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2007-08-28 Motorola defends 2nd spot in Gartner's list
According to Gartner figures, Motorola continued its steep decline in Q2, but it managed to defend its second position in the list of top mobile phone makers
2008-04-02 Intel tops Gartner's 2007 chip rankings
Who were the winnersand losersin the top-10 rankings for 2007?
2009-04-15 ST climbs Gartner's chip vendor list
The steep decline in the market in Q4 08, combined with the ongoing economic weakness, signals far worse declines in 2009, according to Gartner Inc.
2007-08-09 HP tops Gartner's 2006 chip consumers list
HP consumed about $14 billion worth of chips or about 5 percent of the total output of the semiconductor industry in 2006, Gartner said.
2009-01-23 Gartner's take on telepresence, predictions for '09
Research firm Gartner Inc. sees an increasing uptake of video telepresence in the next three years amidst the economic conditions. Here are more of the researcher's predictions for 2009.
2007-09-04 Is a DSP core firm next in MIPS' acquisition list
MIPS CEO John Bourgoin hinted in an interview that a DSP core company may be next in its acquisition list
2008-02-06 Samsung leads 2008 $1B capex club
Samsung tops Gartner's list of 12 companies that have earmarked at least $1 billion for capital expenditures in 2008.
2007-09-05 Gartner lists top 10 fabs based on 1H07 sales
In Gartner's latest list of top 10 fabs based on 1H07 sales, China's SMIC has regained third place, bumping off Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing.
2010-05-19 Gartner lists Q1 DRAM winners, losers
Gartner Inc.'s preliminary DRAM market share numbers for Q1 found Samsung, Micron, Powerchip, ProMOS in the winners list, while Hynix, Elpida, Nanya and Winbond in the losers
2008-06-09 Gartner lists technologies to reshape IT landscape
Gartner Inc. has identified social networking technologies, Web mashups, multicore and hybrid processors and cloud computing amongst the 10 most disruptive technologies that will shape the IT landscape over the next five years.
2008-04-09 Slight changes mark IC-equipment ranking
The fab-tool rankings experienced a minor change in 2007, reports Gartner Inc.
2007-07-17 Rise of mixed-signal SoCs hints at changing analog market
Despite such well-reasoned doubts, market statistics show an analog IP market on the rise. The analog and mixed-signal IP market grew 34 percent in 2006, accounting for 16 percent of the overall design IP market, says Gartner.
2007-12-19 Gartner spins different IC rankings
The projected top-10 chip rankings for 2007 released by Gartner Inc. had a different spin compared to rankings by other industry analysts.
2009-09-23 Canon litho dreams hit price roadblock
The end could be near for Canon Inc.'s lithography efforts, as the company is reportedly mulling plans to cease future, high-end scanner development, according to sources.
2008-10-16 AMCC sees potential in Vietnam
Vietnam has endeared itself to investors worldwide. In March this year Applied Micro Circuits Corp established a design center in Ho Chi Minh City. Vu Nguyen, president of AMCC Vietnam and VP of engineering for AMCC, talks about the potential the company sees in Vietnam.
2011-07-15 2Q11 global PC shipments up 2.3%
Market analyst Gartner has seen a 2.3 percent growth in worldwide PC shipments for the second quarter of 2011, but the market is still in a period of adjustment.
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