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2010-07-12 RF transistors deliver up to 2kV HBM ESD protection
The new RF transistors form Infineon Technologies comes with ESD protection for reliable, high- sensitivity wireless communications device designs.
2006-01-11 Intersil transceivers deliver 15kV (HBM) ESD protection
Intersil has introduced a new family of single and dual port dual protocol transceivers that is said to feature the industry's highest electrostatic discharge rating in a QFN package.
2015-12-01 HMC, HBM gain wider appeal for computing networking apps
An expert said that while HMC and HBM products are rolling out along with DDR4, it's clear there's room for all three technologies to find market share as standards take time to settle into place.
2010-01-29 ESD protectors deliver 8kV HBM for HB LEDs
California Micro Devices has extended its LuxGuard family of turnkey solutions for ESD protection and thermal management for high-power, high-brightness LED (HB LED) lighting applications.
2003-05-29 The ESD Problem
This application note discusses the properties and sources of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).
2015-07-22 Tearing down Hynix's high bandwidth memory
In this article, we explore the composition of Hynix's high bandwidth memory (HBM), which addresses bandwidth limitations with DDR4 type SDRAM and DDR5.
2015-08-24 SK Hynix invests $1.8M in image sensor start-up
Memory chipmaker SK Hynix invests about $1.8 million and acquires a 9.1 per cent stake in Silicon Valley start-up Stratio Technology to boost its portfolio in the growing image sensor industry.
2015-07-29 How PC slump affects memory chipmakers
Semiconductor sales are in a two-year slump due to weak demand for PCs and smartphones, according to Gartner. The research firm said chip growth will return to 4-5 per cent from 2017-2019.
2014-12-04 End of DDR marks surge of 3D, TSV-based memory
Several DRAM memory architectures based on 3D layer stacking and TSV have evolved to accommodate increasing memory requirements spearheaded by Samsung, Hynix and Micron.
2015-07-28 A closer look inside SK Hynix's 1st high bandwidth memory
SK Hynix's HBM has a 1,024-wide bus. It employs a base logic die as an interface between the four DRAM die stack and an interposer that supports both the HBM modules and the AMD GPU.
2003-06-17 TI transceiver suits industrial apps
The HVD3082E low-power RS-485 transceiver from Texas Instruments features a 16-kV HBM ESD protection levels that are suitable for apps in noisy environments.
2003-05-13 Maxim USB transceivers guard against ESD
Three USB transceivers from Maxim Integrated Products feature 15kV HBM ESD protection on their D+ and D- data lines.
2016-04-12 Dual op amps from ST operate from 2.7V to 36V
The dual TSB572 and single TSB611 BiCMOS op amps support wide supply range and tolerate ESD up to 4kV HBM, aimed at automotive and industrial applications.
2015-06-18 AMD debuts 2.5D high bandwidth memory stack
The Radeon R9 300 series, a high-end graphics card that uses DRAM chip stacks to give more memory bandwidth, is based on AMD's Fiji GPUs and HBM chip stacks from SK Hynix.
2010-09-24 1ch Full-Speed USB UART touts enhanced capabilities
Exar announced the latest addition to heir Full-Speed USB UART series, the XR21B1411, with 15kV HBM ESD protection, up to 12Mbit/s serial data rate, optimized software drivers and support for very large FIFO sizes.
2010-03-31 WLED driver ensures precise brightness control
Maxim Integrated Products is rolling out a high-efficiency WLED driver with an integrated boost converter and five GPIO ports.
2003-05-27 WLAN Signal Studio Software for the ESG-D/DP Series Signal Generators
This application note is a self-guided tutorial that describes the test signals that can be created with the 802.11a WLAN Signal Studio software.
2002-07-16 Wireless Palm Pilot connection for LabVIEW
Learn a portable solution designed for field engineers working and traveling between plants to get various data and information on critical operating conditions.
2010-02-09 White LEDs provide 300K/W thermal resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has developed power surface-mount white LEDs optimized to provide very low thermal resistance down to 300K/W and power dissipation up to 200mW.
2002-09-30 Weisang equips Astro-Med recorder with analysis software
Weisang has equipped Astro-Med's Dash 18 data acquisition recorder with the FlexPro data analysis software and presentation software.
2001-10-04 WattNode scale factors
This application note presents a table of watt-hours per pulse and pulses per kilowatt-hour for all WattNode energy meter models and current transformer sizes (amps).
2009-06-01 Voltage translators achieve 100Mbit/s data rate
Intersil Corp. has launched a new series of voltage logic level translators (VLTs) featuring ESD protection and 100Mbit/s data rates for translating fast data streams.
2007-08-22 Video switch IC rolls for car entertainment systems
Rohm has developed general-purpose video switch ICs for increasingly sophisticated car entertainment systems that demand low current consumption and low voltage operation.
2001-10-04 Using the WattNode with potential transformers
This application note shows the WattNode energy meter connected to measure a three-wire ac circuit using a potential transformer with fuses.
2001-10-03 Using the WattNode with 5A output CTs
This application note explains how to use potential transformers (PTs) and gives an example for measuring a 4.16kV (AC) circuit.
2002-10-05 Using MATLAB for remote control and data capture with R&S spectrum and network analyzers
This application note describes how instruments can be controlled directly from MATLAB scripts and how measurement data can be imported into MATLAB
2010-05-27 USB transceiver offers auto detection, audio fidelity
Fairchild's new USB transceiver and USB accessory detection switch bring functional enhancements without adding design complexity or increasing space and power in mobile designs.
2003-01-27 USB 2.0 analyzer supports USB-OTG
The SBA-30 USB 2.0 analyzer from Catalyst Enterprises Inc. provides advanced bus analyzer capabilities for low, full, and hi-speed USB 2.0 and 1.x, as well for the USB-OTG specification.
2004-07-01 Understanding phase noise and jitter
Key issues in analog designs like phase noise and jitter are becoming critical to digital chips and boards.
2006-02-01 TriQuint unveils 'smallest' high power CDMA antenna switch
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. has introduced the TQP4M3019, a high power antenna switch for CDMA applications.
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