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2002-10-10 Xilinx joins IMEC reconfigurable systems program
Xilinx Inc. has joined IMEC's latest industrial affiliation program (IIAP) that focuses on technology for reconfigurable systems
2003-03-05 Infineon joins IMEC reconfigurable systems program
Infineon Technologies AG has joined IMEC's industrial affiliation program that focuses on technology for reconfigurable systems
2010-03-12 Philippine ICT market poised for rebound this year
IDC's annual predictions of the information and communications technology (ICT) see 2010 as the "launch pad" for further recovery in the Philippine market
2015-11-05 Internet of Things to drive Malaysia's ICT sector
In Malaysia, the deployment of the Internet of Things will gain traction in the transportation, logistics and connected consumer sectors such as wearables, connected homes and home automation.
2008-05-28 EC: Boost ICT research to reduce carbon footprint
The European Commission has adopted a communication outlining the role that information and communication technologies (ICT) should play in improving energy efficiency and reducing Europe's carbon footprint
2011-08-09 Cisco, ITE Singapore bring virtual education to ICT
With the aim to produce an industry-ready workforce, Cisco and Singapore's ITE will set up a center to host education through increased use of networking and collaboration infrastructure.
2013-11-27 China's ICT market to gain from second reform, says analyst
The publication of the Decision gives direction and framework of the second reform in six fields: economy, politics, culture, society, ecology and national defense.
2014-03-25 A*STAR I2R launches programme for ICT collaborations
REACH@I2R encourages companies to adopt long-term collaborations with A*STAR I2R for co-developing new research and technologies that will create significant impact to the ecosystem of Singapore's ICT industry
2001-10-05 Capacitance manometer retrofit kits for AMAT 8100/8300 etch systems
This application note describes heated manometer models as suitable replacements for the original problem-vulnerable MKS Type 370 Baratron sensor.
2003-06-16 Teradyne adds protection features to TestStation line
Teradyne has announced the addition of SafeTest protection technologies on its line of TestStation ICT systems.
2007-04-27 Low-cost in-circuit test system targets CE, PC motherboards
Agilent has introduced a low-cost in-circuit test system for original design manufacturers that need "just enough test" for high-volume digital consumer and personal computer motherboards.
2015-01-23 Toshiba restructuring adds muscle to IoT biz
Toshiba announced that it will merge its departments involved in information and communication technology (ICT) solutions into its in-house Cloud and Solutions Co
2004-04-21 SCS module enhances DI beds performance
Specialty Coating Systems has introduced the latest member of its line of low cost test devices for ionic contamination testing and process control
2015-02-05 IoT uptake gets green light for Asia-Pacific city governments
According to IDC Government Insights, Asia-Pacific city governments will kick-start pervasive adoption of IoT technologies in 15-20 per cent of smart city initiatives.
2015-02-06 Industrie 4.0 modernises manufacturing processes
The integration of Internet of Things into the operational technology of manufacturing industries will have a very significant global economic impactto the tune of $3.88 trillion over the next decade.
2002-09-30 Engineers eye foreign jobs despite Asian hiring binge
The recruitment outlook for Asia's electronics industry is bright as MNCs seek a foothold in the region. In a bid to lower operational costs and boost supply chain efficiency, electronic makers are investing in R&D and production facilities in Asia, notably China.
2010-07-01 Cisco helps Abu Dhabi become connected Emirate
Cisco and ADSIC, the ICT arm of Abu Dhabi government, they have entered into a frame agreement to help transform Abu Dhabi into a sustainable knowledge-based connected Emirate
2014-03-18 Characterise vector response of broadband instruments
Know the ways to achieve high accuracy and measurements at acceptable cost.
2013-09-06 A*STAR, IDA to develop local cloud-enabled solutions
The partnership aims to promote local ICT firms' adoption of cloud-based technologies in their product and service development geared towards greater productivity and competitiveness
2013-09-16 A*STAR DSI, IDA to create local cloud-enabled sol'ns
The collaboration seeks to promote and accelerate the adoption of cloud-based technologies by local ICT companies through solutions that will enhance efficiency and productivity based on industry needs
2000-09-01 Measuring chip design productivity
Design complexity is simply not equivalent to the transistor count on a chip. The article proposes a methodology for accurately quantifying IC complexity across different projects.
2002-09-30 Happy worker: a company's greatest asset
It is one thing for a company to attract people to work for them and it is another to make them stay. To keep a satisfied employee goes beyond attractive monetary compensations and other material benefits.
2002-09-30 Experience and education pays - literally
The 2002 salary survey conducted by Electronic Engineering Times - Asia reveals that companies still put a premium on engineers that have attained a high educational degree and possess a substantial number of years in experience.
2001-07-03 Using The Internet To Repair Hardware In The Field
This paper describes how reconfigurable systems comprised of IEEE Std1532-compliant devices can be tested and repaired via the Internet (or any network
2013-07-17 Saving embedded PCB design with forensic tech
Find out how forensics inspections can alleviate OEM concerns over maintaining high reliability for their systems and sub-systems
2014-05-15 Power supply standards: Which way forward?
Test-systems based on 380V DC have been running for many years now in applications across the globe. They have confirmed savings in both energy consumption and cost
2000-12-08 Nanosecond pulse handling techniques in IC interconnections
This application note is intended to discuss the most common, yet perhaps not well-known, pitfalls of measurement systems, a method of detecting them and possible solutions
1999-11-01 Integrating handling for test, inspection, marking and packing
Deploying individual handling systems for testing, inspection, marking and packing leads to inefficiency, under-utilization of IC test equipment, and can even cause bottlenecks that can slow down related back-end processes. Not only do multi-function automated systems circumvent these problems, they also improve throughput and occupy far less floor space
2011-07-01 IBM, Korean groups collaborate on smart grid dev't
IBM has announced in the GIUNC meeting that it will collaborate with KEPCO to develop smart grid systems in Korea
2015-04-24 Huawei, NXP get ready for Industry 4.0
The partnership will fully integrate Huawei's ICT infrastructure and connectivity solutions and NXP's secure connectivity solutions. Collaboration will focus on Industry 4.0 applications
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