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2013-07-09 Graphene layer cools processor hotspots
A layer of graphene can reduce the working temperature in hotspots inside a processor by up to 25 per cent, which can significantly extend the life cycle of electronic devices such as PCs.
2010-04-01 Graphene key to hydrogen storage issues
Stacked sheets of graphene may be a promising material for capturing and storing hydrogen for future fuel-cell systems, according to recent research at NIST and the University of Pennsylvania.
2011-12-05 Graphene ink-jet printing targets flexible electronics
Researchers from the University of Cambridge used the N-methylpyrrolidone as a low-cost way to print thin-film transistors for transparent electronics.
2013-11-06 Graphene holds potential to yield terahertz lasers
Despite its lack of a bandgap, Max Planck researchers were able to demonstrate population inversion in graphene at terahertz frequencies after exciting it with an infrared laser.
2011-08-01 Graphene film process enables thin, transparent speakers
Jyongsik Jang has developed and new way of making controlled graphene films and in the process was able to use the material to create a thin, transparent loudspeaker.
2011-09-21 Graphene enables 2GHz doubler IC
IBM has developed a CMOS-compatible manufacturing process technology that integrates graphene transistors on silicon wafers.
2016-05-03 Graphene e-paper promises brighter display, durability
China develops the world's first graphene electronic paper in a bid to create more pliable and brighter optical displays for e-readers and wearables.
2016-06-23 Graphene e-paper promises brighter display
China develops "the world's first graphene electronic paper" in a bid to create more pliable and brighter optical displays for e-readers and wearables.
2014-09-08 Graphene detector sees invisible THz waves
The detector claims to be as sensitive as, and a million times faster than any existing room temperature detector in the terahertz range as a result of using special properties of graphene.
2013-09-18 Graphene cuts cost of photodetectors
Researchers from MIT said that graphene has promising applications in photodetectors, devices that convert optical signals to electrical signals in integrated optoelectronic computer chips.
2011-11-11 Graphene beats ITO in UV LED current spreading
Researchers from South Korea and U.S. said graphene-based transparent contact to a GaN-based UV LED shows superior transmission in UV.
2012-05-24 Graphene barristor reveals switching capabilities
Samsung researchers reveal a graphene device that they say can switch off the current in graphene without degrading its mobility.
2011-05-31 Graphene arrays to aid in electronic IC fabrication
Purdue University researchers have demonstrated a method for creating single-crystal arrays of graphene that could be used to fabricate commercial electronic devices and ICs.
2014-10-24 Graphene aerogels to boost electrical energy storage
Researchers at Lawrence Livermore found that graphene aerogel-based supercapacitor electrodes boast high surface area, good electrical conductivity, chemical inertness and long-term cycling stability.
2012-04-24 Graphene achieves terahertz frequency
IBM demonstrated terahertz graphene photonics that could be useful in future mid- and far-infrared photonic devices including detectors, modulators and 3D metamaterials.
2011-03-29 Georgia Tech harnesses graphene growth technique
Georgia Tech's research team is harnessing the electron wave effects in graphene to pursue devices that use ballistic conductors and quantum interference.
2014-09-25 GaN micro-rods on graphene make bendy LEDs
Fabricated using metal-organic chemical vapour deposition, the flexible LEDs exhibit intense electroluminescence, with no significant degradation in optical performance even after 1,000 bending cycles.
2014-09-12 Flexible display for electronics uses graphene
The Cambridge Graphene Centre, with its graphene expertise, partnered with Plastic Logic, with its extensive capabilities in transistor and display processing, to develop a graphene-based flexible display.
2013-06-25 Ferroelectric-graphene system packs more components in chips
MIT researchers claim hybrid ferroelectric and graphene technology could eventually lead to computer and data-storage chips that are able to accommodate more components in a given area and are faster and less power-hungry.
2010-02-10 Expert: Graphene will drive post-CMOS era
The winner in the post-CMOS era has not been declared yet, but graphene holds great promise, said James Mexindl, director of the Joseph M. Pettit Microelectronics Research Center.
2013-08-14 CVD, Graphene Batteries ink joint IP dev't deal
The agreement aims to further the development of NanotoMacro binderless lithium battery electrodes and related novel battery designs.
2015-04-02 CVD graphene available on 100mm x 200mm substrates
The high-quality polycrystalline graphene films promise to outperform what the competition can deliver in terms of low defect density and high mobility.
2014-05-06 Crystal structure manipulation changes graphene properties
The manipulation involves twisting or controlling the relative orientation between graphene and one of the 2D materials, creating local strains in graphene and even opening of a band-gap.
2011-01-11 Cornell innovates on graphene metrology
Cornell University researchers have devised an imaging technique that simplifies the metrology of graphene sheets by coloring them to identify their properties.
2015-03-20 Cooler, faster way to grow electronic-grade graphene
Caltech researchers developed a faster method, at room temperature, an innovative technique to produce graphene, paving the way for commercially feasible graphene-based products.
2011-09-29 Controlled evaporation yields high-quality graphene
Scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology have detailed their technique for creating graphene layers on silicon carbide wafers.
2013-02-04 Contrast mechanisms in SEM imaging of graphene
Low voltage FE-SEM is able to not only reveal the surface details of grapheme films, but also differentiate their various thicknesses.
2011-02-21 Carbon-rich sources may yield pristine graphene
Rice researchers claim that depositing carbon-rich sources on copper and nickel substrates can produce graphene in any formsingle-, bi- or multilayer sheets that may prove useful in various applications.
2015-05-20 Boron-infused graphene boosts wearables
By first infusing the polymer with boric acid, Rice University researchers quadrupled the supercapacitor's ability to store an electrical charge while greatly boosting its energy density.
2015-03-06 Black phosphorus is the new graphene
Graphene is considered to be one of the 2D materials that will replace silicon by 2028. A researcher, however, says that black phosphorus may be the next rock star of raw materials for electronics.
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