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2007-08-28 Transcoder converts MPEG-2 video to full HD H.264
Fujitsu Ltd has developed a new transcoder LSI chip that can convert full HD (1,920dot x 1,080line) MPEG-2 video data to H.264 data
2007-11-07 Video postprocessor removes halo effect from HD movies
NXP has launched the world's first video postprocessor with proprietary Motion Accurate Picture Processing technology, enabling TV manufacturers to improve HD motion picture on LCD TVs
2007-09-07 Video dock makes iPod movies look good on big HD screens
Meridian's new iPod HD video dock claims to make low-resolution video, originally meant to be viewed on Apple's small iPod display, look good on a large-screen HD display
2009-09-02 Toshiba ventures into HD Radio market
Toshiba's new radio chipset for automotive receivers supports communication with HD Radio decoders
2009-11-05 SoC simplifies full-HD multimedia display design
STMicroelectronics' new SoC claims the highest functionality and comprehensive video-quality features.
2007-11-15 Silicon Hive offers Full HD video signal processor core
Silicon Hive has started licensing the HiveFlex VSP 2500 video signal processor for Full HD video codecs
2010-07-05 PCIe frame grabber delivers full 1080p HD streaming
Adlink Technology has launched the HDV62, a PCIe frame grabber offering uncompressed image acquisition and video streaming in full 1080p HD
2006-09-11 NXP TV reference designs enable hybrid HD LCD TVs
NXP announced two new TV reference designs based on one global silicon platform that enables TV makers to develop hybrid digital and analog LCD TVs with best-in-class picture quality and unique design-in benefits.
2008-03-03 Multiformat HD video decoder rolls for mobile apps
On2 Tech's Hantro 8190 multiformat configurable hardware RTL video decoder supports Adobe Flash video format plus a wide range of popular and emerging formats used for mobile video, Internet video, broadcast video and video-conferencing.
2007-12-19 HD video transcoding IC taps DaVinci tech
TI is offering a new DaVinci technology digital media processor for video transcoding in media gateways, multipoint control units, digital media adaptors, video security DVRs and IP STBs.
2004-02-23 Fairchild video driver suits HD, SD signal filtering
Fairchild Semiconductor's triple video driver is selectable for High Definition or Standard Definition signal filtering.
2004-01-20 Fairchild video driver has HD/SD filtering capability
Fairchild Semiconductor's FMS6418A device is a highly integrated, triple video driver that is selectable for HD or SD signal filtering
2004-09-02 Fairchild IC features HD, PS and SD filters
Fairchild released what is touted to be the only video filter/driver offering the combined functionality of HD, PS and SD filtersall in one chip
2011-01-11 Connected HD , 3D solutions for DTVs, STBs, cams, printers
Zoran demonstrates exciting products and technologies for digital entertainment and digital imaging platforms, as well as HD multimedia processor platforms and silicon tuner and demodulator solutions
2013-03-26 Broadcom extends HD digital cable STB sol'ns
The BCM7583 and BCM7584 devices offer entry-level HD and HD-DVR platforms for cable MSOs with features that facilitate internet video streaming capabilities to multiple video devices simultaneously
2006-08-02 Applications processor brings HD-quality video to mobile apps
Freescale said its new applications processor brings an enhanced level of video, graphics and connectivity to mobile multimedia devices.
2009-05-04 Application processor delivers Full HD in handsets
Renesas Technology has released the SH7370, SH-MobileHD application processor for mobile phones, which delivers Full high-definition (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) video recording and playback support.
2005-12-15 AFE captures HD content in camcorders
Analog Devices launched the flagship device in a family of AFEs for HD image/video processing apps with a low-voltage differential signaling interface that is said to boost signal conversion performance by 30 percent.
2006-08-30 ADI chips power Toshiba HD DVD
Analog Devices announced that Toshiba has chosen several of ADI's signal processing solutions to power the video and audio signal chains in the industry's first hard disk recorder with high-definition DVD.
2008-02-20 Progressive Re-Processing' is HD video processor's claim
Anchor Bay is sampling its ABT2010 advanced video-processing IC, which is designed for format conversion applications in HDTVs, DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray player/recorders, A/V receivers, video conferencing systems and digital signage.
2004-10-04 Toshiba, Microtune develop RF tuner for HD TVs
Toshiba Module Group and Microtune Inc. have cooperated in the development of a production-ready, digital cable-ready TV tuner module.
2012-10-24 HD Oscilloscopes armed with true 12bit ADC
The HDO4000 and HDO6000 high definition oscilloscopes are able to detect 4096 levels of quantisation thanks to a 12bit ADC.
2010-08-31 Full-HD 120Hz TV SoC offers 3DTV, motion compensation
Next-generation 3DTV SoC IC features full-high definition and motion smoothing capabilities
2011-12-08 Transcoders integrate built-in memory
Fujitsu's transcoders offer low power-consumption, come in a compact package and are ideal for mobile devices.
2006-05-19 Tut Systems launches MPEG-4 transcoder
Tut Systems announced that it will exhibit its MPEG-4 Advanced Video Codec High Definition compression at Globalcomm 2006.
2007-07-20 Picture quality analyzer uses Human Vision Model
Tektronix has unveiled the PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer, a new generation picture quality analysis tool that incorporates what Tektronix touts as the most comprehensive Human Vision Model.
2008-07-24 NXP chips sharpen images of Loewe LCD TVs
Loewe has chosen the video postprocessor from NXP, PNX5100, to deliver full-HD picture quality on its latest 37-inch and 40-inch LCD TV line-up
2006-02-03 Is there trouble ahead for the High Definition Disc?
The High-Definition Disc Consumer Advocacy Alliance called for a unified HD videodisc format, and commented on the possible negative effects of a format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray disc
2005-04-28 IC 'drives' signal conditioning at SMPTE data rates
National Semi is sampling an HDTV serial digital cable driver and adaptive cable equalizer that it claims deliver the industry's lowest power and highest ESD protection to the video production equipment market.
2010-07-27 FRC processors tip smooth motion, cut side effects
IDT rolls motion-compensated frame rate conversion processors with new technology to provide smooth motion and full-detail images while minimizing side effects
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