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2006-02-14 UART/PCI controller tackles high density serial connectivity
Combining eight high performance UARTs and a PCI compliant host interface in a single chip, Oxford Semiconductor's new communications controller provides designers with the means to dramatically simplify multi-port serial to PCI bus design.
2006-04-12 Tact switch features two LED's in any color combination
Knitter-Switch's TSSL 3W illuminated tact switch is ideal for use in applications where tactile response, small size and LED illumination is required.
2006-03-28 Schurter filtered DC power entry module meets tough demands for EMC
Schurter announces the 5003 series filtered power entry module for DC applications.
2006-01-25 SAW filters target digital satellite radio
Epcos has developed a series of SAW filters designed for digital satellite radio systems and receivers for home, vehicle and portable use.
2006-02-23 Rogers offer soft seal foams for dust sealing solutions
Rogers Corp. introduced its PORON Soft Seal foam, a new formulation of microcellular urethane specifically designed for dust sealing and gap filling within sensitive electronic enclosures.
2006-03-24 RIA terminal blocks self-adjust for different wire gauges
RIA has added SpringCon terminal blocks to its range of screw terminal PCB connections.
2006-02-08 PC104/MVB bus interface facilitates railway communication
Eurotech released a new PC/104 Add-on module, which is an MVB interface board specifically developed to be used as a gateway between a PC104 system and the MVB bus.
2006-01-20 NEC 32bit MCUs feature embedded flash memory
NEC Electronics has unveiled 23 additions to its V850 series of high performance, 32-bit general purpose microcontrollers.
2006-04-11 Machine vision cameras come with GbE and FireWire-b
Basler introduces two new camera familiesBasler Scout and Basler Pioneer.
2006-01-09 Low profile SMT jumpers support high-volume placement
The new RoHS-compliant ultra-low profile jumpers from Components Corp. are designed to safely and reliably interconnect traces on densely populated PC boards.
2006-04-21 Industrial PC comes with scalable ETXexpress/COM Express
With the box PC V-Box-Express, Kontron expands its range of industrial PCs, designed especially for rugged use in close proximity to machinery.
2006-02-14 High power white LED reaches 150 lumens
Plus Opto's new high power LED can achieve 150 lumens at 350mA drive current and is constructed in a robust 8-pin package with integral heatsink for efficient thermal management.
2006-05-31 Fischer offers positioning pins for SMD male, female headers
For better fastening of SMD headers onto PCBs, Fischer Elektronik now offers designs with positioning pins for double-row male headers (SL LP 6 SMD) and female headers (BL 16 SMD).
2006-03-21 FCI offers card edge connectors for thicker PCI Express boards
FCI has developed press-fit, vertical PCI Express card edge connectors to extend the use of high-speed, serial PCI Express architecture to the thicker system boards found in server applications.
2006-01-18 DC/DC converter targets PoE apps
C&D Technologies has launched a DC/DC converter that significantly simplifies the design and implementation of Power over Ethernet apps.
2006-01-17 Crydom solid-state relay is RoHS compliant
The LC series of compact SIL type PCB mounting relays from Crydom is ROHS compliant and suitable for switching AC loads up to 2A at 300C, at supply voltages up to 280Vrms.
2006-04-28 Connectors enable greater density of sensors
Woodhead Industries introduced the BradConnectivity Penta Change M5 connector family.
2006-02-16 CompactFlash card reader with special contact protection
Yamaichi introduced a CompactFlash card reader equipped with a special "pin protection" system, which ensures that only CompactFlash cards can be inserted in the correct orientation into the reader.
2006-04-27 Cinch unveils flex circuit interconnect solutions
Cinch Connectors has unveiled a solderless, board-to-board, interconnection solution that blends the Cinch iQ connector with a flex circuit and compression system.
2006-05-02 Charge pump provides innovative protection
Semtech Corp. announced the SC618, a constant-current charge pump for white LEDs that offers protection features for flash applications in cellphones, PDAs and digital cameras.
2006-03-03 Aeroflex adds handset trace capability to laboratory test system
Aeroflex has launched a handset trace capability for its successful SystemAT laboratory-based test system.
2009-09-18 ZIF connector combines plug security, variability
Yamaichi Electronics has expanded its boar-to-cable connection portfolio with a flip type ZIF connector for FFC/FPC.
2005-11-24 Yokogawa portable data logger supports Internet Protocol v6
The Datum-y XL100 portable data logger from Yokogawa is touted to be the world's first measuring instrument to support the IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) logo.
2005-07-07 Yokogawa introduces bit-error-rate testers for 10Gb networks
Yokogawa has introduced two compact, easy-to-use and economical instruments for 10Gbps bit-error-rate testing.
2009-06-15 Wi-Fi, LAN modules offer increased design flexibility
Connect One has unveiled the Nano Socket family of embedded LAN and Wi-Fi modules based on its CO2144 Internet controller and targets machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions.
2007-07-24 White LED package achieves ultralow profile of 1.5mm
Designated the OVS5WBCR4 Series, the 0.5W surface mount white LED package from TT Electronics Optek Technology, features an ultra-low profile of just 1.5mm.
2005-08-17 Welwyn precision voltage divider offers stability, accuracy
TT Electronics Welwyn Components has developed a military voltage divider that provides two matched resistors with precision absolute and ratio tolerances on a single chip.
2005-05-06 Water-proof detector switches withstand severe conditions
With the SPVQ4 series, Alps Electric offers water-proof, high-contact-reliability detector switches that have a long stroke and can withstand severe conditions.
2005-06-03 W.L.Gore offers digital cable assemblies for high-speed backpanels
W.L. Gore and FCI announced that they have combined their technologies to offer the next generation of high data rate digital interconnect solutions
2007-08-03 Voltage translator has independent-direction controls
Fairchild's FXL4TD245 is said to be the industry�s first 4bit, low-voltage dual-supply voltage translator with independent-direction controls.
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