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2008-01-09 Wireless: Ripe for global takeover
The PC era is all but over, replaced by a faster-growing market that places greater emphasis on equipment connectivity; ease of use; and data generation, distribution and processing.
2006-01-13 Using software synthesis for multiprocessor OS and software development
The next great revolution in computer architecture is certain to be multiprocessing, just as it has always beenalways right around the corner.
2004-01-27 TI rolls complete EDGE reference design
Texas Instruments Inc. has corralled into a single reference design all the parts necessary for a complete EDGE-enabled smart phone
2004-03-16 TI reference design eyes EDGE in network
Texas Instruments Inc. has assembled a reference design with all the parts needed to build a mobile phone for EDGE networks with an integrated Bluetooth capability
2005-11-07 Third-gen of Philips' EDGE solution now available
Nexperia Cellular System Solution 5210 GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform incorporates a hardware and software design for multimedia performance
2004-10-18 Seeking security at the network edge
By moving the management of security services to the network edge, many technical and business challenges can be solved
2012-01-05 New 28nm platforms: Transforming Asia from world's factory to global R&D hub
The convergence of several long-term economic, market and technological trends are driving demand for a new class of devices that combine the capacity and customizability of ASICs, flexibility of FPGAs and cost effectiveness of ASSPs.
2004-10-01 MSE wins over edge routers
Here's why a properly architected MSE device offers distinct advantages over traditional edge routing technology
2006-07-19 LG taps Infineon platform for EDGE cellphones
Infineon Technologies announced that LG Electronics has chosen Infineon's MP-E platform for its new EDGE cellphones
2014-03-14 Japan lab at the bleeding edge of shared memory systems
The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology recently selected SGI's large-scale shared memory system, the UV 2000, for installation at its Earth Simulator supercomputer centre.
2006-01-30 Infineon unveils one-chip WCDMA/EDGE solution
Infineon Technologies AG announced sample availability of the SMARTi 3GE dual-mode WCDMA/EDGE RF transceiver
2003-06-12 India software exports hit $9.5 billion
India's software and service exports grew 26 percent over the past year, to $9.50 billion, Nasscom stated in its annual industry survey
2008-02-21 India poised to shake up global tech status quo
India is riding a new wave of globalization and prosperity as IT outsourcing, design and development markets push the country to take on a new role as a technology leader.
2011-08-22 HP dumps WebOS, buys enterprise software firm
In a move that surprised analysts, HP decided it would drop its WebOS devices and announced its acquisition of enterprise software company Autonomy
2003-10-09 European group seeks progress in software R&D
Halfway through an eight-year R&D plan for embedded-software platforms, Europe is struggling to take a controlling role in software development
2007-10-26 ATCA advocates seek to open up software features
Proponents of the ATCA platform are pressing for new initiatives to woo more large telecom OEMs to open standards.
2006-07-17 Asia's next tier eyes global role
By global standards, the only thing truly big about Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co. is its name. Nevertheless, it has big plans. Like dozens of companies across Asia, Huaqi aspires to follow in the footsteps of regional giants like Sony and Samsung to be a household name with cutting-edge technology
2005-06-06 Agere, NComm latest software slashes costing in telecom resets
Agere Systems and NComm Inc. have joint software update offerings that function on Agere's network processor and mapper chips
2005-05-27 Agere Systems supplies W-EDGE solution to Sony Ericsson
Agere Systems disclosed that Sony Ericsson has selected Agere Systems W-EDGE chipset and software for high-speed wireless connectivity in notebook PCs
2006-03-31 Europe, U.S. losing manufacturing edge, says Eurocom Worldwide
Low-cost locations such as China and India are edging past Europe and the United States as technology manufacturing centers, according to an annual IT confidence survey by Eurocom Worldwide.
2006-06-16 Nucleus Plus RTOS supports H.264 standard
Mentor teamed up with Global Edge Software to offer multimedia application developers H.264 technology for the Nucleus PLUS RTOS.
2012-08-27 Vietnam university partners with NI
The deal between RMIT University Vietnam and NI aims to support the university's technology and engineering programs through joint training and educational activities.
2013-02-12 Spreadtrum, Facebook extend distribution deal
The partnership aims to enable users around the world outside of China to access Facebook on Android smartphones designed with Spreadtrum's smartphone chipsets.
2014-03-07 SDN shift drags router, switch sales
Software-defined networking, which aims to ease the work of building and running large networks, has many large buyers retooling for the technology, bringing down router and switch sales
2004-11-25 NEC, NEC Electronics to develop system LSIs for 3G mobile terminals
NEC Corp. and NEC Electronics Corp. have entered into a close collaboration to jointly develop a system LSI for 3G mobile terminals, in line with NEC's strategy to strengthen the competitiveness of its 3G mobile terminal platforms for the global market
2006-01-18 Motorola invests in GPS solution provider
Motorola Inc. announced that Motorola Ventures, the strategic equity investment arm of Motorola made an investment in Global Locate, a privately-held GPS semiconductor, software and services provider
2004-05-14 Local talents propel India's tech industry
As more multinational companies settle their investments in India, the demand for more capable and qualified manpower will also increase.
2002-06-29 IT show sees Asia leading in wireless Internet growth
The new communication paradigm emerging with convergence of Internet power with wireless freedom was the dominant theme at CommunicAsia2002.
2009-07-23 Intel finalizes Wind River acquisition
Intel Corp. has successfully completed its acquisition of Wind River Systems Inc.
2010-05-06 IBM sets up cloud computing lab in Singapore
IBM has established a cloud computing laboratory in Singapore to help businesses, government and research institutions to design, adopt and reap benefits of cloud technologies.
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