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2013-09-23 Wide-angle lens inspired by human eyes, insect vision
A lens invented at the Ohio State University combines the focusing ability of a human eye with the wide-angle view of an insect eye to capture images with depth.
2008-02-13 Voice processor mimics human hearing to nix noise
A voice processor by startup Audience mimics the human hearing system to deliver a unique gruping and processing of complex mixtures of sound.
2005-02-28 USB MCUs tailored for PC human input devices
Cypress released a new family of low-speed USB microcontrollers targeting PC human input devices, including keyboards, mice and wireless dongles.
2009-02-11 USB human interface device class on an embedded host
With the introduction of Microchip's microcontrollers with the USB on-the-go peripheral, microcontroller applications can easily support USB embedded host functionality.
2005-10-17 To err is human: Teaching GUIs good manners
Here are tips that may keep your customers from kicking your invention and keep them coming back for more
2013-10-04 The Internet of Things and its need for the human touch
For the IoT to take off at the scale touted by enthusiastic visionaries, it must apply the same talents used into the transformation of technological dreams into reality to the human side of the IoT.
2015-02-25 Silicon chips may become smarter than human brain
Can silicon chips outsmart the human brain? Researchers all over the world seek to produce silicon-based chips that can listen and respond to brain signals for health and medical purposes.
2006-02-01 Robots act more human
Two famous humanoid robots, Honda's Asimo and Sony's Qrio, showed off new capabilities that enable them to act more "human."
2013-07-02 Research: System uses low-power Wi-Fi to track human movement
The system called Wi-Vi is based on a concept similar to radar and sonar imaging where it transmits a low-power WiFi signal and uses its reflections to track moving humans.
2011-08-25 Research aims to harness human motion energy
Energy harvesting technologies takes on human mechanical energy to power portable devices.
2007-07-20 Picture quality analyzer uses Human Vision Model
Tektronix has unveiled the PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer, a new generation picture quality analysis tool that incorporates what Tektronix touts as the most comprehensive Human Vision Model.
2005-07-14 Photo IC diode mimics spectral response of human eye
Hamamatsu said its new S9648 photo IC diode achieves a spectral response close to that of the human eye, in combination with excellent linearity and easy operation.
2006-11-06 NXP touts smart card ICs thinner than human hair
NXP Semiconductors announced it is the first volume supplier of ultrathin smart card ICs that are finer than a human hair or a sheet of paper.
2014-05-06 Neurogrid board replicates human brain circuitry
The board comprises 16 180nm-processed CMOS chips paired with a daughterboard and FPGA, and employs a combination of hardware emulation and software simulation to mimic the behaviours of neurons and synapses on the power it takes to run a tablet computer.
2009-08-04 NEC, partners work on human interface research
The collaboration incorporates "usability modeling" for efficient, low-cost HI development.
2012-01-16 Microchip: Human-to-machine interface leading force in technology
In today's highly interconnected world, every major economic event in every country now has global impact and implications.
2013-08-13 MEMS sensors aim for the human body
Tel Aviv University researchers created a novel micro-printing process that works a highly flexible and non-toxic organic polymer that can be safely used in the human body and expend less energy.
2007-04-04 MEMS device controls distance between human cells
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they have developed a MEMS that they claim will allow biologists to manipulate the distance between human cells in laboratory experiments.
2005-05-09 MAZeT's color sensor ICs: more accurate than human eye
MAZeT's The high-grade Jencolour True Color portfolio, which is free from any lead constituents, provides characteristics that are fully compliant with the tri-stimulus value function under DIN 5033.
2005-12-29 Light sensor's spectral sensitivity matches human eye
Intersil's ISL29001 ambient light sensor provides 15-bit effective resolution while rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz flicker caused by artificial light sources.
2009-12-24 Intel to bring human touch to tech platforms
Intel Labs' People and Practices Research group (PaPR) detailed its vision of a more human-centered technology future at a recent open house.
2002-01-08 Injectable chip opens door to 'human bar code'
RFID chips, which have found a home in applications ranging from toll road passes to smart retail shelves, may be close to taking up residence in the human body.
2014-10-21 In-circuit test automation: Replacing the human touch
Which is better when it comes to automating in-circuit test: a robotic pick and place arm, or an inline system? This article tackles the pros and cons of these two popular deployment options.
2015-04-24 Image sensor works like human retina
Tobi Delbruck, who studied at the California Institute of Technology under Carver Mead, contends that frame-only image sensing is a limited approach to machine vision.
2001-08-09 Human user interface for mobile devices
This conference technical paper describes the user interface and technology requirements in mobile devices, as well as in upcoming devices.
2015-03-10 Human eye-like camera optimises lighting for visual comfort
EPFL researchers and the CSEM are developing a "digital eye," which is a human eye-like camera that can optimise lighting condition according to users' visual comfort.
2009-11-17 How to implement a human machine interface using the Touch Sensing Software Library
This application note shows you howto write your first touch sensing application in 14 steps (from scratch) using the Touch Sensing Software (TSS) Library.
2014-01-13 Google Glass expands Hyundai's car human machine interface
Covisint worked with Hyundai to extend the dashboard functionalities of the car maker's offerings.
2013-02-28 Framework uses human body as secure comm channel
Microchip's BodyCom technology provides lower energy consumption, while further increasing security via bidirectional authentication, and promises simpler circuit-level designs and a lower BOM.
2008-02-07 Chips of the future will mimic human learning
Tomorrow's semiconductors will mimic the human brain to solve problems in novel ways, according to Jeff Hawkins, whose startup Numenta is shipping tools to create smart algorithms that learn the same way as the human neocortex.
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