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2006-08-22 Next-gen HVICs drive currents up to 2.5A
International Rectifier has introduced a series of next-generation 500V and 600V HVICs capable of driving currents up to 2.5A.
2004-06-11 IR launches HVICs for industrial motor drive control
International Rectifier introduced its 1,200V-rated IR2214 and IR22141 high voltage integrated circuits for industrial motor drive control.
2007-01-18 HVICs enable simple circuit designs
Compared to optocouplers, the IR's new family of 600V high-side single-channel driver ICs provide lower input current of 40?A and an output signal of 0 to 15V to reduce part count and simplify circuit design.
2007-12-17 HVICs deliver improved performance
The latest high-voltage IC technologies are helping engineers address these demands by streamlining the design of the inverter-based variable speed motor drive solutions that are increasingly used in these applications.
2007-06-13 Buffer interface with negative gate bias for desat protected HVICs
In this application note, a buffer circuit with negative gate drive capability for the gate driver families IR2x14 SSPBF and IR2x38 QPBF are presented.
2009-01-26 IRS2011 and IR2011 comparison
The IRS2011 is a new HVIC product that replaces the IR2011 and is pin-to-pin compatible with its predecessor. This application note describes the various differences between the IRS2011 and the IR2011 HVICs.
2005-07-21 Powerex' IGBT drivers float new high-voltage solution
Powerex' new HVICs, utilizing the company's BiCMOS junction isolation design, provide level-shifting and floating logic circuits at both 600V and 1,200V.
2013-07-15 Smart power module offers thermal sensing, stable EMI
Fairchild SPM 5 smart power module series 3-phase MOSFET inverter solution aims to provide designers with an AC induction motor and Brushless DC motor inverter solution for motors up to 200W.
2007-09-11 Power module replaces 22 discrete devices
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced ten highly efficient, integrated Motion-SPM power modules with up to the 3kW power range, capacble of replacing as many as 22 discrete components.
2010-09-16 New HVIC choices offer improved noise immunity and performance
Fairchild Semiconductor delivers high-voltage gate driver solutions which offer improved noise immunity and increased performance, while being pin-compatible to solutions currently available.
2006-01-17 Motion-SPM devices reduce board size
Fairchild's two new Motion-SPM devices for under 200W inverter motors reduce board space and simplify designs while enhancing system performance and reliability in refrigerator applications.
2010-05-04 LED driver with PWM eases dimming control
Clare Inc. has launched the CPC9909 high-voltage HB LED driver that can drive hundreds of HB LEDs in-series and/or parallel combinations in a constant peak-current control topology.
2009-12-10 IXYS buys Zilog for $62.4M
Power IC provider IXYS Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zilog Inc., a supplier of application specific, embedded microcontrollers.
2007-05-02 Integrated power modules enhance PDP performance
Fairchild Semiconductor claims its PDP-SPM power modules can simplify designs and improve system performance of plasma display panels.
2005-06-01 How to drive switching devices without losing speed
This article describes a high-voltage process for the high-side gate driver IC and the conventional high-side driver topology, and also addresses the driver IC problems
2005-08-15 How power modules address unique appliance requirements
Thanks to the improved performance and efficiency they provide, the demand for inverterized drives and brushless DC (BLDC) motors continues to grow.
2005-06-17 High voltage IGBT control ICs with 30 percent fewer components
International Rectifier unveiled a series of high voltage IGBT control ICs with a sophisticated set of protection functions, consisting of 1,200V and 600V gate driver ICs and current sense interface ICs.
2006-06-02 Fairchild unveils 50A/75A Motion-SPM devices
Fairchild adds 50A- and 75A-rated Motion-SPM devices to its Smart Power Module portfolio.
2004-02-25 Fairchild power device saves board space
Fairchild Semiconductor has announced that Daikin Ind. Ltd has selected its 600Vac, 10A Mini-SPM to power Daikin's 3-phase air conditioner inverter systems.
2005-12-19 Fairchild Motion-SPM in Fujitsu General's air conditioners
Fairchild Semiconductor announced that Fujitsu General selected Fairchild's FSBB20CH60 Motion-SPM for its energy-saving air conditioners.
2009-01-26 Fairchild earns design wins from China centers
Fairchild Semiconductor Inc. has announced that its Global Power Resource Centers (GPRC) have earned design wins and solution developments from its Greater China centers.
2006-03-24 Design platform enables 95% efficiency in air conditioning apps
International Rectifier introduced a motor control platform for air conditioning applications that is said to enable 95 percent efficiency.
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