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2007-01-05 Switch IC simplifies Hall-effect sensor system
Allegro MicroSystems has released a dual-channel switch interface IC designed to simplify the implementation of a two-wire Hall-effect sensor system.
2015-03-12 Suppress jitter in Hall-effect sensor design
Find out how the signal path design influences the jitter performance of the output signal, and know the diverse design approaches taken to solve this problem.
2014-05-22 Sinusoidal control of BLDCM with hall sensors
Here's a design that takes the advantages of KE04Z peripherals for motor control. It is a 3-phase BLDC motor drive with Hall sensor based on sinusoidal waveform and Freescale's FRDM-KE04Z.
2006-08-22 Sensor improves SNR, reduces signal badwidth
IXYS said its new sensor is a complete sampled data subsystem that includes a unique adjustable digital filter that improves signal to noise performance while also reducing signal bandwidth
2011-06-09 Position sensor IC offers accuracy, flexibility
austrianmicrosystems introduces the AS5410 linear position sensor that senses absolute position in automotive and industrial applications and provides high resolution position information
2005-10-20 Motor driver IC with Hall sensor
Allegro MicroSystems' A1441 is the company's first full-bridge brushless DC motor driver IC that includes a Hall commutation element
2003-04-22 Micronas sensor technology adopted by Hamlin
Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG has been selected by Hamlin as its preferred supplier of Hall sensors
2006-05-29 Micronas introduces low-cost Hall sensors
Micronas introduced the new Hall sensor family HAL 2xy, which are designed for contactless detection of positions and speed in automotive, industrial and consumer applications.
2002-09-27 Micronas hall sensor linearizes data
Micronas GmbH has announced the availability of what it claims to be the world's first programmable hall sensor that is able to linearize magnetic fields measured by the sensor element.
2003-02-21 Micronas Hall effect switch eye automotive apps
The company's HAL 1500 programmable Hall effect switch is aimed at automotive apps requiring position sensing such as sunroofs, windows, and seat positions
2015-03-19 Magnetic position sensor targets motor, motion control apps
The AS5047P from Ams claims to produce outstanding angle measurement accuracy even at very high rotation speeds, as well as offer higher-resolution incremental outputs.
2009-04-17 Linear sensor eyes position-sensing apps
The new A1354 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a programmable two-wire Hall-effect linear sensor that provides a pulse width modulated (PWM) output with a duty cycle proportional to an applied magnetic field. This new device is targeted at position-sensing applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.
2003-05-14 Infineon Hall sensors eye automotive apps
The company has introduced a new family of Hall sensor ICs that features high-precision unipolar or bipolar magnetic switching behavior.
2016-04-07 High-accuracy, current sensor supports high voltage isolation
The ACS724KMA and ACS725KMA from Allegro are geared for industrial, commercial and communication systems that require very high voltage isolation, but not for automotive applications.
2010-07-14 Hall-effect sensor features advanced offset cancellation
Melexis' MLX92211 integrates a voltage regulator, Hall sensor with advanced offset cancellation system and an open-drain output driver in a 3-pin TSOT package for SMD-mounting.
2008-03-11 Hall-effect sensor eyes automotive, industrial apps
Allegro's new high-precision, programmable linear Hall-effect sensor with a 125Hz PWM output is targeted at current- and position-sensing applications in the automotive and industrial markets.
2013-04-16 Hall switch enhances detection circuit design flexibility
Diodes' miniature AH1898 Hall Effect switch been optimised for use over a 1.6V to 3.6V low-voltage supply range and employs a hibernating clocking system to minimise power consumption
2010-02-24 Hall sensors detect position, motion direction, fluid level
From Micronas come three new value-optimized variants of the HAL 182x family boasting EMC performance and overvoltage protection that make them suited for automotive applications.
2013-08-26 Hall effect sensor switches optimised for 1.6V to 3.6V range
Optimised for a supply voltage range from 1.6V to 3.6V and using a hibernating clocking system to minimise power consumption, the switches' average supply current is typically 4.3?A at 1.8V.
2002-10-11 Electronic Balance Sensor
This application note talks about the application of the SS94A1 linear Hall Effect Sensors to determine weight and balance
2010-12-16 Contactless sensing hall-sensor IC detects up to 2mm displacement
austriamicrosystems' AS5013 Hall-sensor IC utilized in the EasyPoint module consists of a mechanical stack with a navigation knob, a magnet and encoder IC. Simple construction and contactless sensing technology give the module high reliability, particularly designed for any kind of 360 degrees navigation input device. The IC includes five integrated Hall sensing elements for detecting up to ±2 mm lateral displacement, a high-resolution ADC, XY coordinate and motion detection engine.
2007-01-02 Asahi Kasei begins operation of Hall sensor fab
Asahi Kasei Electronics (AKE) has begun operating a new gallium arsenide semiconductor wafer fab.
2002-05-16 Allegro sensor packages eliminate air voids
The SE, SG, and SH Hall-effect sensor packages from Allegro MicroSystems Inc. integrate a magnet and a Hall-effect IC overmolded in a single step, eliminating the presence of air voids that can problematic during potting or overmolding.
2002-07-23 Allegro gear-tooth speed sensor integrates Hall IC, magnet
The ATS665 gear-tooth speed sensor from Allegro MicroSystems Inc. integrates a Hall IC and samarium cobalt magnet configured in a single over-molded SG package.
2009-06-01 3D hall sensor operates at higher temp range
Micronas has developed a 3D hall sensor implemented as a monolithic component, allowing for higher operational temperature range than competing products.
2013-06-12 3D Hall sensor offers precision position measurement
A new generation of Hall sensors is making the process of measuring the position of machine parts and products even more precise and free of interference
2009-06-12 0.18?m foundry solution targets Hall sensors
X-FAB Silicon Foundries has introduced the what it claims to be the first foundry process for the production of integrated Hall sensor ICs in 0.18?m; technology.
2010-10-14 'Smallest' linear Hall sensor IC boasts I²C interface
austriamicrosystems' AS5510 dubbed the smallest linear Hall sensor IC
2013-04-30 TLE496x Hall Sensors boast 1.6mA current consumption
Based on a new 35?m process technology, the TLE496x not only provide an extremely low current consumption of less than 1.6mA, they can also withstand a high operating voltage up to 32V.
2014-05-20 TI beefs up sensing solution with Hall-effect sensors
The DRV5000 series includes digital latch, digital switch, and analogue bipolar output options. It has reverse supply protection up -22V, and is able to withstand transient voltages up to 40V.
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