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2006-04-24 Freescale exceeds Q1 estimates
Freescale sales in the Q1 of 2006 were $1.53 billion, compared to $1.48 billion in Q4 2005 and $1.44 billion in Q1 2005
2011-09-01 Freescale enters small-cell base stations market
Utilizing the company's QorIQ Qonverge family of processors, Freescale has started working on new wireless base station SoCs for small cells, specifically, for picocells and femto cells
2009-03-18 Freescale enters debt-swap to cope with downturn
Freescale Semiconductor Inc.'s top executives are hinging the company's survival and ability to prosper through the ongoing recession on a series of actions the IC vendor has taken in recent months, the most important of which is a multibillion-dollar debt swap.
2013-02-01 Freescale enters Cavium's turf with security coprocessors
Freescale's C29x chips are priced between $99 to $200, and have been touted to deliver 50 to 250 per cent more operations per dollar than Cavium's Nitrox 3
2004-10-11 Freescale embraces IMEC multiprocessor approach
In the hope of establishing its own proprietary hardware-software platform for future mobile electronics applications, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has signed up to perform collaborative research with IMEC on reconfigurable multiprocessor systems.
2007-06-26 Freescale eases out of Crolles2 alliance
Freescale announced it would terminate all IC manufacturing activities within the Crolles2 alliance, resulting in the company's complete withdrawal from Crolles research and manufacturing site
2007-03-06 Freescale DSP features on-chip code protection
Freescale has launched a spinoff of its MSC8144 StarCore DSP that has a code-protection mechanism on-chip
2005-10-20 Freescale DSP brings Dolby capabilities to consumer, auto apps
Freescale Semiconductor introduced an advanced cost-effective digital signal processor (DSP) that features Dolby Digital, Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone technology functionality.
2006-09-18 Freescale develops wireless push
Freescale Semiconductor is stepping up its wireless push, armed with innovations in magnetoresistive memory and packaging, and guided by a new general manager, Sandeep Chennakeshu, recruited from Ericsson's handset group.
2005-11-14 Freescale design VP: OpenAccess simplifies chip makers' lives
The promise of OpenAccess is that it will provide EDA users with the best of both worlds, allowing chip makers to employ a hybrid flow of 'best of breed' tools from multiple vendors without huge integration challenges, according to Chekib Akrout, vice president of design technology at Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
2010-10-05 Freescale demonstrates HEG reference platform at Metering Europe
Freescale has just demonstrated a Home Energy Gateway (HEG) reference platform at the Metering Europe conference. The platform is intended for smart grid applications
2006-06-14 Freescale demonstrates CMOS tech with strained SOI substrates
Freescale Semiconductor demonstrated an advanced CMOS technology that utilizes strained silicon-on-insulator substrates that could deliver dramatic performance improvements.
2015-07-27 Freescale delivers top performance prior to NXP merger
Freescale's net sales for the second quarter of 2015 were $1.20 billion, compared to $1.17 billion in the first quarter of 2015 and $1.19 billion in the second quarter of 2014
2005-09-26 Freescale debuts power management ICs
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced two new advanced power management ICs to help designers of telecoms and networking equipment reduce board space and system costs.
2008-08-28 Freescale debuts flexible multicore audio DSPs
Freescale Semiconductor introduces the Symphony multicore DSP56724 and DSP56725 processorsthe latest additions to the Symphony DSP5672x product family.
2008-06-05 Freescale debuts 50V LDMOS power transistors for L-Band
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled the world's first 50V LDMOS RF power transistor for L-Band radar applications.
2006-08-03 Freescale cuts die area, thickness with new chip packaging tech
Freescale's proprietary redistributed chip packaging technique delivers about a 30 percent reduction in packaged-die area and thickness
2004-04-30 Freescale creates semi-custom chip operation
Freescale Semiconductor Inc., the former Motorola Inc. unit, has established a semi-custom operation to provide application- and customer-specific chips for networking, communications and embedded-processing applications.
2006-08-01 Freescale core combines 32bit power, 8bit ease-of-use
Freescale's new ColdFire V1 core promises 32bit performance with the ease-of-use of an 8bit microcontroller at a price point that won't give traditional 8bit designers sticker shock
2011-03-17 Freescale confirms safety of Sendai fab workers
The chipmaker has evacuated its employees from its Sendai fab following the earthquake and confirmed everyone's safety. It is also working to assist impacted personnel and their families.
2004-12-07 Freescale completes spin-off from Motorola
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has begun its new era as a fully independent company following Motorola Inc.'s distribution of its remaining equity interest in Freescale in Dec. 2, 2004.
2006-01-11 Freescale commits to simplifying 8-bit app development
Freescale is simplifying 8bit MCU product development with the introduction of its CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC(S)08 MCUs v5.0, giving designers and programmers the opportunity to work more efficiently and more economically
2011-06-24 Freescale collaborates with three companies
Freescale has signed collaboration deals with Spansion, Wind River, and QNX. The deals include a memory module and advanced software solutions for embedded systems
2008-06-25 Freescale CodeWarrior crosses over to Eclipse
Freescale Semiconductor's CodeWarrior development tools are leveraging Eclipse technology, an open architecture software platform, to ease tool integration for customers and third-party vendors across the company's portfolio.
2008-05-05 Freescale closes acquisition of SigmaTel
Freescale Semiconductor has completed its acquisition of SigmaTel, paying $3 per outstanding share of SigmaTel stock representing approximately $110 million in cash.
2006-08-03 Freescale Class D amp enables HiFi audio
Freescale has unveiled the new Symphony Class D amplifier the promises a high-fidelity system solution
2007-09-14 Freescale chips drive entertainment in Ford cars
Freescale Semiconductor's i.MX31 applications processors provide Ford 2008 cars with a rugged solution to enable features including hands-free phone operation, voice recognition and high-speed data transfers of voice and media.
2006-11-23 Freescale chip drives 'first' use of FlexRay in cars
Freescale Semiconductor's 32-bit FlexRay MCU ushered the 'first' use of FlexRay technology in BMW's X5 sports vehicle.
2008-06-23 Freescale channels embedded
Cited as crucial to Freescale's future are wireless, analog and sensors, along with a new emphasis on the fast-turnaround consumer market in general and the "green," health and network-processing areas
2009-07-27 Freescale CEO stays optimistic despite Q2 loss
Freescale Semiconductor posted a net loss of $484 million on revenue of $824 million for the quarter ended July 3, but CEO Rich Beyer said the firm continues to make solid progress on its ongoing restructuring and goal of returning to sustainable profitability.
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