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2007-09-19 Freescale tips low-power tire pressure monitor
Freescale Semiconductor says it has introduced the industry's first tire pressure monitoring system containing a capacitive pressure sensor for ultralow power consumption and precise sensing.
2008-01-10 Freescale tips 'motherboard-on-chip' for UMPCs
Freescale's MPC5121e device is designed to provide the embedded processing performance and on-chip peripherals and connectivity for ultramobile PC platforms
2008-04-30 Freescale teams with China's Chery on car electronics
Chery Automobile and Freescale Semiconductor will establish a joint automotive lab aimed at co-developing silicon, software and system-level solutions for use in Chery vehicles for China and export markets.
2010-11-10 Freescale targets two-way radio, smart meters
Two baseband IP efforts and IP for making all-CMOS radio transceivers let Freescale produce specialized SoCs for two-way radios, wireless medical monitors, smart meters and handsets
2009-05-13 Freescale taps nanocrystals for embedded flash
Freescale Semiconductor will utilize silicon nanocrystal thin-films for floating gates, in place of polysilicon floating gates, to move embedded flash to advanced processing nodes.
2010-01-14 Freescale taps Mentor test, verification tech
The collaboration enables Freescale's deployment of Mentor's technologies to enhance design flows and methods
2008-02-25 Freescale stays on top of auto IC market
Freescale Semiconductor has maintained its position as the biggest supplier of automotive processors, besting other companies with 100 million Power Architecture MCUs shipped worldwide.
2007-02-12 Freescale solution accelerates 3G design time to market
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled what it touts as the industry's smallest 3G multiband form factor RF subsystem for handset design.
2011-07-05 Freescale SoCs integrate Chips&Media's video tech
Freescale is using Chips&Media's hardware video acceleration technology in its iMX 6 SoC series
2006-09-19 Freescale SoC targets next-gen multifunction printers
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a PowerQUICC III SoC designed for high-speed, next-generation hard copy office equipment.
2005-03-23 Freescale Semiconductor opens test center in Japan
Freescale Semiconductor has opened a test and quality center in Nagoya, Japan to support automotive manufacturers located there.
2004-08-09 Freescale Semi DSP56321 now runs at 275MHz
Freescale Semiconductor has boosted the speed of its DSP56321 to 275MHz.
2004-11-18 Freescale selects VeriCall edge for voice/video over IPs
Freescale Semiconductor has selected Trinity Convergence Inc.'s VeriCall Edge software platform for its voice and video over IP solution based on the i.MX21 multimedia applications processor.
2007-09-27 Freescale rolls RFICs for WiMAX base stations
Freescale has unveiled three new high-power RFICs for WiMAX base stations, pushing its LDMOS and overmolded plastic packaging technology up into the 2.7GHz and 3.5GHz bands
2005-06-01 Freescale rolls out SiP ZigBee solution
Freescale expanded its product offerings for wireless monitoring and control applications by delivering a cost-effective system-in-a-package ZigBee solution
2005-04-26 Freescale RF power transistor cuts operating expenses
Freescale's new RF power transistor is designed to reduce transmitter power consumption and operating costs for digital and analog television broadcast apps
2008-09-12 Freescale revs up airbag tech with DSI chips
Freescale Semiconductor is addressing carmakers' need for enhancing passenger safety while still trimming cost with a next-generation safety bus interface devices designed to bring robust, high-speed communications for the growing number of collision sensors planned to be used in new vehicles.
2005-08-19 Freescale RET project approaches first anniversary
Freescale Semiconductor and Photronics teamed up in the fourth quarter of 2004 to assess the technical and commercial merit of certain specific resolution enhancement technologies.
2007-03-05 Freescale reduces EDA tool flow
Freescale reported significant design efficiency improvements and a sizeable reduction in the number of EDA "tool flows" the company supports in its global development and design activities
2005-10-13 Freescale readies 65nm chip prototyping
One year after its entry into the 90nm chip market, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. is readying its 65nm devices.
2005-07-01 Freescale re-commits itself to embedded systems market
Michel Mayer and his Freescale Semiconductor staff had something of a premature coming-out party here last week.
2012-06-04 Freescale pushes wireless recharge tech
Freescale Semiconductor has crafted three reference designs enabling any tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices to be wirelessly recharged.
2006-08-28 Freescale pulls out 1394-over-coax solution from 1394 association
Freescale Semiconductor is withdrawing its proposed 1394-over-coax solution to the 1394 Trade Association, leaving the field to a competing technology being developed by Pulse-Link.
2006-08-04 Freescale processors with dual e500 CPU scale to 1.5GHz
Freescale said its new MPC8572 PowerQUICC III processors are based on an SoC platform and feature dual e500 CPU cores scaling to 1.5GHz
2005-06-21 Freescale processor mixes low power, high entertainment quality
The new multimedia processors from Freescale promises to deliver a rich and long lasting mobile entertainment experience to consumers
2007-02-26 Freescale processor drives Ford Sync in-car system
Freescale Semiconductor announced that its i.MX31 multimedia applications processor is the engine in the Ford Sync in-car communications and entertainment system.
2009-01-29 Freescale presents 'one-stop-shop' connectivity solution
To help developers successfully meet their design challenges, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a "one-stop-shop" industrial connectivity solution that combines its most highly integrated 32bit ColdFire MCU family with a complimentary offering of the Freescale MQX RTOS.
2008-09-10 Freescale positions LED backlight driver for notebooks, FPDs
Freescale Semiconductor is now sampling the first LED backlight product in its power management IC portfolio.
2008-05-29 Freescale positions i.MX processor for portable multimedia devices
Freescale Semiconductor introduces the i.MX37 multimedia applications processora highly advanced device for portable media player (PMP), mobile Internet and portable GPS navigation (PND) markets.
2007-07-03 Freescale platform simplifies migration to multicore
Freescale has launched its PowerQUICC-based Multicore Communications Platform that boasts power reduction and integration advantages
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