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2003-04-02 Zetex H-bridge MOSFET replaces four discrete devices
The ZXMHC6A07T8 MOSFET H-bridge of Zetex Semiconductors comes in a 7.3-by-6.7mm SM8 package.
2007-01-29 Rohm develops high-efficiency H-bridge drivers
Rohm has developed H-bridge driver LSIs featuring low power consumption for high-efficiency motor driving.
2006-01-13 NJR H-bridge driver IC targets small stepper motor apps
The NJU7382 dual H-bridge driver IC from New Japan Radio is designed for low voltage small stepper motor applications.
2013-10-24 H-bridge power modules feature high-speed IGBT H3s
The improved flowPACK 1 H modules have been engineered to satisfy the performance demands of high-frequency solar inverter, power supply and welding applications ranging up to around 17kW.
2007-02-21 H-bridge drivers roll for DC brush motors
A H-bridge driver series from Rohm incorporates a new VREF variable system for high-efficiency operation of brush-commutated motors with low-power consumption and without changing the input voltage level.
2007-09-10 H-bridge driver IC has regulator, watchdog, LIN transceiver
Atmel Corp. has rolled out the ATA6823 H-bridge driver IC which includes all functional blocks needed for a complete MCU-controlled DC motor system in H-bridge configuration.
2003-06-27 Fully Protected H-Bridge IR 3220 Architecture and Typical Application
This application note describes the architecture and application of the IR3220 high side switch.
2000-12-05 Design considerations for a low-voltage n-channel H-bridge motor drive
This application note focuses on the discussion of minimizing the gate drive complexity in a brushed DC motor drive with an all N-channel H-bridge configuration. In addition, design considerations, diode snap and shoot-through current are discussed and circuit solutions are given.
2007-11-08 Toshiba expands motor controller portfolio
Toshiba America Electronic Components has added three devices to its line of motor drivers: a new stepping motor driver and two new H-bridge DC motor drivers.
2013-04-10 Riverside isolated power supply reference design
The Riverside (MAXREFDES8#) sub-system reference design is a 3.3V input, 12V (15V) output, isolated power supply.
2006-01-04 Motor driver IC keeps an eye on the camera
Freescale's MPC17C724 is a dual-channel, motor driver IC that delivers 400mA per channel for controlling the camera lens and shutter.
2013-04-09 Lakewood isolated power supply reference design
Understand the details of the Lakewood sub-system reference design, a 3.3V input, 12V (15V) output, isolated power supply.
2003-12-15 IR IC cuts component count by 90 percent
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced the IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC for automotive dc applications up to 6A.
2003-11-17 IR chip cuts component count by 90 percent
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced its IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC that is designed for use in automotive dc apps.
2008-05-29 Full bridge MOSFET predriver is automotive grade
Allegro MicroSystems Inc. has announced a new H-bridge device to complement their existing line of automotive grade MOSFET pre-driver ICs.
2007-10-31 EL lamp drivers backlight quietly
Micrel has launched a new family of highly efficient, low-noise EL lamp drivers for backlighting applications.
2007-02-12 Current sense amps promise high precision
Linear Technology's LTC6103 contains two independent, high side current sense amplifiers with high precision and response time.
2016-02-16 Boost current control for better stepper motor motion
Implementing internal, bi-directional current sensing inside a stepper motor driver IC results in improved motion quality with lower system cost than legacy solutions.
2007-06-29 Analog ICs gear up for automotive engine control
Freescale unveils six standard SMARTMOS analog products designed for automotive engine management apps to meet the industry's performance, fuel efficiency and environmental requirements.
2004-05-24 STMicro motor driver targets automotive apps
STMicro introduced an H bridge in a single package for high-power automotive apps such as driving window lifts, seat positioners and for dc motor control.
2011-04-22 Solenoid driving with DRV8841/42
Here's a technique utilizing either the DRV8841 or DRV8842 as a multiple half H-Bridge power output to drive solenoid inductive loads.
2006-05-08 Servo drive module suits CompactRIO platform
National Instruments announced a new H-bridge servo drive module and seven C series modules for the CompactRIO embedded platform.
2004-08-12 NJR driver IC offers up to 500mA output current
NJR released its latest dual H-Bridge driver IC, which consists of a LS-TTL compatible logic input stage and two H-bridge output stage with built-protection diode.
2006-07-07 Motor driver offers low operating voltage
Allegro MicroSystems has developed a dual H-bridge low-voltage motor driver capable of operating one stepper motor or two DC motors.
2005-05-20 Motor driver IC is camera-ready
Rohm Electronics' BD6735FV is a 2-channel H-bridge motor driver that can serve both DC- and stepping-motors for lens driver applications in digital still and digital video cameras.
2000-06-20 L638X high voltage drivers family application guide
This application note presents various design strategies that highlight the versatility and flexibility of the L638X family of high-voltage gate drivers. These design implementations include three-phase motor control, dimmable lamp ballast, horizontal deflection stage, two-switch forward converter, asymmetrical half bridge, and H-bridge with cycle-by-cycle control.
2002-01-28 Fairchild driver features 0.4V saturation
The FAN8200 two-channel driver IC features integrated dual H-bridge drivers with vertical PNP power transistors, resulting in 0.4V saturation voltage at 0.4A.
2005-07-20 Driver IC eyes mobile, portable apps
The NJU7381 from New Japan Radio is a dual H-bridge driver IC especially designed for mobile or portable applications that use micro stepper motors.
2008-05-06 Brushless DC motor driver is fully integrated
Allegro has introduced two new full-bridge motor drivers that allows the integration of a Hall element, an H-bridge output driver and PWM speed control logic into a monolithic IC.
2002-11-18 Zetex amplifier handles 192kHz digital audio signals
Zetex's Acoustar ZXCW8100 two-channel digital audio amplifier controller handles digital audio signals sampled at up to 192kHz via 32-bit data processing.
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