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2007-12-19 FBR tallies Q4 scores for pure-play fabs, assembly houses
Based on FBR's performance targets in Q4, an analyst names the Q4 winners and losers in the pure-play foundry and IC assembly businesses
2006-05-03 Taiwan allows IC assemblers in China
The Taiwan government has reportedly relaxed the rules for Taiwanese IC-packaging and assembly houses to invest and set up shop in China.
2007-10-18 Industrial affiliation program tackles 32nm IC packaging
Two research centers are inviting industry partners to participate in an advanced research program on next-generation flip-chip and substrate technologies.
2005-01-10 What 2005 has in store for China's IC design world
Recent market surveys highlight one startling figure: the mushrooming of chip-level design houses in mainland China
2002-10-04 W&Jsoft: Bringing IC design collaboration to the Internet
The year 2000 saw the emergence of the mainland China market and increased competition in the global supply chain. As a result, Taiwan enterprises sought to reinforce their R&D skills through design collaboration.
2008-04-30 TSMC IC design collaboration strategy stirs controversy
TSMC has unveiled a new and possibly controversial strategy that involves more collaboration in the early stages of the IC design process
2013-04-01 Samsung, Intel lead 2013 IC capital spending, says report
IC insights has reported that over a four-year period, Samsung is forecast to spend $46.9 billion while Intel will spend $40.0 billion in capital expenditures
2005-06-08 Experts mull interconnect beyond 65nm
A panel at the International Interconnect Technology Conference here examined the vexing question of the IC interconnect stack at 45nm and beyond
2008-04-09 ST inaugurates Greater China HQ in Shanghai
STMicroelectronics has inaugurated its new headquarters for Greater China (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) at the Zizhu Science Park in the Minhang District of Shanghai.
2008-01-16 Shanghai achieves Valley-like stardom
It took several years of intense development efforts but it was all worth it as Shanghai now gasconades the most complete IC industrial chain in China with wafer foundries; IC design houses; assembly and test companies; and device and material firms.
2011-03-14 MediaTek expands operations in Singapore
To strengthen support for the growing Southeast Asian customer base, MediaTek has chosen to expand its operations in Singapore and make it its regional hub for RF design.
2004-12-16 Handset design coming of age in China
A recent IC Insights report has put mainland China's Ningbo Bird at the No. 8 position in the worldwide ranking of cellphone makers
2005-03-07 Grace Semi chief says China will dominate by 2010
Zou Shichang, chairman of Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., boldly predicted in an interview here that China will become the epicenter of global IC manufacturing by 2010
2003-09-26 Design outsourcing appears inevitable, EEs told
A panel session at the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference debated the implications for U.S. design engineers of IC design outsourcing
2006-09-18 Design offshoring troubles U.S. engineers
There's growing evidence showing that U.S. chip design is becoming more vulnerable to offshoring in places like China and India a scenario that has long troubled the minds of U.S. engineers.
2004-08-27 ChipMOS announces plans to acquire FICTA assets
Amid a major shakeout in the IC packaging and test industry, Taiwan chip packaging provider ChipMOS Technologies Bermuda Ltd announced on Aug. 24 plans to acquire the assets of another local subcontractor, First International Computer Testing and Assembly Technology Inc. (FICTA
2005-10-17 Intel spies opportunities for China growth
A $200 million investment seeks to pursue technological advancement and opportunitiesnot just in Asia, but worldwide.
2007-07-19 Startup brews 'perfect storm' for R&D
Intermolecular has unveiled a new platform of "fab in a lab" technologies, which it claims will facilitate R&D of IC materials, processes and device structures
2009-10-30 Study: Test shortcuts cause memory failures
The electronics industry's short cuts and limiting in-house memory procedures have caused an inordinate amount of failures for DRAMs, NAND and related devices in the consumer market.
2008-02-15 Chengdu seals claim as major electronics hub
IIC-China comes to Chengdu City for the first time, sealing the city's claim as a major electronics hub.
2008-09-26 Chartered moves to 40nm process and below
Aiming to take the lead in the foundry market, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing unveiled its new roadmap, which includes plans to develop and offer a 28nm process possibly by next year.
2008-06-06 Will 3D through-silicon vias break into mainstream?
The 3D technology based on through-silicon vias technology took center stage at the IEEE 2008 International Interconnect Technology Conference but there is still no consensus just how the industry will bring the long-awaited technology into the mainstream.
2002-10-01 Verplex: Solutions for correct RTL design implementation
Taiwan started promoting electronics in the 1980s as part of its key economic development initiatives.
2008-06-13 The truth behind the 'Xbox 360 issue'
When Microsoft announced a mammoth global recall of its Xbox 360 a year ago, the software giant never disclosed the exact source of the game console's heat problem that led to the fiasco, but recently it was revealed.
2007-07-02 Tap capacitive sensor UI in next-gen CE devices
A more efficient and reliable alternative to resistive touchscreens is a thin, transparent, capacitive sensor touchscreen that embedded users can place over any viewable surface for input and navigation.
2007-11-08 Sweet comeback: LCD frame jazzes up Polaroid
The digital picture frame of Polaroid's XSA-0720S takes full advantage of low-cost LCDs and inexpensive ASSPs to retail end product at very accessible price points.
2011-03-22 Shortage of epoxy resin expected after quake
Analysts have warned of the possibility of a shortage of bismaleimide triazine, an epoxy resin used in many chip package substrates and produced almost entirely by Japan's Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Inc.
2014-05-08 POET integrates electronic, optical elements in one chip
The Planar Opto Electronic Technology (POET) platform is semiconductor fabrication process that uses gallium arsenide technology to combine electronic and optical elements on a single integrated circuit.
2010-03-03 Nanoimprint still awaits takeoff in HDDs
While nanoimprint has not cracked mainstream production in semiconductor fabs, as some had hoped at one time, the technology has been delayed in perhaps its biggest potential market: HDDs.
2003-12-16 Exec predicts China's fab growth will slow in 2006
China's booming fab construction industry will begin to level off in 2006, predicts a spokesman of China's leading pure-play semiconductor foundries SMIC.
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