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1999-09-09 Ultra thin 3V lithium battery solutions for smart cards
This paper discusses the ultra thin lithium high-energy battery system for ISO SCs. The electrodes are made of a combination of different materials in order to achieve best results in various applications.
2009-10-06 High-energy Li-ion battery module touts 58Ah at 25.2V
Panasonic Corp. has developed a 1.5kWh battery module that provides energy storage solutions for a wide range of environmentally friendly energy technologies
2004-01-20 High Energy NiMH batteries offer 1.2V nominal voltage
The HE-AAH-2000 sealed NiMH rechargeable batteries from High Energy Battery Co. Ltd have a nominal voltage of 1.2V and internal impedance of <25 milliohms.
2004-01-09 High Energy battery has 220mAh nominal capacity
High Energy Battery Co. Ltd has released the H601730 series of rechargeable Li-ion polymer batteries that features nominal capacity of 220mAh.
2003-03-14 HEB Li-ion battery fits Bluetooth headsets
Designed for use in 3G mobile phone peripherals, the company's H552030 Li-ion rechargeable battery measures 20-by-30-by-5.5mm
2014-05-14 Wearable supercapacitor chalks up high energy density
The device packs a network of graphene and carbon nanotubes, storing energy comparable to thin-film lithium batteries. It has volumetric energy density of 6.3microwatt-hours per cubic millimetre
2004-02-11 Sunbright battery offers high energy density
Ningbo Sunbright Battery has released its P206/100 6V sealed lead-acid battery that features low self discharge and high energy density.
2009-11-25 Silicon-air battery touts unlimited shelf life
Created from oxygen and silicon, the batteries are lightweight, have unlimited shelf life and high tolerance for extreme conditions
2011-05-03 Report: Solar industry to increase energy system by 2016
A report conducted by NanoMarkets shows the market for energy storage in the solar power industry by $953 million in 2016, rising to $1.5 billion in 2018
2002-11-06 Radioactive isotopes fuel microscopic battery
Using radioactive isotopes as fuel, a tiny battery developed at Cornell University, could turn out to be an ideal power source for remote sensors or other small-scale systems
2003-11-05 Ningbo Sunbright SLA battery offers high energy density
The P204/100 maintenance-free sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery from Ningbo Sunbright Battery Co. Ltd features high energy density, and sealed configuration. With low self discharge, the battery is offered in a flame retardant container; has a 4V nominal voltage and 10Ah nominal capacity at a 20h rate.
2003-07-17 Ningbo SLA battery features sealed configuration
The P212 and P170 sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries from Ningbo Sunbright Battery Co. Ltd are 12V, 17Ah devices that feature sealed configurations
2005-08-09 NEC develops high-power battery using organic compounds
NEC Corp. of Japan has announced it is developing a high-power organic radical battery to protect IT equipment such as desktop PCs from losing data during power supply interruptions
2011-08-17 MCUs for medical devices tout longer battery life
Renesas' Continua demonstration platform is based on the company's Electronics V850 energy-efficient MCU with certified Continua Blood Glucose agent software
2011-07-04 Maxwell receives funding for energy storage R&D
Maxwell's collaborative research and development in energy storage technology is going to receive $500,000 funding from the U.S. government
2008-08-04 Matsushita to establish new battery plant in Osaka
Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd announced plans to construct a new flagship Li-ion battery plant in Osaka City
2013-07-08 Lithium-iodine battery packs more energy punch
An iodine-based aqueous cathode developed by members of the RIKEN Byon Initiative Research Unit doubles the energy density of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
2014-10-09 Li-ion not included: Higher-density battery chemistries
As 4G networks and app processors drive up energy demands of mobile devices, handset manufacturers will require batteries featuring higher-density chemistries such as lithium sulphur
2006-04-18 Intel invests in silver-zinc battery developer
Silver-zinc battery developer Zinc Matrix Power has received a $7 million investment to establish and staff a pilot production facility in Camarillo, California
2014-12-19 Graphene wrapper improves lithium-sulphur battery
Aiming to address battery performance issues, researchers have designed a multi-functional sulphur cathode that combines an energy storage unit and ion/electron transfer networks
2013-07-25 Flexible glass finds potential in energy storage
A new use for glass is being developed by researchers in Penn State that could make future hybrid-electric and plug-in electric vehicles more affordable and reliable.
2013-10-18 Fast-charging supercaps using energy harvesters
Know the ways to speed-up charging of a supercapacitor by more than 20 times when compared to existing systems.
2005-10-03 Energy-harvesting chips: The quest for everlasting life
Research continues in developing higher energy-density batteries, but the amount of energy available is low and finite
2010-05-11 Electric vehicles to boost Li-ion battery market
The Li-ion battery market is poised to rebound around end-2010 and, with the electric vehicle (EV) segment projected to explode in 2012-2013
2008-02-11 Design a load sharing system power path management with Microchip's stand-alone Li-ion battery charger
This application note will assist product designers by taking advantage of using Microchip's fully integrated simple Li-Ion battery charge management controllers with common directional control to build a system and battery load sharing circuitry
2015-04-07 Choosing the right battery for medical devices
Here are our top five tips for getting the right battery for your medical device. We also explain how to ensure it works when it is needed the most
2014-04-28 Bi-functional electrolyte boosts cell energy density
The battery chemistry developed by ORNL features an electrolyte that performs dual functions: serving as an ion conductor and as a cathode supplement
2008-10-15 Battery managers promise high accuracy, device safety
Atmel Corp. has developed a family of single-chip Li-ion battery management devices that offers high analog accuracy at low power consumption, while ensuring that portable handheld applications have all the necessary safety functions
2014-12-12 Battery maker targets 400Wh/kg Li-polymer energy density
Seeo enables the production of safer batteries by replacing the flammable liquid electrolytes of typical Li-ion cells with its non-flammable and non-volatile DryLyte solid polymer electrolyte.
2012-10-23 4V solid state battery boasts >1kWh/l energy density
Infinite Power Solutions' High Energy Cell technology features 4V rechargeable chemistry that claims to deliver high power, an ultra-low self-discharge rate and improved battery lifespan.
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