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2004-12-07 USB-To-GPIB interface adapter can help control up to 14 instruments
Keithley's interface adapter promises to transform any computer with a USB port into a full-function, IEEE 488.2 controller that can control up to 14 programmable GPIB instruments.
2005-01-03 USB-to-GPIB adapter transforms PC into IEEE-488.2 controller
Keithley Instruments now offers a Universal Serial Bus-to-IEEE-488/General Purpose Interface Bus adapter.
2010-06-29 USB-to-GPIB adapter packs 32bit dynamic link libraries
From Keithley Instruments Inc. comes the KUSB-488B USB-to-GPIB interface adapter that features fully command-compatible drive library with the company's traditional GPIB command set.
2007-10-16 The challenges and potential of GPIB
GPIB continues to serve as a reliable I/O interface for a vast number of instruments that are still in use. GPIB also provides a convenient way to manage complex hardware handshaking.
2002-01-21 Racal GPIB switching system handles four switch cards
The 1255A GPIB switching system can install and mix up to four C-sized VXIbus 1260-series switch plug-in, providing switching capabilities for low-level RF/microwave and optical signals in a single system.
2004-08-02 Pendulum counter, analyzer unit uses USB, GPIB
Pendulum Instruments' new CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer unit can measure frequency, time interval and phase.
2013-04-05 One-box test solution boasts GPIB, USB, and RS-232 support
Agilent technologies' E5810B LAN/GPIB/USB gateway comes with an improved GPIB transfer rate of 1.2MB/s, engineers can reduce test time and improve production.
2005-01-18 NI rolls out DAQ, GPIB drivers for Mac OS X
NI announced that engineers and scientists now have more options for DAQ and instrument control on Mac OS X with its new DAQ and GPIB drivers for Mac OS X.
2008-10-15 NI rolls 'first' Mac-compatible GPIB-USB controller
National Instruments has launched what it claims to be the first Mac-compatible general-purpose interface bus (GPIB)-USB controller as well as a low-profile PCIe GPIB controller.
2004-09-24 NI releases first GPIB controller for PCI Express
The new PCIe-GPIB controller from NI enables engineers to take advantage of the latest PC technology to control instruments through PCI Express.
2005-10-17 National Instruments unveils ExpressCard-GPIB controller
National Instruments disclosed that engineers can now use its ExpressCard-GPIB controller which offers direct control of GPIB instruments from laptop computers with an ExpressCard slot.
2006-03-01 GPIB interface controller conforms to MD1 form factor
Adlink announced a new low-profile PCI bus GPIB interface controller that promises a more compact size to conform to the low-profile MD1 form factor.
2003-09-12 Developing wireless GPIB test systems using the GPIB-ENET/100
This application note discusses how to set up and configure a wireless GPIB test system using the GPIB-ENET/100.
2006-02-02 Controller card supports IEEE-488/GPIB in PXI systems
The new PXI-bus IEEE-488/GPIB controller card from Adlink Technology can act as a drop-in component for existing test-and-measurement applications.
2005-05-12 Adlink rolls its first PCI-bus GPIB interface controller card
Adlink Technology Inc. announced its first PCI-bus GPIB interface controller cardthe PCI-3488 for only $299.
2005-05-25 $240 PCI drop-in is GPIB controller
Once installed in a host PC, the PCI-3488 IEEE-488 controller card from Adlink can control up to 14 IEEE-488.2-compatible instruments, with high throughput, as these graphs reflect
2012-03-15 Utilize E5061B ENA network analyzer
Learn about the operations of the custom switch box using the E5061B ENA Series network analyzer.
2002-08-16 Test systems move to the desktop
This technical article introduces a low-cost, efficient desktop test system aimed to replace traditional, expensive automated testing systems.
2003-05-16 Test system simulates and validates ECMs
VI Engineering provided the services for a major automotive supplier that wanted them to specify and develop a test system for simulation and design validation of the company's ECMs.
2002-10-10 T/R switch for IMT-2000 handset applications
This application note describes a handset T/R switch design that enables its antenna to be electronically connected to either the transmitter or receiver.
2002-10-28 SMIQ/ABFS TV - SMIQ/ABFS remote display
This application note describes how the SMIQ/ABFS TV program can be used to show the SMIQ or ABFS display remotely on any Windows PC.
2002-10-28 Rohde & Schwarz device drivers under VEE - installation and troubleshooting
This application provides easy and detailed support for installation and troubleshooting of Rohde & Schwarz device drivers under VEE software using National Instruments or Agilent GPIB boards.
2014-01-23 Rigol M300 combines DMM, gauge head selector switch
The M300 from Rigol Technologies combines a digital multi-meter with a gauge head selector switch. The company says the device addresses the needs of system integrators.
2008-02-29 PXI controllers eye hybrid testing apps
The PXI-3920/3910 devices from Adlink are designed to be the core of a hybrid testing systemable to control bench-top instruments through different interfaces by integrating multiple I/O interfaces.
2002-10-10 Products that provide 200V/m CW or PM at a distance of 1m
This application note discusses the scenario of how products provide 200V/m CW or PM at a distance of 1m.
2006-01-16 Outboard sensors give RF power meters versatility
Anritsu's ML2490A series RF power meters are IEEE-488/GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus) instruments, and can also communicate over RS-232 serial lines.
2005-07-06 NI puts spotlight on instrumentation trends
In a recent seminar held at Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines, National Instruments (NI) discussed the trends in instrument controls and the future of instrumentation connectivity standards including GPIB, VXI and PXI.
2005-09-22 NI plans RoHS-compliant products
National Instruments plans to release environmentally friendly products as part of the NI Hazardous Substances Reduction initiative.
2002-05-10 Multiple source mode: Scorpion standard feature
This application focuses on how to setup multiple source control, as well as how to establish the principles of operation, so that a user can configure the instrument for many other measurement apps.
2004-10-18 Miniature module adapts IEEE-488 test gear for USB
ICS' 488-USB USB-to-GPIB controller module should prove cost-effective and useful in extending the life of test equipment that might otherwise be deemed obsolete.
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