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2010-03-12 Troubleshooting I?C bus protocol
When using the I?C bus protocol, the designer must ensure that the hardware complies with the I?C standard. This application report describes the I?C protocol and provides guidelines on debugging a missing acknowledgment
2007-05-28 Temp sensor enables 27 addresses on an I?C bus
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the low-voltage DS75LX, a digital temperature sensor that allows up to 27 addresses on one I?C communication bus
2003-09-19 ST7 S/W implementation of I2C bus master
This application note describes how to implement an I2C communications software interface for devices which have no I2C peripheral
2003-09-19 ST7 routine for I2C slave mode management
This application note presents an example of communication using the I2C peripheral of the ST7
2002-01-22 SMSC receives license for I2C patents
Standard Microsystems Corp. (SMSC) has agreed with Philips Corp. to settle their patent dispute related to U.S. Patent No. 4,689,740.
2003-12-01 MSO resolves clocking issues in serial bus system debugging
MSO solves the difficult problem of triggering on the specific protocol conditions encountered when one uses a separate logic analyzer and oscilloscope.
2003-12-20 Interfacing the PCF8584 I?-bus controller to 80C51 family microcontroller
This application note shows how to use the PCF8584 I?C-bus controller with the 8051C family of microcontrollers
2008-05-28 Interfacing multiple CAT24WCXX serial EEPROMs on the I?C bus
This application note by Denisa Stefan presents I?2C bus device addressing solutions and addresses in particular the issues raised by the parallel programming of multiple CAT24WCXX serial EEPROMs from Catalyst Semi
2013-04-05 I2C bus interface ready for Philips v 3.0 spec
The DI2CMS provides an interface between a microprocessor or microcontroller and an I2C bus and works as a master or a slave transmitter/receiverdepending on a working mode, determined by the MCU.
2006-02-13 I?C Bus Buffers
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2014-04-16 Generic timer module I2C bus emulation
Know how to emulate I2C bus Serial Data and Serial Clock output signals.
2015-02-24 Designing data and power I2C/PMBus data interfaces
A reliable interface for transmitting data is a key requirement for industrial and instrumentation, telecommunications and medical applications. Read this article to learn how to design such interface.
2010-07-07 DC/DC converter digitally configures via I?C bus
From Semtech Corp. comes the SC493 digitally controlled DC/DC converter that configures and interrogates the status of the controller via an I?C bus
2012-10-22 Tektronix's oscilloscope offer full serial bus decode
The new oscilloscopes are also well suited for education environments where instructors need to keep the classroom and lab experience consistent with real-world industry trends.
2011-04-08 Software implementation of PMBus over I2C for TMS320F2803x
Here's a software implementation of the PMBus protocol over the inter-integrated circuit hardware on TMS320F28035 Piccolo MCUs.
2000-06-02 Software Implementation of I?C Bus Master
This application note describes the software implementation of I?C interface routines for the PIC16CXX family of devices.
2004-02-10 Philips launches I?C bus buffers
Philips Semiconductors has announced a family of I?C devices that will help designers build bigger I?C systems for maintenance and control applications in CompactPCI (PICMG2.9) and AdvancedTCA (PICMG3.X) architectures.
2005-01-24 Mini USB board bridges to I?C bus
Saelig's new product can help consumers use and embed USB in their next instrumentation and/or DAQ and control project.
2001-10-09 M16C/62 group application note: Simple I? bus
This application note serves as a reference material to help circuit designers control the simple I? bus mode that is contained in Mitsubishi's 16-bit M16C/62 microcomputer series
2006-12-21 I?C bus buffer enhances system reliability
Linear Technology has introduced an I?C bus buffer with low offset and stuck bus recovery that increases the reliability of systems using the I?C bus
2007-08-09 Digital POL modules with I?C bus are programmable
Power-One has introduced what it claims to be the highest-current digital POL module presently available, the 60A ZY8160 device.
2008-08-27 Comparing JTAG, SPI, and I2C
This Spansion application note discusses three popular serial buses: JTAG, SPI, and I2C. A typical electronic product today will have one or more serial buses in them
2008-07-03 16-channel I?C LED blinker joins Catalyst bus lineup
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has added a 16-channel I?C/SMBus LED driver/blinker to its line of bus products
2000-06-06 Communicating with the I?C Bus Using the PIC16C5X
This application note is intended for design engineers who want to develop their software programs to communicate a microcontroller with a 2-wire bus Serial EEPROM through a general purpose I/O port
2006-09-01 Saving power in portable applications
Power requirements and power-saving challenges call for new manufacturing and process technologies. These methods must work together to optimize performance and maximize battery life for the customer's benefit.
2002-02-28 Philips expands I?C/SM port expander product line
The company has announced the expansion of its I?C/SM bus port extender product line with the release of the 8-bit PCA9554 and PCA9954A, and the 16-bit PCA9555 GPIO port expanders
2014-09-23 Main memory bootloader for MSP430 MCUs
Read about the implementation of a bootloader that resides in the main memory in an MSP430 microcontroller and uses I2C communication but supports different communication interfaces
2008-05-27 Isolating I?C interfaces
This application note by Ronn Kliger for Analog Devices provides a brief overview of the I?C bus (focusing on its PHY), discusses the challenges in isolating I?C interfaces, and describes iCoupler solutions for isolating I?C interfaces
2005-04-13 Intersil highlights power-management solutions at IIC exhibit
Intersil Corp. has presented its series of power-management solutions at the recent IIC in Shenzhen, China.
2005-12-01 I2C, SMB make digital temp sensors reliable
For higher reliability, I2C-bus and SMBus are preferred for system interfaces of temperature sensors
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