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2011-09-08 Nvidia dominates tablet apps processor market
Among non-iPad tablet processor manufacturers, Nvidia is leading with 34.4 percent unit volume share in 1Q11, according to a report from Strategy Analytics.
2013-02-28 MEMS mics make noise with 60% growth last year
IHS predicted that MEMS microphones shipments this year will climb by another 30 per cent to 2.66 billion units, to be followed by at least three more years of notable double-digit-rate increases.
2014-03-20 MEMS combo sensor market rides sustained uptrend
Global revenue for combo sensors will reach a projected $608.2 million this year with a boost from six- and nine-axis IMUs, spurred by mobile devices and wearable electronics, according to IHS.
2014-09-05 Latest patent war: Nvidia bitter with Qualcomm, Samsung?
Nvidia is suing the two companies over chips that allegedly copy Nvidia's graphic patents. This comes at a time when the chipmaker is reviving Tegra, the line of MPUs that failed to dent Qualcomm's lead and get into Samsung devices.
2011-10-04 Kindle Fire adds spice to tablet wars
Kindle fire brings a welcome competition to the Apple-dominated tablet market, but it may also challenge opportunities for Taiwan system builders trying to make a mark in the new mobile market.
2012-08-30 Jury gave fair verdict in Apple vs. Samsung case, foreman says
Foreman insists that each jury member had working knowledge of hardware/software functions as well as patent jargon so they were able to deliberate assiduously.
2011-03-07 iPad 2 joins dual-core club
Calling 2011 "the year for dual-core tablets," experts believe the extra horsepower provided by the A5 SoC will help transform tablets from content consumption to content creation systems.
2011-11-03 HP to stick with PC biz
HP's new CEO Meg Whitman announced that the company will not spin off its PC business division.
2011-02-11 HP embarks on mobile journey
No doubt, it will be a tough, uphill climb for HP, which must create a new class of smartphones and tablets under a new corporate structure with a new software platform.
2011-08-16 Google to pay $12.5B for Motorola Mobility
Web search giant Google is set to dominate the mobile handset space with its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility.
2011-01-24 Global tablet sales totaled 17 million units in 2010
Almost 17 million tablet computers were sold in 2010, a figure that could grow to 44.6 million in 2011 and 70.8 million in 2012. Growth contributors include the rise of tablets based on other OS, price and feature competition, and stronger consumer and commercial demand.
2014-12-09 Freescale touts 15W wireless charging
Freescale's WCT1012/WCT1111 transmitter chipsoffered in standard and premium versionsand its WPR1516 receiver chip are geared for mobile devices with bigger batteries.
2011-04-14 CE, mobile MEMS market set to boom in 2011
IHS iSuppli is projecting a 153.4 percent growth for the new CE and mobile MEMS market in 2011, and growth rates of 31 to 62 percent from 2012 to 2014, with 3-axis gyroscopes taking the lead in sales.
2014-11-18 Can Marvell lead China's LTE market with new SoCs?
While Qualcomm remains the dominant player in the global LTE market, Marvell's quiet success with its LTE base band business in China has gotten little notice.
2014-06-04 Broadcom seeks to retire its cellular base band business
The business has taken its toll on Broadcom's margins, making losses and folding under a stiff competition in a market dominated by giants like Qualcomm. Upon divestiture, Broadcom is expected to cut its expenses by $700 million.
2011-02-16 Atmel, Nvidia design kit enables next-gen mobile devices
Nvidia's Tegra 2 ARM-based processor and Atmel's mXT1386 touch-screen chipset will help OEMs fast-track development of Android-based smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile Internet devices.
2014-07-01 ARM, Actions ink license deal for 64bit tablets
After signing a license deal for the 64bit ARM Cortex A50 processors, Actions will be able to deliver an ARM-based 64bit chip for tablet devices.
2012-08-28 Apple, Samsung each score home court win in patent suit
U.S. court ruled in favor of Apple saying it did not infringe on Samsung design and utility patents while South Korea judges say otherwise.
2011-04-21 Apple sues Samsung for iPhone, iPad imitation
Apple has accused Samsung of imitating the look and feel of its iPhones and iPads with its own smartphones and media tablet.
2012-02-20 Apple bites Apple, iPhone picked over fondleslab
In 4Q11, the iPad market slipped to 57 percent, down from 64 percent in Q3, in which iPhone 4S "generated intense competition for Apple purchasers' disposable income."
2012-05-22 Another round of job cuts for HP
The job cuts are said to reduce costs for the company as well as continue HP's restructuring plans and help the company contend with the decreasing demand for computers and services.
2010-10-20 Analyst says iPad boosting tablet PC sales
Worldwide sales of tablet computers will surpass 200 million units in 2014, says Gartner Inc., with at least some of the growth driven by cannibalization of other sectors.
2015-11-03 Tablet market still struggles amid seasonal improvement
IDC revealed that the global tablet market logged lower shipments for the fourth straight quarter with 48.7 million units shipped in 3Q15, which is down 12.6 per cent YoY.
2016-03-31 Imagination focuses on secure, differentiated IP platforms
EE Times China's editors met Imagination Technologies' at their summit in Shanghai to learn about the key technologies the company uses in its products.
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