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2007-07-16 Fight IC piracy with OTP memory
Anti-piracy solutions have become increasingly critical in the IC industry. Effective, simple and low cost, the one-time-programmable (OTP) memory approach uses a random number generator to create a unique identification number from a large pool
2002-04-10 Experts list mainland China IC design stumbling blocks
Human resources, operations, and support services are key areas of concern that the IC design industry of mainland China should address in order to increase competitiveness in a market currently dominated by U.S. and Taiwan companies
2005-09-02 eRide offers IC design services with NewLogic support
eRide Inc. has selected NewLogic Technologies for complex digital, mixed-signal and RF chip developments.
2009-08-26 Energy efficiency drive hikes digital power IC market
The worldwide digital power IC market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.8 percent
2003-12-22 EDA industry tool sales decline in third quarter
EDA tool revenues declined in every major category during the third quarter compared to the same period a year ago. Still, the EDA industry managed to eke out 1 percent sequential growth thanks largely to the inclusion of new intellectual property companies in the report, according to the latest data from the EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Services (MSS).
2014-11-10 Drastic changes are expected in 2014 top 20 IC supplier rank
The top 20 global semiconductor sales ranking for 2014 includes eight suppliers headquartered in the U.S., three in Japan, three in Europe, three in Taiwan, two in South Korea and one in Singapore
2009-05-19 Downturn shuffles top 20 IC supplier list
Amidst a global downturn and financial crisis, 17 of the top 20 semiconductor companies changed positions in Q1, according to market research firm IC Insights Inc., which expects more volatility in the next quarter
2005-12-23 Diodes to acquire Taiwanese fabless analog IC supplier
Diodes Inc. announced that it has signed a definitive stock purchase agreement to acquire Anachip Corp., a Taiwanese fabless analog IC company
2009-02-25 Difficulties to haunt China's IC industry
As the worldwide semiconductor market plunged into recession with the deepening global financial crisis, China's economic growth and exports gradually slowed down as well, according to CCID Consulting. The firm predicts 2009 to be a year of unprecedented difficulties for China's IC industry
2015-09-08 Declining demand drags global chip sales
WSTS reported that the growth of year-to-date global chip sales is still positive at 2.7 per cent but, the indications are that 2015 could turn into a no-growth year for chip markets, or even one of decline
2011-12-08 Controller IC price key to touch module market
WitsView said the cost structure of touch module components used in tablet PCs is projected to drop by 4-5 percent.
2006-03-08 Control IC increases multiphase converter efficiency
International Rectifier has expanded the IR XPhase family of scalable multiphase converter chipsets with the IR3084 and IR3084U XPhase control ICs.
2006-04-04 Consumer market, 90nm driving foundry sales, says TSMC
The industry's insatiable appetite for consumer electronics and the trend toward 90 and 65nm process geometries spells good times for the foundry industry.
2007-10-22 Consortium drafts IC test interface extension standard
The Semiconductor Test Consortium Inc. has published the first draft of terminology specifications for the Semiconductor Test Interface eXtensions (STIX) initiative.
2004-07-14 Conflicting data sends IC market into summer slump
A series of conflicting data points in the semiconductor market point to a summer slump and modest growth rates in the overall IC business, according to a report from American Technology Research Inc
2012-08-15 Cloud computing to drive global memory IC market
GBI Research revealed that despite suffering from significant oversupply problems, the global memory IC market will be driven on by data centers and the advent of cloud computing
2006-12-20 Chip sales to hit $400B in '11, report says
The semiconductor market will top a dizzying $400 billion in 2011, according to a recent report by IC Insights
2015-11-23 Chip sales reveal Samsung tailing closely behind Intel
IC Insights reported that Intel will see its semiconductor sales shrink by two per cent in 2015 to just above $50 billion while Samsung will grow chip revenue by 10 per cent to lie only $6 billion behind.
2016-03-22 Chip sales forecast for a dip
The problem, according to Semico's Feldhan is lack of a compelling driver to spur increased semiconductor consumption, citing PCs as the driving force of sales for decades before it became stagnant
2008-09-12 Chip materials market outshines IC equipment sector
The semiconductor materials segment will be $12.6 billion larger than the semiconductor equipment market this year, according to a report from Publications.
2006-03-28 China's IC demand outpaces production
In China, the nation's growing chip consumption continues to outpace its domestic fab productionby a wide margin, according to market research firm The Information Network.
2006-03-20 China's CSMC foundry sales fall in 2005
Chinese silicon foundry CSMC Technologies Corp. saw its annual sales decline by 2.2 percent to $78.10 million in 2005, with an annual net loss of $6.84 million
2009-10-30 China IC market gears for 2010 rebound
China's semiconductor market will grow by 17.8 percent in 2010 to reach $80.1 billion, according to iSuppli.
2014-03-13 China IC market braces up for a tough year
A market research company reported a sudden drop in its proprietary leading indicators of China's semiconductor industry, pointing to the country's weak economy.
2004-12-06 China IC industry gains 35 percent growth in third quarter
The China semiconductor market continues to rise as it gains more than 35 percent growth year-on-year, with Rmb72.12 billion ($8.71 billion at Rmb8.27:$1) worth of sales and 13.68 billion units sold
2006-05-16 China IC design industry reaches stability
After several years of rapid development, China's IC design industry has reached a period of stability, according to the China IC Design House Survey by EE Times-China
2006-01-10 China becomes largest IC market
China's semiconductor market grew by 32% to $40.8 billion in terms of overall consumption in 2005, making it the world's largest regional IC market for the first time ever, according to IC Insights Inc
2007-06-12 Cellphones continue to drive IC market
IC Insights forecasts that, for the first time, cellphone unit volume shipments will total to more than 1 billion in 2007
2008-03-12 CCID sees slowdown in China IC market growth rate
Cardinal numbers for China's IC market will remain high, suggesting a trend towards saturation, which will mark a slowdown in market growth rate
2008-06-30 CCID notes steady growth of China IC industry in '07
Amid the slow growth of the global semiconductor market and the slow down of China's IT industry, the country's IC industry has posted steady growth in 2007 with sales revenue of $18.23 billion, up 24.3 percent over 2006.
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