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2005-09-01 Engineers write up SystemC TLM concepts
Engineers at STMicroelectronics claim that SystemC transaction-level modeling will be the next SoC design methodology.
2003-03-10 CelXpres T8207/T8208 Congestion Control - Cell Loss Priority, Partial Packet Discard, and Forward Explicit Notification
This application note introduces congestion control concepts, namely selective cell discard via cell loss, partial packet discard, and forward explicit congestion notification.
2004-04-02 WLAN equipment boosts 53 percent in 2003
According to Forward Concepts latest report, entitled "WLAN for Enterprise and The Multimedia Home," the shipments of WLAN equipment products increased an impressive 53 percent in 2003 over 2002 to $3.9 billion, worldwide.
2005-09-01 WiMAX wireless: A tale of two markets
WiMAX hype has led to unrealistic expectations, not only in device capabilities, but also in the future of the market.
2002-06-12 Telematics to propel growth in auto electronics market
Forward Concepts has published a new market study that details the North American market opportunities for both equipment and ICs in the area of automotive electronics.
2003-10-29 Satellite radio chipset debuts
Extending CMOS technology to yet another market, Silicon Laboratories Inc. has unveiled a CMOS satellite radio tuner chipset.
2005-02-14 Philips leaps into top 5 DSP vendors in 2004 rankings
Philips Semiconductors turned in a surprise performance in 2004 as the DSP chip market increased by 27.2 percent compared with 2003, to reach a value of $7.8 billion, according to market research company Forward Concepts.
2014-05-26 Mobile device MEMS, sensors on growth path
MEMS and sensors constituted 23.4 per cent of the cell phone and tablet market in 2013. The devices covered include image sensors for biometric recognition, MEMS microphones, and touch controllers.
2006-11-08 Market research group lowers '06 DSP revenue forecast
Market research group Forward Concepts has lowered its forecast for DSP revenues for 2006, citing the severe drop in quarterly prices for DSPs used in mobile phones as the reason.
2007-03-12 DSP takes the mutlicore road
The DSP market is moving towards multicore solutions in order to solve a host of new problems.
2005-05-06 DSP chip shipments down in Q1, says analyst
After growing 27.2 percent in 2004, DSP chip shipments declined in the first quarter of 2005 compared with the fourth quarter of 2004, according to market research organization Forward Concepts.
2006-04-17 Compatible 8bit, 32bit processors on the way
As more of its customers seek performance headroom, Freescale Semiconductor plans to offer compatible versions of its high-end 8bit and 32bit processors, including software development tools, late this year.
2003-05-06 Audio chip market growth could hit $6.8B by 2007
A new study projects audio chip sales will grow 22 percent annually between 2002 and 2007, with growth mostly driven by consumer electronics products.
2010-08-06 Will Intel buy Infineon wireless?
Intel is the most likely buyer for Infineon's wireless business now up for sale, though Broadcom is a better fit and Samsung is clearly interested, says Forward Concepts.
2007-05-14 W-CDMA handsets to drive DSP growth till 2011
Forward Concepts predict that a pickup in the W-CDMA/UMTS handset shipments will drive a 12 percent CAGR in DSP chips till 2011.
2008-06-17 TI, Qualcomm set to dominate MID sector
The market for integrated circuits for inclusion in mobile Internet devices is set to grow from $29 million in 2008 to $2.6 billion in 2012, with Texas Instruments and Qualcomm as leading suppliers of silicon, according to Forward Concepts.
2006-03-01 Rivals jockey for 4G LEAD
Intel and Qualcomm both recently edged forward in the broadband wireless race. The stakes: who gets to define the underpinnings of the 4G wireless networks that will give mobile users multimegabit links
2009-01-12 Report: DSP shipments drop, wireless stays up
A new report from Forward Concepts stated that DSP shipments collapsed at the end of 2008, with sales plunged 33 percent from October to November.
2010-09-15 Hard times ahead for Elop, says analyst
Market watcher Forward Concepts says that Stephen Elop needs to make Nokia more nimble and focused on high-end smart phones, applications processors, its app store and its U.S. business.
2008-03-14 Femtocells market could hit $1.5B market in 2012
The emerging femtocell market represents could reach $1.5 billion in 2012, according to market research group Forward Concepts.
2007-04-26 DSP market to see moderate growth this year
The DSP market is expected to grow 8 percent this year, a moderate gain that will outpace the 3.5 percent growth in the wider chip market, reveals research firm Forward Concepts.
2007-09-13 Analyst: 3G iPhone definitely coming very soon
There is no doubt a 3G version of the Apple iPhone is in the wings and it could be announced as soon as this week, according analyst Will Strauss of Forward Concepts.
2013-04-15 3G/LTE baseband market grew 892% last year
Forward Concepts revealed that from a revenue growth standpoint, GPS chips grew 87 per cent to the $779 million level due to the 100 per cent take-up in the smartphone market in 2012.
2007-06-25 Sony learns from mistakes, vows a comeback
Sony CEO Howard Stringer last week assured shareholders the company is on the comeback trail, and vowed never to repeat the mistake of failing to promote new concepts
2008-04-16 IBM mainframes get CPU, OS makeover
IBM Corp. is exploring hybrid computing concepts and expanding open-source software support for its mainframes as two ways to kick new life into the venerable systems
2006-09-01 Hybrid switch fabric rolls
Enigma Semiconductor Inc. is exploring new concepts in hybrid switching fabrics that combine elements from crossbar and shared-memory switching chips
2015-04-13 Complexity in industrial IoT delays deployment
M2M and remote connectivity are not new concepts, so the real goal may be development of an IIoT ecosystem that address integration/security issues and result in a consensus on networking solutions
2007-06-20 Autosar advances with triumph of Mentor-Volvo project
The success of the Autosar demonstrator project of Mentor Graphics Corp. and Volvo Trucks is driving forward the adoption of the standard in commercial vehicles
2011-07-25 ZTE allots $15.5M to boost innovation
ZTE has started an "Innovation Fund" that hopes to create bold concepts and solutions that will respond to shifting telecommunication technologies
2014-05-30 Exploring the micropipeline
The micropipeline is a powerful yet simple design approach enabling the implementation of extremely efficient asynchronous circuits. Here's a review of its underlying concepts
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