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2002-01-17 Telemterics servo motor offers doubled panning/tilting speed
Offering twice the speed and thrice the accuracy of older models, the PT-HP-S2 panning/tilting mechanism is designed specifically for ENG and CCD cameras with digital drive lenses.
2006-08-02 Tech leaders release new spec to simplify IT management
HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and a number of other companies announced that they have published a draft of a new specification that defines a consistent way to express how computer networks, applications, servers and other IT resources are described.
2007-03-20 Tech firms push delivery of Web service over 'white space'
Six technology companies are pushing for the delivery of high-speed Internet service in a new wayover unused TV airwaves, according to a report by The Associated Press.
2005-05-19 Tactile switches meet RoHS directive
NKK Switches has designed its HP series of 6mm tactile switches to meet the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive.
2004-02-27 System design tool offers production release
Mirabilis Design has introduced the first commercial version of VisualSim, its system-level performance-modeling software.
2003-06-23 Synchronicity updates design management suite
The company has announced it has "re-architected" its Developer Suite, which provides engineering project management and design collaboration software.
2014-02-14 Synapse Design opens Taiwan design arm
With the firm's latest Center, Synapse supports long-term existing partners while establishing new relationships with the many successful high-tech companies in Taiwan.
2006-10-17 Sun's StorageTek Ready platform gains more support
Ten industry players joined Sun Microsystems' Sun StorageTek Ready platform to expand storage technology adoption and promote trusted environments for customers.
2007-03-16 Signal-integrity issues plague multigigahertz era
Engineers want a new bag of tricks to manage signal integrity as data rates soar into multigigahertz territory.
2006-07-05 Second-gen UPS supports USB
Hewlett Packard's next generation "G2" family of tower, line-interactive uninterruptible power supplies provide USB support.
2006-02-28 PictSync Group aims to increase CE interoperability
Epson, HP, IDS, Olympus, PortalPlayer and Samsung Electronics, working together as the PictSync Promoters Group, announced that they have jointly developed guidelines to increase interoperability between digital cameras, camera phones and portable media players.
2008-10-31 PC manufacturers recall more Sony batteries
Remember the brouhaha a couple of years ago when Sony took the heat for failing to tell consumers immediately about a problem with its notebook pc batteries? The electronics giant today seems a bit more proactive, announcing it is working with Dell, HP and Toshiba to voluntarily recall another 65,000 batteries.
1999-12-16 Optical sensing for the HBCS-1100
This application note describes the electrical and optical design considerations for using discrete optoelectronic devices, or the HBCS-1100 High Resolution Optical Reflective Sensor. The application areas addressed include non-contact transmittive, or reflective sensor systems. Each of these application areas includes an optical emitter, a transmission path, and a detector to perform the sensing function.
2012-07-20 Open cloud computing test software for ARM servers
ARM server SoC designer Calxeda worked with open software specialist Canonical and HP to create a version of the TryStack for ARM hosted by Core NAP.
2004-01-08 NI TestStand 3.0 integrates with TYX PAWS Atlas TPS
National Instruments has released the TYX PAWS Atlas Test Program Set integration in TestStand 3.0 that is designed for military and aerospace test systems.
2004-03-04 Nassda simulator gets analysis tools
Nassda Corp. has announced a complete nanometer analysis platform with the release of HSIM v5.0.
2015-10-01 Mobile PCs boost PC market in S'pore in 1H15
Gartner reported that PC shipments in Singapore hit 588,300 units in 1H15, a 12 per cent increase over the same period last year, and are expected to total 1.17 million units for the entire year.
2006-07-19 Matsushita acquires Elixent, says report
Elixent has been acquired by Matsushita Electric, one of its two principal backers, and is set to become an R&D center under the Panasonic name.
2013-12-17 Market remains upbeat for professional workstations
Jon Peddie Research stated that despite the decline of PCs amid the popularity and sales gains by tablets and smartphones, the market for workstations and professional applications remains strong.
2001-09-04 Making a specific MetroPro version the default
This application note provides details for specifying a particular MetroPro version as the default on HP Workstations.
1999-12-17 Logic Analyzers
This application note discusses in detail the different logic analyzers and their individual device applications.
2007-02-02 Li-ion battery lasts as long as the notebook
Boston Power's Sonata battery promises to deliver three times the lifetime of current batteries, enabling high-end business users who consume two or three batteries with every notebook computer to have one battery that lasts the life of their notebook.
2002-09-03 Latin American PC shipments slide in Q2 2002
Dataquest Inc. reports that Latin America PC shipments during Q2 of 2002 declined by 8.3 percent from the same period last year.
2002-02-04 Insulation breaks could pave way to nanoscale ICs
Scientists at HP Labs and UCLA have patented a technique to construct ICs from a grid template that could lead to a simple means of constructing circuits on the nanoscale.
2010-09-13 Hurd at Oracle: another ethical issue
"The whole Hurd mess may now rain problems down on both company's users. Ethical issues are like this, in my experience. One small misstep if unchecked can snowball into a big fat mess," says Rick Merritt.
2004-12-02 High-power connector touts safety
Anderson expanded its PowerMod connector line with a new high-power version that features touch-safe female housings, integral positive latches and cable strain relief.
2007-02-14 HDMI adoption in PCs increases
HDMI Licensing LLC announced Monday that more than 50 PC products are currently using the HDMI interface, including nearly two dozen desktop and notebook PCs.
2006-04-11 Fiorina to join TSMC board
Carly Fiorina, former chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, has agreed to serve on the board of directors of leading foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd.
2004-02-19 EDAC road map to track supplier OS support
The EDA Consortium is publishing a road map on its Web site this week that recommends timelines by when vendors are to support various OSs.
1999-12-29 Designing with the HDSP-211X Smart Display Family
This application note discusses the design and application guide for users of the HDSP-211X. The information presented covers interfacing techniques of the HDSP-211X to either a Motorola 6808 or an Intel 8085 microprocessor.
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