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2009-04-28 Wi-Fi/HSPA solution powers Classmate PCs
Huawei Technologies has developed the Huawei EM772, claimed to be first module to integrate two network standards, Wi-Fi and HSPA for Classmate PCs.
2015-03-23 Who are the leaders in patent filings?
Huawei, with 3,442 published patent applications, overtook Panasonic Corp. of Japan as the largest applicant in 2014. Qualcomm Inc. was second in 2014, with 2,409 published applications.
2013-03-25 WDM prototype offers capacity up to 40Tb/s/fibre
Huawei's 40T wavelength division multiplexing prototype supports simultaneous 2Tb/s transmission of 20 C-band optical channels geared to address the upcoming flood of digital traffic.
2009-03-10 Submarine cable to link Tunisia, Italy
Huawei Marine Networks has a turnkey contract signed with Tunisie Telecom in Tunisia for the supply of a submarine cable system called "HANNIBAL System" project linking Tunisia and Italy.
2008-12-09 StarHub deploys 'first' commercial 3G femtocell network
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd announced that it has helped StarHub, a telecoms operator in Singapore, deploy the world's first commercial 3G femtocell network.
2010-01-11 Solving the Rubik's Cube of mobile broadband
Huawei's Robert Fox urges the exploration of new business models and the adoption of intelligent systems and future technologies to help telecom operators to translate the growth of mobile broadband traffic into a proportionate increase in revenue.
2010-08-26 Smart memory chips may replace TCAMs, DRAMs
Huawei Technologies presented its work on a first-gen smart memory packing 32MB, consuming 60W that can eventually replace TCAMs and DRAMs. The device is still under verification.
2009-10-19 Singapore to enjoy 28Mbit/s broadband download
Huawei has upgraded MobileOne (M1)'s HSPA+ network to deliver Singapore's fastest mobile broadband download speed of up to 28Mbit/s in selected areas.
2010-04-26 Saudi preps pre-commercial LTE network
Saudi Telecom Company has tapped Huawei to deploy Middle East's largest pre-commercial LTE network in Saudi Arabia.
2014-02-26 Samsung smart watches upstage other wearables at MWC
The Mobile World Congress had been lively throughout the weekend, with industry's giants including Samsung, LG and Huawei presenting their line-up of new products.
2009-06-19 Router provides 400Gbit/s per slot
Huawei Technologies Co. has unveiled its new NetEngine V6 400G-platform universal service router.
2012-06-13 Phablet shipments top 208 million by 2015
Market analyst ABI Research forecasts that phabletshybrid devices larger than smartphones but smaller than tabletswill become more popular as HTC, LG and Huawei begin to offer the devices in 2012.
2002-10-04 OmniVision supports China facility expansion
OmniVision Technologies Inc. has announced that it is proceeding with its plans to invest an additional $30 million in HuaWei Technology Int. Ltd.
2007-06-13 Network platform enables next-gen data migration
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd announces the availability of its OptiX OSN6800/3800 V100R001product, an OTN/ASON-based intelligent multi-service WDM platform that enables network operators' traditional voice-oriented transport networks to migrate to next generation data-oriented ones.
2009-03-31 First HSPA+ network shines in Singapore
StarHub, in cooperation with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, has launched its HSPA+ network in Singapore. This makes the Singapore info-communication company the first operator in Asia to have a mobile broadband network capable of speeds up to 21Mbit/s.
2008-11-21 Firms push mobile connectivity for CE, industrial apps
The GSMA and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd have joined forces to drive 3G mobile network connectivity to consumer and industrial goods.
2015-07-02 Ericsson sacks R&D, supply employees
The official motivation was the decline of 2G and leapfrog over 3G from operators switching to 4G. The main reason is flat sales and significant loss of business to Huawei.
2015-08-20 Chinese handset makers dampen MediaTek's smartphone growth
While MediaTek enjoys a market share of about 50 per cent in 3G smartphones, Chinese rivals such as Spreadtrum Communications and Huawei are eroding that position on strong price competition.
2013-04-03 China tablet, cellphone makers doubled their MEMS sensor purchases
The purchasers fell into two groups: the first typified by big companies such as ZTE, Huawei Technologies, Lenovo and Coolpad; and the second made up of a multitude of smaller players, according to Jrmie Bouchaud, director and senior principal analyst for MEMS & sensors at IHS.
2009-08-19 Bangladesh gets solar-powered base stations
Huawei and Grameenphone will deploy solar-powered base transceiver stations in Bangladesh.
2013-08-27 Asia-Pacific smartphone shipments climbed 75% YoY
IDC revealed that Asian smartphone vendors shipped 119 million units in 2Q13, up 10 per cent QoQ, driven by companies that include Samsung, Lenovo, Coolpad, Huawei and ZTE.
2013-08-21 Apple loses ground in China smartphone market
Apple has shown to be vastly behind Samsung in terms of smartphone purchase and reveals a declining popularity while Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi are doing reasonably well in China.
2013-04-08 Analyst: Vendor proprietary ASICs lead metrocell baseband SoCs
Vendor proprietary ASIC solutions attract top market share because vendors such as Huawei, Ericsson, and Samsung all are using ASICs in their designs, particularly in their picocell and microcell products.
2012-03-08 10GE cell site router geared for LTE
The ATN 950B from Huawei covers bandwidth increase from 1-10GE and supports L2VPN, L3VPN and H-QoS.
2007-04-11 ZTE, Datang to set up 3G bases in China
About 1,400 3G base stations are expected to be built in Shanghai and Beijing by the end of this year following ZTE Corp and Datang Mobile winning of the bid from China Mobile.
2012-12-10 Yoshida: It's not too late to save Nokia
EE Times' own Junko Yoshida shares some perspective on what went wrong for Nokia and what steps the Finnish phone maker could take to return to prominence.
2014-02-26 Xperia Z1 deemed best Android phone in China
Tencent, Qualcomm, and BDTI set out to find out who offers the best Android smartphone to Chinese consumers.
2014-07-22 XMOS raises $26M to fund multi-core tech development
The Series-D investment fundcoming from firms in Germany, China, and U.S.will be used to design multi-core processors for embedded applications.
2002-11-15 Xilinx establishes second China office
Xilinx Inc. has opened a new office in Shenzhen, China the company's second office in the country.
2015-09-04 Xiaomi hints at launching first laptop PC
Xiaomi, the fourth-largest smartphone maker, is set to release it first laptop in the first quarter of 2016 in order to compete with Apple's MacBook Air and Lenovo's ThinkPad among others.
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