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2008-05-01 TI unveils hot swap controllers for AdvancedMCs
TI has introduced the industry's first single-chip, dual-slot hot swap controllers for AdvancedMC used in wireless, telecom and computing systems
2005-10-04 Summit Micro's active OR-ing hot-swap IC is also programmable
Summit Microelectronics touts its SMH4814 as the industry's first programmable dual-feed active OR-ing hot-swap controller.
2010-10-27 Power protection controllers combine hot swap, digital monitoring
Texas Instruments debuts new controllers with hot swap control and digital current monitoring
2011-03-17 Power controllers with Hot Swap
Linear Technology introduces the LTC4227 and LTC4225 with Hot Swap controller and ensure smooth current transfer between supplies in diode-OR applications.
2007-07-06 PoE controller supports any DC/DC converter topology
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a PoE powered device controller with adjustable output current level and the ability to interface with any DC/DC converter topology
2007-10-22 PCIe hot-plug controllers ups design flexibility
Maxim's fully integrated, 3-/4-channel PCIe hot-plug controllers increase design flexibility and save board space and production cost
2006-12-29 PCIe controller suits servers, embedded apps
Linear Technology's dual-slot PCIe hot swap controller suits mid-range networking or storage servers and embedded apps.
2011-01-06 Output voltage clamping with hot swap IC
Read about LM5069 hot swap controller, besides inrush current limiting and fault monitoring, is that the controller supplies a voltage to the load that is between defined limits.
2003-12-02 NSC hot-swap controller saves board area
National Semiconductor Corp. (NSC) has unveiled a -48V hot swap controller that delivers board area savings and long-term system reliability for comms systems.
2005-04-01 New standard in hot-swap reliability
Improve your devices' hot-swap controller to avoid the hassles of interrupted power supplies. Here's how.
2005-10-05 New negative high-voltage hot swap controller from Linear Tech
Linear Technology unveiled a negative high-voltage Hot Swap controller that features an onboard 10-bit ADC and I?C compatible interface, allowing sophisticated power monitoring by measuring card voltages and currents.
2004-11-15 Maxim unveils hot-swap controller for PCI Express
Maxim introduced a fully integrated, dual, hot-swap controller for PCI Express hot-plug slots.
2005-03-21 Linear Tech unveils new controller
Linear Tech released an ultra low voltage Hot Swap controller that protects load voltages ranging from 0 to 6V, and allows for the safe insertion and removal of boards from a live backplane.
2012-11-09 Linear Tech unveils dual Hot Swap controller
The LTC4226 controls external N-channel MOSFETs to gently power up the board, avoiding sparks, connector damage and system glitches, enabling safe board insertion into live 4.5-44V backplanes.
2004-08-04 Linear Tech Hot Swap controller with dual-level circuit breaker
Linear Tech launched a dual Hot Swap controller that features a dual-level circuit breaker and the ability to control a core supply voltage as low as 1V.
2002-06-14 Linear Tech controller sequences three dc/dc converters
Linear Technology Corp, has introduced the LTC4253, a -48V Hot Swap controller, that protects telecom and high availability server boards, and also enables three dc/dc converters in sequence.
2002-07-16 Linear Tech controller protects Ethernet ports
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC4255 quad -48V Hot Swap controller that controls powered Ethernet ports and provides open-circuit detection and short-circuit protection.
2004-04-27 Linear Tech controller handles up to 80V
The company has introduced the LT4256 high voltage Hot Swap controller that handles positive voltages from 10.8V up to 80V.
2002-08-19 Linear Tech controller features multiple current limiting
The LTC4210 controller provides active current limiting for overcurrent transients and latches off an external n-channel MOSFET during short-circuit faults for supplies from 2.7V to 16.5V
2003-02-19 Intersil hot-swap controllers operate in live backplanes
Intersil Corp. has introduced the Endura ISL6117 and ISL6120 low-voltage, hot-swap controllers that allow hot-swapping from live backplanes
2008-09-08 Integrated controller delivers compact Hot Swap solution
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC4217, a 2A integrated Hot Swap controller for protecting low power boards with load supply voltages ranging from 2.9V to 26.5V.
2010-08-10 I2C hot-swap controller aims for high-availability
The device, which handles 0 to 16V rails, integrates a circular buffer, high-side current sense, 10-bit ADC, and I2C-compatible interface.
2011-05-03 Hot-swap controller integrates power limiting technology
Texas Instrument Inc. has launched a 3-mm x 3-mm QFN package to protect server and telecom equipment from overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit events.
2008-10-13 Hot-swap controller handles 16V backplanes
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX5961, claimed to be highest-integration, quad hot-swap controller for 0 to 16V backplanes.
2004-01-16 Hot-swap circuits for digital comms boards
The basic hot-swap circuit consists of a hot-swap controller, a power N-Channel MOSFET and a power sense resistor. There are two types of hot-swap controllers, voltage-controlled and current-controlled.
2011-02-08 Hot-swap chip delivers 1% accurate current
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX5977 hot-swap controller features an integrated current-sense amplifier that provides a 1% accurate current output over a 10mV-to-50mV input voltage range.
2004-10-20 Hot Swap controller provides 'sophisticated' power monitoring
Linear Tech introduced a positive high voltage Hot Swap controller that features an on-chip 8bit ADC and I?C compatible interface.
2006-11-08 Hot swap controller protects from in-rush current
National Semiconductor has introduced a positive hot swap controller with power limiting for use as in-rush current protection and as a solid-state circuit breaker.
2010-07-06 Hot Swap controller packs MOSFET, sense resistor
Linear Technology Corp. is rolling out the LTC4219 5A Hot Swap controller that integrates a power MOSFET and sense resistor in its power path to limit inrush current.
2006-02-21 Hot swap controller includes ADC
Linear Technology introduced a 2.9V to 15V hot swap controller that features an onboard 8bit ADC and I2C-compatible interface.
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