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2011-07-05 Siltronic, Imec partner in GaN-on-Si research
Siltronic collaborates with Imec's GaN-on-Si research program to develop next generation LEDs and silicon wafers.
2012-05-29 NXP, A*STAR develop next-gen GaN-ON-Si power devices
The IME and NXP team will collaborate on the development of process technologies for the manufacturing of GaN devices on 200mm wafer.
2011-06-14 LED firms demo first GaN-on-Si HB LED device
Lattice Power and ShineOn jointly demonstrated a high-brightness LED (HB LED) product based on GaN-on-Si technology.
2014-04-03 IP deal to bring GaN-on-Si wafer to mainstream
MACOM announced a license and epitaxial wafer supply deal that will enable IQE to manufacture GaN-on-Silicon epi at 4, 6 and 8in diameters in high volume for RF applications.
2013-09-05 Imec, Veeco team up for GaN-on-Si for power, LED apps
Imec's multi-partner GaN-on-Si R&D programme gathers the industry to jointly develop GaN LED and power devices on 200mm silicon substrates compatible with a 200mm CMOS-compatible infrastructure.
2010-07-20 IMEC's GaN-on-Si team gains new members
Micron Technology, Applied Materials, and Ultratech have joined IMEC's industrial affiliation program on gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology.
2015-12-18 Imec reveals significant headway on 200mm GaN-on-Si tech
During the recent IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2015, Imec presented three novel AlGaN/gallium nitride (GaN) stacks featuring optimised low dispersion buffer designs.
2011-11-23 GaN-on-Si tech touts 114 years MTTF at 230C
Nitronex's process platform features double the power density and 1-2dB higher gain than the previous generation.
2012-02-10 GaN-on-Si tech cuts HB-LED cost by 80%
Plessey acquired CamGaN in order to use its proprietary 6in GaN-on-silicon technology that claims to cut scrap rate and batch time.
2014-03-21 GaN-on-Si mass adoption for LED apps remains unclear
Between the power and LED markets, GaN-on-Si will dominate the former, with GaN devices making up more than seven per cent overall power devices market share by 2020, according to Yole.
2013-12-06 GaN-on-Si LEDs to reach 40% market share by 2020
IHS forecasted that from 2013 to 2020, the penetration of gallium nitride-on-silicon wafers into the LED market will increase at a CAGR of 69 percent.
2014-04-25 GaN-on-Si gathers pace as more players enter the market
The IP landscape in the area of GaN-on-Si is said to be at a stage where mass production could be initiated. Patents held by TDK, Fujitsu, Toyoda Gosei and the University of Nagoya reflect material improvements that address dislocation density and warpage on a GaN-on-Si-based wafer.
2011-03-15 Bridgelux says GaN-on-Si LED capable of 135 lumens
Bridgelux claims product is the first silicon substrate LED capable of commercial-grade output.
2007-05-22 RF transistor suits WiMAX applications
Nitronex Corp. has developed a 28V, 100W GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) for WiMAX applications.
2011-11-18 Nitronex ups capacity with GCS deal
GCS will provide Nitronex with NRF1 discrete and MMIC foundry services as part of a long-term supply agreement.
2014-06-02 LEDs: Big lights come in small packages
Light emitting diodes are used in an increasing number of applications because although they are tiny devices, LEDs are able to emit a large amount of light.
2011-08-15 GaN LEDs set record for highest luminous efficacy
A breakthrough for GaN-on-Si solid-state lighting shows cool white LEDs demonstrating as high as 160Lm/W at a CCT of 4350K and warm white LEDs with 125Lm/W at a CCT of 2940K.
2013-07-23 Epi-wafer market to approach $4B in 2020, says analyst
Lux Research forecasted that as the overall LED lighting becomes an $80 billion industry, the market for the epitaxial wafers will likewise enjoy considerable market growth.
2014-03-28 dotLEDs feature the smallest profile fit for wearables
The dotLEDs from Plessey come in the standard 1005 size, with a 0.2mg weight and 0.2mm profile, and are manufactured with the company's proprietary GaN-on-Si technology.
2013-12-23 Pushing white light efficiency through GaN-on-GaN
A startup company is betting on GaN-on-GaN for high efficiency white LEDs that could usher in a generation of devices using purely white LEDs and not blue LEDs covered with a mixture of phosphors.
2011-11-22 Power IC market sees 72% CAGR until 2015
IGBTs and MOSFETs are forecast to drive the market to grow from $14.2 billion this year to $16.7 billion in 2013.
2013-05-16 IR starts to ship out GaN on silicon devices
The pioneering GaN-based power device technology platform is the result of ten years of research and development by IR based on the company's proprietary GaN-on-silicon epitaxial technology.
2011-05-30 IMEC develops GaN-on-silicon wafers for power devices
IMEC International has successfully produced device quality wafers with GaN/AlGaN layers on 200mm silicon wafers.
2013-09-30 General lighting to power LED growth to $13.9B in 2013
A recent report from Yole predicts that that packaged LEDs will reach a market size of $13.9 billion in 2013 and will be driven mainly by general lighting applications.
2009-06-08 Cree inks transistor supply deal with Korea firm
Cree Inc. has signed a definitive agreement with RFHIC Corp. to supply GaN-on-SiC transistors to the South Korean company's GaN HEMT amplifier product families.
2010-10-21 22 Europe companies join CCSL project to push LEDs
A group of 22 leading European companies and academic institutions have just announced that they are collaborating in the "Consumerizing Solid-State Lighting" (CSSL) project.
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