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2003-08-05 Furukawa, Sumitomo to consolidate wireless ops
Furukawa Electric and Sumitomo Electric have reached a fundamental agreement to consolidate their respective wireless technology operations.
2002-03-20 Furukawa, Mitsui form laser chip joint venture
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has formed a joint venture with Mitsui Chemical named MC Fitel for the production of high power 9.8?m laser chips.
2003-09-16 Furukawa rolls out siloxane-free EM absorbing sheet
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has developed two types of siloxane-free electromagnetic (EM) wave sheets with good absorbing characteristics.
2002-10-07 Furukawa releases smallest high-frequency chip antennas
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has shipped what it claims to be the world's smallest chip antennas for portable devices.
2003-02-06 Furukawa puts up sales company in North America
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has established a sales and marketing company in North America to be named Furukawa America Inc.
2003-07-15 Furukawa laser module features 4W output
Furukawa Electric has developed a semiconductor laser module that integrates a 900nm multimode laser diode in a butterfly-type package.
2004-07-05 Furukawa IPsec Router achieves 2Gbps
Furukawa Electric has delivered what it claims as the world's fastest performing VPN system to date.
2003-01-21 Furukawa fusion splicer eyes FTTH, LAN services
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has developed the S121A optical fiber fusion splicer suitable for use in LAN and FTTH services.
2002-08-09 Furukawa forges integration alliance deal
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has entered into an alliance agreement with Sky Aluminum Co. Ltd, Showa Denko K.K., and Nippon Steel Corp. to study the proposed integration of Sky's aluminum business.
2003-03-06 Furukawa fiber splicer exhibit fastest splicing time
Furukawa Electric has upgraded its FITEL S199 series of optical fiber fusion splicer and is now able to perform splicing in 25s.
2002-04-18 Furukawa establishes copper strip subsidiary in Jiangsu
Furukawa Electric Co. has established a subsidiary in Jiangsu, China that will produce and sell copper strips used in the connectors of IT-related electrical equipment.
2004-12-29 Furukawa Electric, Delphi to form wire harness venture
Furukawa Electric and U.S.-based automotive component supplier Delphi Corp. will establish a joint venture.
2002-09-04 Furukawa Electric builds cable plant in Suzhou
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has constructed a fiber-optic cable production plant in Suzhou, China in cooperation with Jiangsu Etern Group and Huadian Engineering Corp.
2002-09-10 Furukawa DWDM transponder measures 89-by-114.3-by-13.5mm
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has developed a tunable transponder for 10Gbps DWDM transmissions that measures 89-by-114.3-by-13.5mm.
2014-02-05 Fujitsu, Furukawa unleash multi-fiber optical connector
The connector can accommodate different lengths of optical fiber with a spring mechanism that removes the need for a polishing process, nearly halving the cost required to connect optical fibers.
2009-08-21 Fujitsu, Furukawa push optical networks
Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd and Furukawa Electric Co. will jointly develop 40- and 100Gbit/s integrated receivers for optical networks.
2002-10-15 CommScope, Furukawa purchase 10.2M Lucent-held stock
CommScope Inc. and Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd of Japan have purchased 10.2 million shares of CommScope stock held by Lucent Technologies.
2002-03-11 Tianjin Jinhe to yield connectors for automotive air bag systems
China-based Tianjin Jinhe Electric Engineering Co. Ltd will begin manufacturing and distributing steering roll connectors, an electronic component used in automotive air bag systems
2002-05-23 SENKO to distribute FITEL connectors in North America
FITEL Interconnectivity Corp. has selected fiber-optic components maker SENKO Advanced Components Inc. as the North American distributor of the FITEL/Furukawa Electric line of MPO and MT-RJ Connectors, and other related components.
2003-04-21 Furukuwa develops thinnest heatsink
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has announced the development of a sheet-type heatsink, which the company claims to be the world's smallest.
2003-03-21 Cooled DFB-LD module offered in Mini-DIL package
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has developed a 2.5Gbps, cooled DFB-LD module housed in the company's 7.4-by-12.7-by-5mm Mini-DIL package.
2003-07-09 Compact antenna suits low-power wireless systems
Furukawa Electric Co. has developed a compact helical antenna suitable for low-power wireless datacom apps.
2002-10-07 Lucent closes sale deal with Corning
Lucent Technologies has completed the sale of its interests in Lucent Technologies Shanghai Fiber Optic Co. Ltd. and Lucent Technologies Beijing Fiber Optic Cable Co. Ltd, to Corning Inc.
2011-11-18 Energy storage market to reach $61.9B by 2016
The Asian region leads the market growth with a forecasted 9.3 percent CAGR until 2016.
2006-02-16 Japanese trio mulls joint fab plan
Hitachi, Renesas and Toshiba went public with plans for a feasibility study on a joint fab.
2016-03-31 Investigating the impact of etching time on 4H-SiC defects
In this article, we looked into the relationship between the pre-growth hydrogen etching time and defects density on 4H-SiC substrate surfaces.
2009-03-25 Hitachi banks on new CEO for recovery
Seeking new growth strategy in a depressed economy and in the aftermath of previous failed attempts to revitalize its operations, Hitachi Ltd has turned to one of its oldest executives for a new direction.
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