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2014-08-22 Wearable glass takes on privacy issues
Like GoPro, Pivothead's sport glasses are based on an Ambarella chipset with A-11 ARM processor, while various mods to enhance video capture and transfer run on Atheros chipsets.
2004-02-10 Walter glass fuses measure 4.6(?)-by-16mm
Walter Electronic Co. Ltd has released its BGT/BTP glass tube fuses that are UL, CSA, and PSE approved.
2013-12-02 Vanadium dioxide smart glass boasts novel properties
Researchers from RIKEN developed a novel smart glass that can be activated to block infrared light while remaining transparent to visible light.
2011-07-20 Thinner, portable electronics push demand for slim glass
The growing sales of tablet PCs and mid-to-small size electronic products are driving the demand for thinner glass panels.
2007-05-21 System-on-glass LCDs achieve luminance of 200cd/m?
NEC Electronics America has introduced a 3.5-inch low-temperature polysilicon TFT system-on-glass LCD module with VGA resolution.
2005-05-12 Supply of glass substrates to tighten, says Corning
Corning Display Technologies Taiwan predicts that supply of glass substrates for production of 5G and up panels will tighten for the next few months.
2009-07-03 Solar glass supplier invests in Changzhou Trina PV park
Beijing Hua Mei Dazheng Technology Co. Ltd, has signed an investment agreement to establish a production facility in the Changzhou Trina Photovoltaic Industrial Park.
2015-03-16 Smart glass uses winks for commands
The Korean-made smart glass, K-Glass 2, features a new user interface called the i-Mouse, which can track the user's gaze and connect the device to the Internet through blinking eyes.
2015-06-11 Smart glass taps AR to take on consumer, industrial apps
Emerging technologies like AR comes with a series of challenges and opportunities. Still, as additional use cases develop the possibilities are endless.
2013-04-16 Slow but continuous growth for glass substrate market
Yole Dveloppement's report noted that the demand for glass is growing, and glass has already been adapted for various and unique wafer-processing functionalities and platforms supporting a wide range of end-applications.
2002-10-25 Sharp, SEL integrate processor into system-on-glass device
Sharp Corp. and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. Ltd have integrated an 8-bit Z80 processor onto a glass substrate with an LCD.
2004-07-05 Sharp sets road map for silicon-on-glass
2009-03-03 Sematech, Asahi Glass to improve EUV mask blank yield
Sematech and Asahi Glass Co. (AGC) have entered into a joint development partnership to accelerate mask blank commercialization.
2013-01-15 Scientists forge world's lightest glass nanofibres
University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre has claimed to have created the strongest, lightest weight silica nanofibres which can be used in aircraft, speedboats and helicopters.
2013-01-25 Rolith enlists AGC to dev't anti-reflective glass
The advanced anti-reflective glass being developed by Rolith and AGC is based on the "moth eye" approach found in nature, an array of nanostructures mimicking an insect's eye.
2013-07-08 Researcher adds glass microfluidics into lab-on-a-chip
Glass is seen as an attractive alternative because it is chemically resistant, transparent and can withstand higher fluid pressures than polydimethylsiloxane, which is usually used in lab-on-a-chips.
2010-08-11 Polypropylene delivers glass-like creep resistance
The Thermylene P8 compounded polypropylene resin offers improved creep resistance at room temperature when compared to long glass filled PP.
2014-08-05 Polymer, glass make flexible optical devices
The beauty of this technology is that the chalcogenide glass works with almost any type of polymer, allowing it to be used in many such ways as wearables and portable electronics.
2005-01-21 Photonic adds Panasonic aspherical glass lenses to portfolio
Photonic announced that it has added Panasonic's range of aspherical glass lenses to its portfolio of optoelectronic components.
2016-05-03 Novel technique eases production of glass microlasers
OIST researchers came up with a way to fabricate 'whispering gallery microlasers' that could be used in a range of applications such as optical communications, chemical or biosensing.
2006-04-05 NEG to invest $170M in PDP glass capacity expansion
Nippon Electric Glass announced that it plans to allocate around $170 million in expanding its PDP glass substrates by the middle of this year.
2007-04-13 NEC unrolls 3.5-inch system-on-glass TFT LCD
NEC LCD Technologies announced it has begun sample shipment of a new 3.5-inch-diagonal VGA, system-on-glass TFT LCD module.
2005-10-19 NEC LCD Technologies develops 4.1-inch glass LCD
NEC LCD Technologies announced the development of a 4.1-inch, wide video graphics array (W-VGA), system-on-glass (SOG) liquid crystal display (LCD) module for mobile devices.
2011-05-13 MIT works on high-def, glass-free 3D
MIT Media Lab describes an algorithm for rendering high-definition 3D images utilizing glasses-free technique.
2010-03-16 Light sensors operate behind darkened glass
TAOS has launched a digital ambient light sensor and proximity detection family designed to eliminate the need to use clear glass/plastic in front of the sensor or drill holes/slots into the display.
2005-02-25 LG.Philips, Nippon Electric form glass polishing venture
Flat-panel display maker LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd has set up a joint venture with Japan's Nippon Electric Glass (NEG), a supplier of LCD glass.
2005-03-04 LG.Philips, NEG to build glass substrate joint venture
LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd and Japan-based Nippon Electric Glass Co. Ltd recently patched up an agreement on building a glass substrate joint venture in South Korea.
2006-05-12 LG display tech slices three panels in one glass substrate
LG Electronics said it will begin producing 50-inch plasma display panels this month using a technology that slices three panels from a single glass substrate.
2014-02-12 Korean researchers upgrade Google Glass
Researchers from KAIST leapfrogged Google's Project Glass with a custom chip geared to deliver augmented reality experiences on a heads-up display.
2004-03-12 ITO glass supply on the rise
Supply of mainland China-made raw materials for midrange and low-end LCDs is on a climb, according to the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association.
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