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2013-06-07 TAEC debuts 200W GaN HEMT
The 200W TGI5254-200P operates in the 5.2GHz to 5.4GHz range AND enables increased output power and helps reduce size and weight in solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) for RADAR applications.
2005-10-18 Oki Electric develops GaN-HEMT
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd disclosed the development of Gallium Nitrate High Electron Mobility Transistor (GaN-HEMT), a power transistor with improved amplifying characteristics, at the 208th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society
2002-06-20 MOVPE grown metamorphic HEMT epitaxial wafers
This application note describes the use of metal organic vapor phase epitaxy growth technology for the production of M-HEMT epitaxial wafer.
2008-05-27 Mitsubishi offers Ku band low-noise GaAs HEMT
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed a full-mold package low noise Ku1 band GaAs high electron mobility transistor (HEMT), the MGF4935AM that is highly suitable for low-noise amplifiers in Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) reception systems and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems.
2006-08-08 Mitsubishi announces sale of GaAs HEMT in Ka band
Mitsubishi Electric announced the development of a high gain version of a micro-X package HEMT, suitable for low noise amplifiers in 18-20GHz-band satellite broadcasting reception systems.
2007-11-01 HEMT transistor handles Ku band
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a GaAs HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) MGF4941AL that is mainly intended for use in the Ku band.
2014-02-17 GAn-on-SiC based HEMT pushes power at 150W
Using wafer fabrication processes, the HEMTs provide gain, efficiency, bandwidth and ruggedness over several bandwidth ranges.
2006-06-15 GaN HEMT targets wireless, WiMAX apps
Cree is sampling its new 15W packaged GaN HEMT that is optimized for broadband wireless access and WiMAX applications.
2007-06-11 GaN HEMT targets radar, medical apps
TAEC has released the X-band TGI8596-50 transistor targeted for radar systems and medical applications.
2008-06-24 GaN HEMT devices available for Ku-band, X-band
Toshiba America Electronic Components has added two gallium nitride semiconductor high electron mobility transistors to its power amplifier product family.
2009-06-11 GaN HEMT amplifier claims record efficiency
Cree Inc. claims to have achieved record efficiency for a commercially available 2GHz microwave amplifier.
2004-12-27 Fujitsu develops technology for low-cost production of GaN HEMT
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a technology that enables low-cost production of gallium-nitride (GaN) highelectron mobility transistors (HEMT), a key technology in mobile base station amplifiers for 3G and beyond.
2001-06-15 Bonding, handling and mounting procedures for Millimeterwave p-HEMT MMICs
This application note addresses the proper bonding, handling and mounting procedures for millimeterwave GaAs MMIC amplifiers.
2012-11-01 50V GaN HEMT tech cuts cellular network power use
Cree's transistors that operate at 100W or 200W output powers are now released for both the 1.8- 2.2GHz and 2.5-2.7GHz frequency bands.
2013-06-06 48V HEMT device ready for defence market
Nitronex has developed a line of High-electron-mobility transistors based on a new 48V GaN-on-Silicon process technology. The device supports power levels of 12, 25, 50 and 100 Watts.
2012-06-11 Wideband PAs offer large instantaneous bandwidth
RFMD's new RFHA1006 wideband power amplifier is an input-matched GaN transistor packaged in an air cavity ceramic package with heat sink and power dissipation technologies for thermal stability.
2014-10-31 Thermal analyser scales down LED testing time
ITRI developed the In-Line Compact Thermal Analyser (ICTA) technology that promises to minimise LED thermal testing time by more than 90 per cent, offering a measurement speed of 12,000 LEDs per hour.
2013-06-11 Research combines LED, power transistor in GaN chip
Engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute said the innovation could open the door to a new generation of LED technology that is less expensive to manufacture and significantly more efficient.
2007-12-18 Korea's scientists herald world's fastest nano transistor reports that a group of Korean scientists revealed that they have a prototype of what they claim is the world's fastest nanoscale transistor.
2006-06-16 GaN transistors target cellular, WiMAX bands
RFMD is sampling out a family of gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) high-power transistors for cellular infrastructure and WiMAX base stations.
2007-03-27 GaN HEMTs boost WiMAX power amplification
Cree is shipping sample quantities of three GaN HEMTs that are capable of boosting WiMAX power amplification efficiency by up to 50 percent.
2007-06-27 Fujitsu to bring GaN HEMTs to wireless comms market
Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a new high-reliability technology for GaN HEMT, paving the way for commercialization of high-power GaN HEMTs in the wireless communications market.
2010-10-07 Fujitsu sets record for power amplifiers in millimeter-wave W-band
Fujitsu uses gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors in power amplifier to achieve 1.3W in output
2003-12-12 Fujitsu amplifier with 174W output
Fulfilling W-CDMA system requirements for base stations, the gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) amplifier from Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd offers a power output of 174W at 63V, while featuring a drain efficiency of 40 percent.
2002-07-04 Cree to develop substrates for microwave, power devices
Cree Inc. has received two contracts, worth about $14.4 million, from the Office of Naval Research of the U.S. military.
2014-12-29 CMC expands Spice model standards for SOI
Additional models called BSIM-IMG and HiSIM-SOTB were developed for extremely thin-body SOI CMOS (ETSOI) and will enhance the popular BSIM and HiSIM standards platforms.
2007-05-22 RF transistor suits WiMAX applications
Nitronex Corp. has developed a 28V, 100W GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) for WiMAX applications.
2010-01-15 Power amp provides 25W over 20MHz to 6GHz
From Cree Inc. comes the CMPA0060025F GaN HEMT MMIC power amplifier, which offers 25W output power over an instantaneous bandwidth of 20MHz to 6GHz.
2010-05-26 MMIC power amps extend X-Band frequency range
Cree Inc. has launched five new GaN HEMT MMIC amplifiers that increase the range of frequencies available through X-Band.
2009-06-08 Cree inks transistor supply deal with Korea firm
Cree Inc. has signed a definitive agreement with RFHIC Corp. to supply GaN-on-SiC transistors to the South Korean company's GaN HEMT amplifier product families.
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