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2003-01-30 AMIS signs access agreement for Mentor Graphics IP
AMI Semiconductor has licensed Mentor Graphics Corp.'s Inventra IP solutions to provide its customers a wide range of design options.
2008-06-18 AMD, Nvidia take graphics duel to TFlops
Archrivals Nvidia and AMD have announced their competing next-gen graphics processors, both claiming their massive multicore chips can deliver a TFlops for graphics and video.
2007-08-09 AMD unveils workstation graphics accelerators
AMD has announced five new high-performance ATI FireGL workstation graphics accelerators for CAD, DCC and medical imaging professionals.
2008-03-17 AMD unrolls graphics accelerator for financial sector
AMD has announced a graphics accelerator card specifically designed to improve the visual experience for financial traders.
2006-11-16 AMD tailors graphics processor for technical computing apps
The ATI division of Advanced Micro Devices recently rolled out a version of an existing graphics processor tailored for technical computing applications.
2008-05-23 AMD supports Qimonda's GDDR5 graphics standard launch
Qimonda has announced that it has won AMD as launch partner for its new graphics standard GDDR5.
2008-09-15 AMD revs up 3D graphics rendering
Advanced Micro Devices' ATI graphics unit has claimed performance milestones last week for its FirePro 3D graphics accelerators.
2008-08-14 AMD powers Blizzard games with Radeon graphics
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has entered into an agreement with Blizzard Entertainment that will allow the chipmaker to bundle Blizzard's best games across all ATI Radeon graphics products.
2011-06-16 AMD merges x86, graphics cores in new A series
AMD's A series is a family of three 32nm chips that use two to four of the Stars x86 cores and pack an updated graphics core with three to five SIMD units supporting Microsoft DirectX 11 APIs.
2013-04-30 AMD issues graphics card for Ultra-HD gaming
Based on AMD's Graphics Core Next architecture and Eyefinity technology, the Radeon HD 7990 graphics card is ready for the latest DirectX 11 games in extreme resolutions.
2007-09-19 AMD graphics tech powers Freescale i.MX processors
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced it will license 2D and 3D graphics technology to Freescale Semiconductor to incorporate in its i.MX applications processors.
2011-02-02 AMD graphics cards drive dual DVI displays
The AMD FirePro 2270 and ATI FirePro V5800 DVI graphics cards can drive two DVI displays and stretch one application across two screens for an expanded field of view and enhanced productivity.
2012-08-30 AMD extends server graphics processors
Touted as the most powerful server graphics processors, the AMD FireProÿS9000 and S7000 are aimed at compute, virtual desktop infrastructure and workstation graphics deployments in data centers.
2006-11-13 AMD brings next-gen graphics card to Power MAC G5
AMD recently announced the ATI Radeon X1900 G5 Mac Edition, a next-generation graphics card that combines workstation-class creative productivity and cutting-edge 3D game performance.
2008-04-21 AMD 3D graphics card supports DisplayPort
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. says it is advancing application performance with stunning imagery through the introduction of the first commercially available 3D workstation graphics card with DisplayPort support.
2007-02-23 Altera, TES team on FPGA-based PCI graphics controller IP
Altera Corp. and TES Electronic Solutions announced the immediate availability of an FPGA-based high-quality PCI graphics IP core for automotive and industrial display applications.
2002-04-11 ALi, Tridentmicro offers graphics chipset for Pentium 4
Acer Laboratories Inc. is showcasing at the 2002 IIC and EDA&T China trade shows the CyberALLADiN-P4 integrated graphics and core logic chipset that supports the Pentium 4 processor family, enabling OEMs and ODMs Pentium 4-based platforms with high levels of performance but less cost.
2013-12-10 Advancements in dashboard graphics
These advanced graphical dashboards offer the potential for smartphone-like flexibility to customise and personalise the user experience.
2004-04-23 Adobe, Boeing, Intel form 3D graphics forum
Adobe, Boeing and Intel Corp. have joined more than 30 other companies in the formation of the 3D Industry Forum.
2005-03-16 Adding games, graphics on handsets
The passion in Asia for graphic-rich on-the-move gaming is set to stimulate a huge demand for next-generation mobile phones.
2011-11-24 Add graphics without employing dedicated graphics controller
Learn about the ways by which integrated peripherals on MCU along with graphics libraries enable embedded designers to cut costs by driving an LCD display without a graphics controller.
2014-02-26 Action-Imagination collaboration boosts tablet graphics
Actions is leveraging Imagination's PowerVR technology to provide multimedia processing solutions for OWL chipsets, covering an entire range of tablets.
2001-08-31 A simple way to create bitmap images for graphics LCDs
This application note describes a relatively simple way of producing a bitmap image and making it ready for inclusion in a program for graphics LCDs.
2007-11-26 65nm RF design kit rolls from Mentor Graphics, TSMC
A design kit that allows 65nm mixed-signal and RF process technology has been announced by Mentor Graphics and TSMC.
2009-10-06 512-core graphics chip supports real-time ray tracing
Nvidia Corp. previewed its next-generation graphics processor, a three-billion transistor chip codenamed Fermi, packing 512 cores and claiming advances in floating point and memory architecture.
2011-08-15 4Gb NOR flash targets graphics, automotive apps
Spansion has announced what it claims as the industry's first 4Gb NOR flash memory that delivers high-quality and fast read performance for gaming applications.
2002-03-16 3Dlabs pushes programmable graphics
High-end graphics designer 3Dlabs is driving an effort to enable a new class of more-programmable graphics processors with an upgraded version of the OpenGL API.
2007-02-16 3D-graphics core targets mobile devices
Today's mobile and consumer devices feature complex GUIs, and incorporate gaming capabilities. As a result, capability and performance requirements as well as demands for low power consumption and cost continue to increase.
2009-01-30 3D graphics zoom in on HDTVs
STMicroelectronics has disclosed its vision for the development of advanced user interfaces employing advanced 3D graphics for high-definition (HD) TV.
2007-07-23 3D graphics LSI renders more realistic mobile games
Toshiba Corp. took the wraps off the TC35711XBG dedicated 3D graphics LSI that renders 100 megapolygons per second, thus adding previously unseen levels of realism and excitement to mobile phone games.
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