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2015-10-12 What you need to know about sensor fusion
Here is a look at the general concept of sensor fusion, the historical perspective, and two detailed casesinertial sensor fusion and image fusion.
2008-10-08 Using fusion for closed-loop power supply margining
A growing number of embedded systems designers want the ability to dynamically alter the precise value of a power supply's voltage.
2008-10-06 Temperature, voltage, and current calibration in Fusion FPGAs
Actel Fusion mixed-signal FPGAs integrate configurable analog features, including I/Os, prescalers, lowpass filters, and an ADC, enabling customers to perform temperature, voltage, and current measurements in their applications.
2008-11-18 Telescopic nanotubes work on RAM-flash fusion
Researchers believe they can combine the high-speed of RAM with the non-volatility of flash by using telescopic nanotubes.
2015-04-06 Sensor fusion reveals machine status to prevent failure
The Saarland University team's approach involves attaching vibration sensors at numerous positions on large machines to quickly identify the parts that need to be replaced.
2014-06-18 Sensor fusion paves way for next-gen apps
Know the importance of sensor fusion in connected embedded systems and how the ARC EM4 32bit CPU-based sensor IP sub-system allows design of devices with the right performance/power consumption mix.
2014-06-20 SanDisk buys Fusion-io, beefs up flash business
The $1.1 acquisition deal is expected to give SanDisk a PCI-e advantage and strengthen its foothold in the enterprise storage space.
2005-06-30 Renesas expands utilization of Blast Create, Blast Fusion IC
Renesas Technology Corp. has received working silicon on a one-million gate design that was implemented with Magma Design Automation Inc.'s Blast Create and Blast Fusion IC implementation solution.
2008-10-16 Power-Up/Down of Fusion FPGAs
The Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip satisfies the demand from system architects for a device that simplifies design and unleashes their creativity.
2002-07-04 MPI facility to adopt MicroTec's CL200 Fusion Bonder
SUSS MicroTec AG has expanded its collaboration with the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics through the delivery of its CL200 Fusion Bonder to MPI's wafer-bonding research facility.
2004-05-14 LSI Logic SCSI controller uses Fusion-MPT architecture
LSI Logic has announced that it is now shipping full production volumes of its LSI53C1030T Ultra320 SCSI controller.
2004-03-10 LSI controller with Fusion-MPT architecture
LSI Logic Corp. has expanded its family of Fiber Channel controllers with the release of its LSIFC929XL with Fusion-MPT architecture.
2015-05-05 Lattice-Silicon Image union opens door for FPGA, ASSP fusion
Darin Billerbeck, CEO of Lattice, describes the acquisition of Silicon Image as an ideal match between an FPGA company and an ASSP vendor. The merger may have pushed Intel to set its eyes on Altera.
2002-12-11 Kalman filter implemented in the XA eases sensory fusion
This application note describes the use of the Kalman filter for sensory fusion.
2015-03-31 Is the Intel-Altera fusion a good deal?
The deal would help Intel diversify beyond the slumping PC market, expanding its growing business in sectors such as telecom. Like Intel, Altera sells chips at relatively high average prices.
2016-02-02 IP subsystem speeds up data fusion processing in IoT apps
The Synopsys DesignWare Smart Data Fusion IP Subsystem packs the latest ARC EM DSP processors, and is optimised for highly efficient DSP performance and ultra-low energy consumption.
2016-05-22 HP advances 3D printing with Multi Jet Fusion technology
HP revolutionises the 3D printing industry with its Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer, allowing easy printing of quality production parts.
2013-12-27 Fusion-io unveils improved flash caching software
The software update allows enterprises to better use flash to take pressure off their storage array networks using caching algorithms to direct operations from the SAN to the server.
2005-07-26 Fusion tech marks new era in programmable system chips
Actel rolls out the Fusion technology which brings together flash memory, analog peripherals and FPGA fabric in a monolithic programmable system chip.
2008-03-12 Fusion PSCs bring smart system management
Actel has announced an enhanced software-based calibration capability for their mixed-signal Fusion programmable system chips.
2006-12-19 Fusion memory chip revs cellphone operations
Samsung's OneDRAM memory chip promises a five-fold increase in the speed of cellphone and gaming console operations, longer battery life and slimmer handset designs.
2003-01-21 Furukawa fusion splicer eyes FTTH, LAN services
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has developed the S121A optical fiber fusion splicer suitable for use in LAN and FTTH services.
2002-01-09 Flextronics licenses Magma's Blast Fusion
IC design services provider Flextronics Semiconductor has licensed Magma Design Automation Inc.'s Blast Fusion physical design system.
2012-07-09 EUV light source emerges from nuclear fusion lab
Researchers from the University of Washington who have been able to produce a light source with enough power that it can be used to manufacture microchips have established a start up enterprise to bring the solution to market.
2009-03-26 Cold fusion now a reality?
U.S. Navy researchers claim they have experimentally confirmed cold fusion in a presentation at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting.
2015-01-15 Boost device performance with sensor fusion
Sensor fusion is a creative engineering technique that combines sensor data from various system sensors to guarantee more accurate, complete and dependable sensor signals or derived sensory information.
2007-02-05 AMD Fusion processors target notebooks
Notebook computers are the target of the Fusion processors from Advanced Micro Devices that will merge x86 and graphics cores and ship in 2009.
2014-07-02 Voice, face secure data in personal electronic devices
TrulySecure is available to OEM product developers in the form of an SDK that unites Sensory's speaker verification technology with its newly developed, proprietary, face recognition engine.
2004-07-22 VeriSilicon, Magma to provide design libraries
The semiconductor IP products of VeriSilicon Holdings Co. Ltd such as logic, I/O cells and memories are supporting Magma Design Automation Inc.'s IC design products Blast Create, Blast Fusion, Blast Rail, Blast Noise and Blast Power.
2004-04-15 TSMC certifies Magma's capacitance extraction accuracy
Magma Design Automation Inc.'s Blast Fusion's built-in parasitic extraction capability has been validated by TSMC for its 0.13?m process.
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