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2004-10-05 Gowanda toroidal inductors target power supply apps
Gowanda introduced a new series of leaded thru-hole toroidal inductors designed for use in power apps
2002-04-24 Gowanda SMT inductors handle harsh soldering
Gowanda Electronics' SMRF 1812 series of SMT inductors have been verified by reliability testing to be rugged enough to withstand harsh soldering.
2002-05-31 Gowanda inductor packs more power in less board space
Enabling engineers to design circuitry with higher current-handling capability on reduced board space, Gowanda Electronics' SMP1812 high-efficiency, surface-mount inductor is targeted for dc/dc converter and power supply applications.
2013-05-08 Gowanda claims smallest non-magnetic inductor
Coming in a 4.8x3.4x3.5mm package, Gowanda's SMG1812 was designed specifically for applications that are magnetically sensitive and require non-magnetic components.
2003-03-10 RF inductor line rolls out with shielding
Gowanda Electronics' series of surface-mount inductors, the SMRF 1812S, features shielding to minimize coupling between board components in RF apps.
2005-02-03 RF chokes suit apps that need high voltage handling capability
Gowanda rolled out its new series of RF surface mount chokes designed for use in the lighting industry and other apps where high voltage handling capability is required
2005-06-20 Inductors eye military, GPS apps
Gowanda announces the introduction of the SMRF 1010 series of commercial off-the-shelf surface mount RF inductors which is designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to equivalent Mil Spec products
2010-03-11 Surface-mount inductors deliver 1?H to 100?H
From Gowanda Electronics comes the SMP1210S series of surface-mount inductors, which combines high current, shielding and small size with inductance values from 1?H to 100?H.
2008-06-23 RF inductor fits military list for multiple security apps
Gowanda recently launched an RF inductor series that is now on the military's Qualified Product List. The series is designed for RF military, aerospace and defense applications, which may be used in various applications such as space, satellite, radio, sonar, guidance and GPS
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