multitalented
An RF remote-control receiver from Atmel Corp. can be used in keyless-entry, telemetering, and security systems.
2001-10-01 A very low-cost and powerful solution for V.23 application: TS7514
This application note describes the different functions and internal possibilities included in the TS7514 FSK voiceband modem chip, such as DTMF dialing, integrated duplexer, tone and ring detection and transmit and receive channel programming.
2003-08-22 A Rolling Code Scrambler using the FX224
This application discusses the process to integrate the FX224 Variable Split Band Scrambler into audio circuitry.
2008-08-22 Wireless transceiver improves packet channels
Amiccom has launched A7125 with a 2Mbit/s data rate and high performance 2.4GHz transceiver IC having an ideal transmission distance within 50m. The A7125 is an ultralow power wireless FSK transceiver having a working frequency of 2400?2483MHz ISM band.
2008-09-10 VHF/UHF transmitter delivers up to 100Kbit/s
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX7057 crystal-referenced, phased-locked loop VHF/UHF transmitter for transmitting OOK/ASK/FSK data over a wide range of frequencies.
2007-12-11 UHF receiver/transmitter line targets industrial apps
Atmel announced its ATA8x0x UHF ASK/FSK receiver/transmitter family targeted at remote controls for consumer and industrial systems, access control, alarm and telemetry systems, energy metering and home automation as well as active RFID tagging systems.
2005-04-28 Transceivers suit space-sensitive apps
Maxim introduces the MAX7030/MAX7031/MAX7032 family of crystal-referenced VHF/UHF transceivers, which delivers more than 10dBm output power and -114dBm (MAX7030/MAX7032 in ASK mode)/-110dBm (MAX7031/MAX7030 in FSK mode) sensitivity.
2006-04-21 Transceiver enables active RFID
The EV5041 from e-vision is a single chip ASK/FSK/BPSK UHF transceiver for active RFID applications.
2010-03-22 RF transceivers handle 470-510MHz short-range apps
Micrel Inc. has released the latest member of its family of low-cost, low-power, 410 to 950MHz FSK RF transceivers.
2012-11-12 Radio modules ready for next-gen performance, value
The ZULU radio module family combine an 8051-based microcontroller with a sub-GHz RF transceiver operating with FSK, GFSK or OOK modulation in the license-free frequency bands.
2009-04-27 Modem IC trims system size, power consumption
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the DS8500, a single-chip, HART-compliant modem IC that enables the smallest solution size for modulating and demodulating 1.1kHz/2.2kHz FSK signals.
2003-07-18 Holtek rolls caller ID telephone chips
The HT95168 device from Holtek Semiconductor is a high performance and low cost IC that contains FSK/DTMF receiver and real-time clock.
2002-10-15 FX919B and FX929B fade management and "A" version compatibility
This application note supports information with the current FX919B and FX929B data sheets and presents new data that will enable the user to easily understand and implement this 4-level FSK product.
2008-01-23 dPMR processor touts GMSK functionality
CML Microcircuits has launched the CMX7143 digital PMR (dPMR) processor, with 4-Level FSK operation and GMSK functionality.
2000-05-03 Designing 802.11-compliant digital spread spectrum applications
This paper presents a 802.11-compliant transceiver chipset designed for Digital Spread Spectrum communication in the 2.4GHz ISM band. The chipset utilizes a single conversion architecture to optimize the system performance/cost tradeoff and supports multiple modulation schemes, including BPSK, QPSK, FSK and CCK.
2007-04-23 Data slicing techniques for UHF ASK receivers
The data slicer is an integral part of ASK and FSK receivers that operate in the 260MHz to 470MHz short-range UHF band under the rules of FCC Part 15.231. This application note explains the operation of the data slicers found in Maxim's UHF receivers and transceivers.
2004-01-21 Chipset lowers cost bar for wireless
Integration Associates Inc. has applied patented technology to a two-piece transmitter/receiver FSK chipset pitched as the foundation for low-cost, low-power wireless products such as toys, consumer electronics and tire pressure sensor systems.
2002-02-01 BTI pager IC includes DFSK modulator
The BT10381 RF-IF pager receiver IC from BethelTronix Inc. integrates a two-level DFSK demodulator that eliminates the drift problems associated with analog FSK designs.
2010-02-10 Analog voltage-to-frequency converter (continuous type)
This application note describes a PSoC 1 based wide range, continuous-time Voltage to Frequency (V-to-F) converter. This type of converter is used in applications such as FSK modulators, voltage or current regulators and ADCs.
2006-11-21 Wireless transceivers offer wide frequency range
The operating frequency of AMI Semiconductor's AMIS-53050 wireless transceiver can be programmed from 300MHz to 960MHz at data rates up to 128Kbps; its AMIS-52150 operates from 300MHz to 768MHz at data rates up to 16Kbps.
2008-01-30 Wireless ICs simplify radio design, cut costs
Integration Associates has released it EZRadioPRO wireless ICs designed to allow customers to meet upper-end performance characteristics while reducing the design and BOM cost.
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