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2005-06-03 Implementing XSD host using a GPIO
This app note describes how to implement the XSD bus host using a single GPIO pin of the microprocessor.
2010-03-30 MPR121 GPIO and LED driver function
The GPIO and LED driver function can be used when not all the 12 input sensing channels are occupied for touch sensing detection, which is made possible by internal multiplexed pin structure.
2011-11-01 Low-pin-count MCUs deliver 50 MIPS
NXP has released low-pin-out package options for its ARM Cortex-M0 LPC1100 MCU family
2005-02-02 GPIO protects against power fault conditions
Dallas unveiled its first dual-channel, programmable GPIO that protects against possible power fault conditions in end apps
2010-09-09 Free software tool fixes MCU pin conflicts
Energy Micro offers a free software tool designed to eliminate the usually time-consuming problem of debugging I/O pin conflicts. "EnergyAware Designer" insures correct pin configuration and automatically generates set-up code and documentation, while supporting the complete EFM32 Gecko low power MCU family
2014-03-20 Configuring MCU with pin multiplexing
Here's an overview of the pin muxing implementation
2008-06-03 Catalyst rolls lower power 8bit GPIO expander
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its line of bus products with the CAT9534, an 8bit GPIO expander for I?C and SMBus-based systems
2012-06-15 Carrierboard offers pin-out type 6 for small form factor apps
Kontron's COM Express Reference Carrier Type 6 carries out all the interfaces that are needed by the company's COM Express computer-on-modules as well as connectivity to various digital displays in parallel.
2008-07-09 Touch controller adds LED, GPIO functions
Atmel Corp. has announced the AT42QT2160, a touch controller IC combining touch key and touch slider functions in a single device.
2014-04-24 Tips for using PDB in motor control apps on Kinetis
Read about the MPC5777M specific PLL and clock divider settings to achieve 300MHz Core 0 / Core 1 and 200MHz Fast Crossbar (FXBAR) / Core 2 operation.
2009-09-01 Advanced development with Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 2.0
This application note describes how to perform advanced development tasks to create applications using an i.MX platform and the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.
2004-12-15 Philips GPIOs extend battery life
Philips introduced a new series of I?C-bus controlled push-pull GPIOs that offer reduced power consumption to extend the battery life of mobile devices.
2002-02-28 Philips expands I?C/SM port expander product line
The company has announced the expansion of its I?C/SM bus port extender product line with the release of the 8-bit PCA9554 and PCA9954A, and the 16-bit PCA9555 GPIO port expanders
2002-08-07 Maxim ships user-configurable GPIOs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX7300 and MAX7301 user-configurable GPIOs to expand the I/O capabilities of microcontrollers and microprocessors.
2008-06-05 Inductorless, dual output LED flash drivers introduced
Leadis Technology Inc. has started sampling the LDS8620 and the LDS8621, a new family of inductorless 200mA, dual-output LED flash/lamp drivers, in low-profile (0.8mm), space-saving 3mm x 3mm TQFN packages.
2005-11-15 I/O expanders control up to six power functions in portables
The AAT4296 and AAT4298 I/O devices from Analogic Tech allow designers to quickly expand general purpose input/output resources in battery-power systems.
2008-09-29 Fairchild's voltage translator is ultrafast
Fairchild Semiconductor is providing designers a voltage translation solution that minimizes the delay in the timing budget of signal path applications.
2011-11-24 RF switch tout 0.4dB insertion loss at 1GHz
The SP4T switch from RFMD features 40dB isolation at 1GHz and is optimized for diversity routing with 1.3V GPIO control voltage compatibility
2009-03-11 MCU family gasconades robust touch sensing
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced the C8051F7xx family of high pin-count MCUs for cost-sensitive, high I/O embedded systems. This family is the first to offer a new, patent-pending touch sensing feature that is robust, accurate, responsive and easy to configure
2005-10-24 MCU delivers 500nA standby mode
Texas Instruments recently disclosed that its newest MSP430F20xx low pin-count, ultra-low power MCU series will deliver a 500nA standby mode utilizing very low-power oscillator technology
2009-11-09 Hi-peed USB-to-SD card ups read/write speed
The chip allows simple control through one GPIO, or an I?C interface for the 2-port option
2014-07-16 element14 rolls out Raspberry Pi B+
Offering a 40-pin extended GPIO, even more sensors, connectors and expansion boards can be added to the board, allowing users to increase the complexity of their Raspberry Pi projects.
2006-05-08 Audio controller adjusts volume, balance with rotary encoder interface
Maxim's new MAX5440 controller features a rotary-encoder interface that directly controls audio volume and balance without using a microcontroller or GPIO
2008-12-16 Using C to interface Texas Instruments' MSP430XXXX MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs
This application note offers designers a set of examples for the read and write functions for the Microchip SPI Serial EEPROM using GPIO pins to simulate the SPI bus
2015-05-14 What to ask during code reviews
There are common issues when reviewing code no matter what the size of the company or how mature the development process. Here are 10 questions that can be asked to help find potential bug-ridden areas.
2013-01-04 Smart embedded MCUs help attain energy efficiency
Read about a new generation of microcontrollers paving the way for the creation of new types of energy efficient products.
2009-09-18 PSoC platform addresses 8-/16-/32bit apps
Cypress introduces new architectures in its PSoC programmable SoC design platform for 8-, 16-, and 32bit apps.
2010-07-05 PSoC 5 dev't platform includes new IDE, design kits
Cypress is offering a new development platform for the PSoC 5 architecture that includes two new design kits and a new version of the PSoC Creator IDE.
2009-04-08 Network platform touts more performance per watt
WIN Enterprises Inc. has introduced the PL-8000, a 1U rackmount networking and network security platform based on the Intel EP80579 integrated processor, a SoC that integrates CPU, North Bridge, South Bridge and optional Intel QuickAssist accelerator technology on a single chip.
2010-07-14 Fanless network appliance packs four GbE ports
From Axiomtek comes the NA-813FL fanless network appliance platform powered by Intel Atom processor N270 with four Gigabit Ethernet ports for the SOHO market segment.
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