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2011-11-30 HP's McKinney discusses WebOS, innovation
When Leo Apotheker announced HP's plan of killing its WebOS business, HP exec Phil McKinney started re-thinking his future and decided to retire from the company he served for nine years.
2002-11-15 HP workstations to integrate NVIDIA graphics solutions
Hewlett Packard Co. has selected the NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL and NVIDIA Quadro4 380 XGL AGP 8X graphics solutions to be implemented on its professional workstation line.
2009-11-18 HP ventures into data centers via 3Com
The combination will transform the networking industry and underscore HP’s next-generation data center strategy.
2005-06-14 HP uses coding theory to make nano chips
Hewlett-Packard Co. claims to have developed a new way to design future nano-electronic circuits using coding theory, an approach currently being used in certain math, cryptography and telecommunications applications.
2006-09-11 HP upgrades chipset for entry-level Itanium servers
HP has updated the chipset for its entry-level Itanium-based servers as it rolls out systems for the long anticipated release of Montecito, Intel's first dual-core version of Itanium.
2007-11-30 HP turns to sun, wind to power facilities
HP has switched to wind power in its Ireland facilities and to solar power in its U.S. facilities to save on power costs and reduce its global carbon footprint.
2013-10-31 HP touts universal memory for next-gen computing
HP CTO Martin Fink talked about the long-term future of computing in his keynote speech at the ARM TechCon.
2008-07-15 HP touts two-in-one server blade for data centers
HP claims the world's first two-in-one server blade, which the company says offers customers with scale-out environments improved data center performance, reduced floor space and lower power usage.
2007-01-18 HP touts FPGA breakthrough
Hewlett-Packard claimed a breakthrough that could lead to the creation of FPGAs up to eight times denser than those currently being produced today.
2008-03-06 HP tops, Acer overtakes Dell in notebook rankings
Thanks to two major acquisitions, Acer surpassed Dell as the number two supplier of notebooks, second to top-ranked HP.
2007-08-09 HP tops Gartner's 2006 chip consumers list
HP consumed about $14 billion worth of chips or about 5 percent of the total output of the semiconductor industry in 2006, Gartner said.
2011-11-03 HP to stick with PC biz
HP's new CEO Meg Whitman announced that the company will not spin off its PC business division.
2005-04-29 HP to speed adoption of SFF drives
Hewlett Packard announced that it is partnering with hard disk drive vendors Fujitsu, Hitachi and Seagate to accelerate adoption of the small form factor hard drive for servers and storage.
2007-07-18 HP to recycle 2 billion pounds by 2010
After meeting its goal to recycle 1 billion pounds of electronics, Hewlett Packard has set a new target of two billion pounds by 2010.
2011-12-12 HP to offer WebOS as open source
HP will be contributing its WebOS to the open source community. The move suggests that the company was not able to find a buyer for its mobile operating system.
2014-05-23 HP to let 16,000 employees go as revenues drop
The layoffs are part of HP's turnaround plan, which CEO Meg Whitman announced in May 2012. The numbers were estimated at 27,000, later boosted to 29,000, then 34,000, and now ballooned to 50,000.
2011-03-17 HP to launch cloud service, load WebOS on PCs
HP will launch a public cloud service featuring an application and services store to serve the needs of consumers and businesses. It will also offer middleware for cloud services and load WebOS on its PCs.
2003-11-05 HP to integrate Packet Design's tool with OpenView
Router analysis tool vendor Packet Design Inc. has landed an important OEM pact when Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) agreed to integrate Packet Design's Route Explorer in the HP OpenView network-management environment.
2006-04-11 HP to integrate Cingular's BroadbandConnect tech in notebooks
Cingular Wireless and Hewlett-Packard announced a marketing agreement that will integrate Cingular's BroadbandConnect into future HP business notebooks.
2011-11-25 HP to develop unified UNIX-x86 platform
The company's project 'Odyssey' aims to advance the future of mission-critical computing with unified server architectures.
2015-09-16 HP to axe up to 30,000 jobs
As part of a plan to save billions in annual costs, Hewlett-Packard is cutting another 25,000 to 30,000 employees. The move comes as the company prepares to split into two separate businesses later this year.
2007-09-13 HP tech enables skin patch for 'smart' drug delivery
Hewlett Packard and Crospon, have entered a licensing agreement for a drug delivery platform that enables painless, controlled release of one or more drugs in a single patch applied to the skin.
2006-07-19 HP team develops data chip the size of a rice grain
HP announced that its researchers have developed a miniature wireless data chip that is about the size of a grain of rice or smaller (2-4mm2) with a built-in antenna.
2004-12-09 HP taps S2io for 10Gb Ethernet
Hewlett-Packard Co. has tapped 10Gb Ethernet developer S2io Inc. to supply its Xframe adaptor for HP's server line.
2008-12-15 HP taps Boston-Power batteries for notebooks
Hewlett-Packard will provide as an option for many of its consumer notebook computers a Li-ion battery that promises a faster charge time and a threefold longer life span than existing batteries.
2010-07-21 HP strengthens focus on mobile systems, thin clients
HP CTO of personal systems discloses road map for mobile computing, flexible displays, WebOS and more.
2004-10-15 HP server platform allows access to SWIFT messaging network
HP's new server platform enables corporations to access the SWIFT financial messaging network while taking advantage of the clustered Microsoft Windows environment.
2004-10-05 HP seeks to expand R&D in Puerto Rico
Hewlett-Packard Co. has signed a memorandum with the government of Puerto Rico to explore expanding its R&D presence on the island, possibly establishing a new branch of HP Labs there.
2010-06-07 HP secures top spot in MEMS market
Hewlett-Packard Co. remains on top of the MEMS sensor market in 2009, leading semiconductor IDM and fabless firms with $877 million in MEMS revenue, according iSuppli Corp.
2008-06-18 HP secures reign in notebook market, others slip
HP maintained its first ranking in the notebook PC market, thanks to its focus on retail and China, while Dell retook the second spot from Acer.
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