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2008-03-17 Hifn, Freescale join for advanced storage solutions
A collaboration to develop storage solutions that leverage the strengths of Hifn's Applied Services Processors and card-level products with Freescale Semiconductor's embedded processors has been forged between the two companies
2005-07-07 Freescale, Virtio partner to speed up handset development time
Freescale and Virtio disclosed that they have partnered to reduce handset development time by providing handset manufacturers with the ability to develop and test their software without waiting for hardware availability
2008-10-17 Freescale, Nivis develop wireless platform for industrial apps
Freescale Semiconductor and Nivis LLC plans to combine their respective technologies to provide a total wired-to-wireless platform for commercial and industrial sensor mesh networks
2008-08-05 Freescale, Monebo tip ECG-on-a-chip solution
Freescale Semiconductor and Monebo Technologies have forged a partnership to deliver a comprehensive platform for medical equipment using electrocardiogram technology
2008-01-24 Freescale, Microstaq team on superheat control for HVAC
Freescale and Microstaq have partnered to develop of an intelligent refrigerant superheat control system that combines Freescale's MEMS pressure sensing, processing and control technology with Microstaq's MEMS silicon expansion valve
2006-02-08 Freescale, IBM upgrade Power collaboration
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. and IBM Corp. announced early this week (Feb. 6) that they will step up their cooperative efforts behind the Power processor architecture
2008-07-16 Freescale, Arada tie up to hasten 802.11n production
Freescale Semiconductor and Arada Systems have collaborated to create a production-ready reference design to speed up and simplify the development of concurrent 802.11n access point devices
2008-07-17 Freescale, Arada co-develop 802.11n ref design
Freescale and Arada Systems have teamed up to create a production-ready reference design offered to help speed and simplify the development of concurrent 802.11n access point devices
2006-09-28 Freescale, Aimetis partner on intelligent video solution
Freescale and Aimetis have developed an embedded intelligent video solution that combines the capabilities of Aimetis' VE250 video content analysis software with Freescale's MSC8144 Multicore DSP
2012-10-30 Freescale's restructuring strategy: drop DSPs, cut jobs
In hopes of improving the company's revenue and profitability, Freescale has announced plans to cut less than 5 per cent of its headcount while also focusing its resources around five products
2005-03-18 Freescale's Mayer sees single-digit growth
The semiconductor industry can expect at best single-digit growth in the coming years because no industry can "outgrow the GDP," the chief executive of Freescale Semiconductor said Tuesday (March 15) at the Semico Summit here
2008-11-04 Freescale to slash 10% workforce amid losses
Freescale has announced it would cut about 10 percent of its workers after charges dragged the firm to a $3.37-billion loss in Q3
2008-02-08 Freescale to pay $110M for SigmaTel
A definitive agreement has been reached for Freescale Semiconductor to acquire SigmaTel, a provider of analog intensive, mixed-signal ICs for the digital multimedia market
2011-07-05 Freescale SoCs integrate Chips&Media's video tech
Freescale is using Chips&Media's hardware video acceleration technology in its iMX 6 SoC series
2005-07-01 Freescale re-commits itself to embedded systems market
Michel Mayer and his Freescale Semiconductor staff had something of a premature coming-out party here last week
2006-09-22 Freescale partners with Elmos on ASSP development
Freescale Semiconductor and Elmos Semiconductor AG will team to develop application-specific semiconductor products combining Freescale's 16bit MCU architectures with Elmos' CMOS ASSPs
2009-12-08 Freescale overhaul is a 'work in progress
Nothing displays how seriously Freescale Semiconductor Inc. views the challenges facing the company than some of the tough discussions begun behind closed doors some 18 months ago
2009-06-10 Freescale opens new tech center in Mexico
Freescale Semiconductor is on the move in Latin America, expanding its business and technology center in Guadalajara, Mexico with the opening of its new 65,000-square-foot facility in Tlaquepaque
2007-03-22 Freescale opens new design house in India
To expand its presence in India, Freescale Semiconductor inaugurated a new 27,870m? semiconductor design center in Noida
2009-02-03 Freescale mulls options on wireless biz exit
Freescale Semiconductor is mulling other options for exiting the wireless handset IC business after failing to find a buyer for the division, in order to push forward its plans to focus on the automotive and networking equipment markets
2008-09-29 Freescale mulls options for mobile chip biz
In an interview with Financial Times Deutschland, Freescale Semiconductor CEO Rich Beyer disclosed he is considering several options regarding its ailing mobile chip business.
2013-03-04 Freescale mulls foray into server computing
Freescale could use its recently announced Cortex-A50 series processor licence from ARM to extend its digital networking activity into server computing
2008-01-23 Freescale licenses ColdFire online via IPextreme
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its ColdFire licensing program by offering its 32bit V1 ColdFire intellectual property core to the embedded community through IPextreme, a semiconductor technology licensing specialist
2008-03-20 Freescale jumps on ONE-NET bandwagon
Freescale Semiconductors is the newest member of the ONE-NET open-source wireless networking alliance
2008-08-14 Freescale helps reduce gas emissions at Olympics
Freescale Semiconductor is providing MCU technology for ElectroJet Inc.'s fuel injection system, designed to reduce harmful emissions by 65 percent and increase fuel economy by 12 percent in motorcycle applications
2008-06-11 Freescale hands over MRAM biz to EverSpin
Freescale Semiconductor has announced plans to spin off its fledgling MRAM business, taking an approach executives at the chipmaker believe offers the most optimal way to commercialize a technology being positioned as an alternative to DRAM and flash memory products
2008-10-06 Freescale focuses on growth markets, exits mobile chip biz
Freescale Semiconductor, the global leader in embedded processing, announced plans to sharpen the company's focus on growth markets and its key leadership positions
2007-10-29 Freescale expands China presence with new design center
Freescale Semiconductor has expanded its foothold in China with the opening of a new design center in Chengdu
2004-12-07 Freescale completes spin-off from Motorola
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has begun its new era as a fully independent company following Motorola Inc.'s distribution of its remaining equity interest in Freescale in Dec. 2, 2004
2006-01-11 Freescale commits to simplifying 8-bit app development
Freescale is simplifying 8bit MCU product development with the introduction of its CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC(S)08 MCUs v5.0, giving designers and programmers the opportunity to work more efficiently and more economically
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